Cultural attractions of Udmurtia. Main Museums Udmurtia

Udmurtia is a spring edge with a beautiful nature. Motherland Pelmeni and National Study Baking. Where to this day the traditions of the Udmurt people are observed. Taiga Region with Mother-River Kama. Here we harmoniously exist together modern cultural, museum centers and monuments of nature.

A visit to museums plays a big role in the patriotic education of children of different ages, as well as for cultural family holidays. Large pride represent museums of famous people:. AND. Tchaikovsky and M. T. Kalashnikov.

Museum-Manor P. AND. Tchaikovsky.

The museum is located in the northeast of the capital of Udmurtia in the city of Votkinsk, where the famous composer p. AND. Tchaikovsky. Manor, where he spent his childhood composer, there is a manor near the lake, which inspired him to write a work "Swan Lake". Created museum was in 1940. At first he was small and was at the local music school, later the museum began to be replenished by exhibits. After restoration in the estate there are several halls. Among the exhibits grand piano composer and personal belongings that were transferred from the city of Wedge. Manor P. AND. Tchaikovsky attend a lot of admirers of his talent, concerts, evenings of classical music, thematic evenings. On the territory of the estate at the saved photographs, a stable, a canopy for crews, veneers, pieces, greenhouses and gazebos, which are surrounded by a fruit garden.

Dacha Bashenina. Art and Exhibition Complex.

The complex is located in the city of Sarapul. Is the monument of federal significance. Cottage built in modern style at the beginning of the 20th century. And she belonged to the chapter and honorary citizen of the city Pavel Andreevich Taspenina. The complex is located among the park with beautiful alleys, before the cottage there is a fountain with figures of the girl and a boy. After the end of the revolution, the cottage was used as a surgical department of the hospital, military commissariat, a shelter for homeless, a dispensary for the treatment of patients with tuberculosis, recreation sanatorium. At the moment, the cottage is renovated and accepts its guests, art master classes are held here, many weddings, theatrical productions, concerts and exhibitions associated with merchants are held Cities Sarapula and is a business card of a small town on Kame.

Museum of Izhmash. Exhibition Complex named m. T. Kalashnikov.

Weapon Museum, which is located in the city of Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtia. The museum was created at the time of Nicholas first in 1847. Here is the richest exposition of the entire weapon revolution. Part of the museum and exhibits is devoted to the designer of the famous machine M. T. Kalashnikov. Also with the museum there is Tir, where you can try yourself in the rifle.

Museum in Bachkeevo. Siberian tract.

The museum building was built yet in 1837 in the Gamer district of Udmurtia. The building was appointed for at night and recreation of prisoners and the prisoners who are condemned to hard labor and exist in Siberia. Here are the shackles and tough Naras in which prisoners were shown. You can taste a porridge cooked on the fire, of course, not the one that was fed the arrestants, before it was prepared from oats, and now boil out of the mil. Museum workers will show the well, which has been preserved since the times and forge, where the blacksmiths rushed shackles. The museum hosts excursions, exhibitions and thematic games with outfits in the style of two hundred years ago. The museum building did not give up restoration, there was no need for it, it was preserved Great.

Cultural attractions of Udmurtia. Main Museums Udmurtia

Main National Museum of Udmurtia.

There is a museum in the capital of Udmurtia, in the city of Izhevsk, in the building with a weapon. The exhibition of the museum is the richest, has the history of Udmurtia more than ten thousand years. Here are archaeological finds with old exhibits and utensils. Are held All sorts of exhibitions for different topics, Exhibitions of painting and visiting museums, for them there are separate halls.

Sarapul Museum of History and Culture of the Middle Kama.

Created museum was In 1909 in the city of Sarapul. The building is a valuable architectural heritage. It has more than two hundred thousand exhibits, from the ancient Egyptian rarities to the biggest exhibits in the form of stuffed animals that live or dwell in the forests of Udmurtia.

Udmurtia is rich not only by nature, but also museums that keep the history of life and culture of the people of Udmurtia. This is the richest and most beautiful land with reserves, reserves, alive springs and natural jacuzzi. Thousands of tourists are visited annually by Udmurtatia, both from Russia and from foreign countries.

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