Cuban cuisine

Cuban National Cuisine – Spicy Mixture of Gastronomic Guests of Multiple Nativity. She absorbed the culinary elements of African, Spanish and Creole recipes. Basic cuisine principles of Cubes are simple, nutritionally and fast.

In different parts of the island, festivals of culinary skills are held every year. They can be found from cooking cooking recipes for Cuban dishes, as well as see master classes in Cuban "shamanism" over meat, vegetables and fruits.

Cuban dishes are simple and available for cooking at home. No sophisticated culinary masterpieces in it. Mainly use meat, seafood, rice, beans, vegetables, local fruits. Prepare dishes on coconut oil or coconut milk. Piquancy Cuban dishes give sauces in different variations, while sauces can be prepared from fruits. Salt in dishes are added rarely.

In Cuba, as in other countries, there are culinary preferences in different regions. For example, coconut and chocolate love in Central and Western regions of Cuba. Spicy, sharp dishes are often found in culinary masterpieces of the eastern part of the island.

You will be in Cuba, order a few dishes, so that you feel the taste of Cuban life. And so that you are not confused in the menu, we will tell about the most popular among tourists and unusual national cube dishes.

Cuban meat dishes

Cubans are preferred from meat, because it is more accessible on the island. Then goes lamb and beef.

"Achiako". Without this dish, the Cuban table will be poor and scanty. This grilled meat. It can still be watched in pots. Be sure to come with vegetables (without vegetables, Cuban will not start the meal). The dish is mounted dried beef, chicken, pork ribs, beef, pork clipping (such a meat mix), still added onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, spanish paprika, black pepper.

The most interesting thing in this dish is vegetables: the root of the manique, pieces of white yams, the root of yellow malangu, Corn Copper, Batat, Green Plantan, Muscat Pumpkin, Lyme Juice. If at least some kind of name is familiar, you can order a dish on a sample. The dish is not very attractive. The taste is also specific.

"Caldosa" is a stew from chicken meat with potatoes. Ham is added to it, onions, garlic, carrots, oregano. Fantasy in this dish has no boundaries: other ingredients can be added at the request of the cook.

"Lechon" – just fried pork, which is served with sauce.

Lechon Asado – Myassel’s Dream: Grilled Milk Pig. Without this dish, no Cuban celebration costs.

Santiagera – pickled pork leg, which baked in the oven. Falls meat with pepper, tomatoes and garlic sauce.

"Ropa Vieha" – Translation of this dish Original: "Ripped clothes". Pork is boiled, rifles on the fibers and stew in vegetable sauce on Creole recipe. This is the second dish, a little sharp.

In Cuba, be sure to try the crocodile meat: the combination of flavor of squid and chicken. Popular dishes from crocodile tail and paws.

Fans of seafood advise the dish called "Old Havana". It contains popular seafood. A kind of "fish mix": Langust, oysters, mussels.

Garnish and sauces

For garnings, Cubans take rice, beans, corn, potatoes (sweet).

"Moors and Christians" – a garnish, which is rice with black beans (their Cubans adore). Transfers Maur and Christian dish. Humor in Cuban is present in cooking.

Congri – Figure with smoked sausages and beans.

Soups are boiled from beans (for example, swearth). Europeans’s stomach will not be able to "take" Cuban soups. In our understanding, the soup does not put such "pieces" of meat, vegetables and t.D. During the tasting of Cuban cuisine, it is better to order one portion of soup for two, because you can always ask for additives.

Obligatory to any first or second dish sauce. For sauces, Cubans use all that wish: Vegetables, fruits, sometimes, and then at the same time. One of the favorite sauces on the island – "Mojo". It is mixed with tomatoes, pepper and garlic. Another popular sauce – "Salsa Criaolla". Tomatoes, pepper, oil and bow add to it. Original and sophisticated sauces from Papaya and Mango.

Salads in Cuba are not popular. Of course, other countries are present in the menu of restaurants and cafes on the island, but the national "salad" cube masterpieces does not shine. Try "Picadillo La Habanera" – interesting with its incompatible, it would seem that make up salad. It puts avocado, salmon, mango or pineapple.

Desserts for sweethek

Cubans are still sweet tooths. Air, fragrant flour products are a huge "minus" figure, but a big "plus" for dating from Cuban cuisine.

"FUFU" is dishes with bananas. Tourists Tostones – Fried Bananas. Generally, on the island of banana – as we have bread. From bananas prepare sauce to meat, stuffing for pies, cakes, mashed potatoes, etc. "Bannaya" Fantasy in Cubans is limitless. An unusual taste has a cake with oranges, pumpkin and coconut walnut. Masa Real De Guayaba – Guawa Pie.

And do not forget to taste Cuban ice cream "Cappelia".


Cubans are driving raw meat dishes Rom (sometimes in it and a meal itself), beer and a variety of cocktails.

Cocktails – this is one of the business cards of Cuban cuisine. There are many variations of this popular drink: "Daikiri", "Cuba Libry", "Cuban" and others. Very popular on the island of freedom "Mojito". The drink is preparing like this: it takes a light rum, sweet carbonated water, everything is mixed and lime and leaflets are added. If you do not want to drink alcohol, you can add green tea instead of Roma, only then it will not be real Cuban "Mojito".

Try "Guarapo" – this is a drink from cane sugar. When will the opportunity? If you don’t like cocktails, then order lemonade with Lyme juice. Only, who has "weak" stomach, better not to risk.

Second National Drink – "Aguarchite". Fortress Beverage is equal to a cocktail with rum. This is a self-cane moonshine.

Cuban wines are not very high quality, but order Chilean wine, you will not be disappointed. Krystal beer miseley will surprise good quality and price.

Tinctures are present in the Cuban menu, but they are strong enough, do not forget about it. In the heat you should not taste them.

Cuban cuisine

Rich selection of fresh fruit juices. That’s where there is a playing imagination! You can order lemonade in which Lyme juice is added. Quencing thirst fine.

On the island, we will meet such fruits on sale, which in Europe you will not see. The name of them need, of course, learn, and try them. This is Marigno, Cheryimaya, Guanabana.

Famous Cuban Sandwich

For a quick thickening of hunger, you can order a Cuban Sandwich. In the second half of the 19th century, such a sandwich was a popular dinner workers on sugar factories and cigar factories. Cuban emigrants introduced a culinary quick snack of residents of the USA and other countries.

Traditional Cuban Sandwich is made from Cuban Bread. Inside it lubricate mustard, put ham, Swiss cheese, lean pork, salting, salami. All this goes under the press and roasts to a crust on bread. In different versions, we meet such a sandwich and in other countries in the streets of street snack.

Strong meals not by Cuban coffee – this is an unforgivable oversight.

Features of Cuban yokes

Spice saturation Cuban cuisine is not welcomed, but apply black ground pepper and salt. Cubans prefer the acidic taste of food, so used often limes and lemons. Seafood dishes Flamberized Rom: Water with this strong drink and ignite. Many garlic are put on meat dishes.

Service in cafes and restaurants

There are many cafes and restaurants in the country, in which you can eat or have a snack, and at the same time get acquainted with the national dishes of Cuba, Italy, China, France, Spain, Arab countries. The farther from tourist places, the cheaper food.

Cuban catering – the phenomenon itself is unique. There are private and public restaurants. First – for foreigners, food is sold for cookies. Second – for locals who pay pesos.

Menu in restaurants monotonous. In small cafes, the menu may not be in printed form. It is very bad because you may be calculated.

Cubans live with tourists. In expensive restaurants, places are ordered in advance, the prices of them are rather big, but it is worth it. Reputation such establishments Rate maintenance at the level.

Cubans are more than beggars. Prepare morally to the fact that the waiters will ask you to have tips, which make up 5-15% of the order value. Musicians playing in a cafe, also immodest artists, will ask for a reward for performance.

On average, the restaurant lunch will fall out in 10-15 cookies, in the "promoted" catering establishments – 2-3 times more expensive.

What to capture with you home from products?

To the smell of Cuba "pursued" you and in native fenats, something can be captured with you. Of course, coffee, rum, sweets. For more information about souvenirs with Cuba, read in our article on this topic.

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