Cup of coffee in Wensky

For a crown to sit in a cafe that for Russian fast ride. In the Austrian capital there are all the conditions for not only to capture the great many varieties of a popular drink, but also to enjoy the very atmosphere of the Vienna cafe or, as it is called here, the Kafehowa establishment of a unique, famous for its special atmosphere, which only beauty itself is capable of producing.

The emergence of coffee Austrians are obliged to uninhabed guests. And it was so. In July 1683, the hundredsmatic army of the Great Vizier Kara Mustafa launched a ring of blockade vein. The struggle was brutal, exhausting. And it is unknown, what would it end if the cavinitor of the Polish king Yana Sobobyki was not sededed for the rescue, in which, by the way, the troops of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks were included. Turks hurriedly retreated, turning not only the main part of the lootable good, but also a significant part of their reserves of the province. Among the premium winners, there were several bags with coffee beans. Their owner was the Pole by the name Kolchitsky. On February 27, 1684, he opened on February 27, 1684 in Vienna Cafeauz called "Blue bottle". This wonderful start-up of the crowns is not forgotten: the name of the Pole wears one of the streets of the city, well, the most important monument to the infinite set of selflessly devotees of the inhabitants of the Austrian capital of all ages, social groups and political convictions.

Coffee in Vienna You can drink almost every corner: at the station and at the airport, in restaurants and beer, in the wine cakes and hairdressers, theaters, museums, stadiums, nightclubs. There is an opportunity to eat it as passing, at the rack in the coffee shop network "Edušo" or "Anchor" Or quit for a few minutes for a table in numerous branches of Aida". But in order to truly understand and appreciate the beauty of this glorious drink, I advise you to visit the cafehauses. Case, believe me more than worth. Because no wonder for many and many crowds with this institution is connected if not all, at least the best half of life.

Viennese Cafeauz Institute is a purely democratic, but preserving, at the same time, certain features of conservatism. One of the main here does not like fuss and hurry. Come here to relax, spend business negotiations, chat with a girlfriend or other, to explain in love, relieve stress after working day or fill in a pleasant communication dining pause. In the cafehauze exquisitely dressed gentlemen sit quietly sit next to students in shabby jeans, pensioners with schoolchildren, housewives with politicians. And what is curious – each of them feels quite comfortable, is, as they say, in its plate.

In the cafehauses not only drink coffee, but also read the press. In the most respectable, located, as a rule, in the center of the capital, along with the local press, there is always a set of leading global publications. (True, the Russian printed word there is no.) Ordering a cup of coffee, you can read hours, and at the same time always friendly and thrown waiters will not be encroached on your peace. Find here shelter and students who are preparing for exams and stilding abstracts, and those who went here to wait for bad weather or pass the time before the departure of the train or departure of the aircraft.

For the most famous cafes, his own reputation was entrenched. So, "Central" I will hear the refuge of intellectuals and civil servants. "Landntman" Known as a meeting place for politicians The benefit of the parliament and headquarters of the country’s leading parties are in two steps from here. V "Javelka" Traditionally, artists, artists and other representatives of Bohemia, and in "Museum" Filatelists collected once a week. All these cafes have turned into a kind of tourist rides. Not to visit one of them means not to see Vienna. Almost anytime here is very difficult to find a free table from tourists from all over the world. Literally no postboy. And lately and Russian speech here is quite an ordinary case.

Each Cafeauz has its face. They differ at the location, the riches of the decoration, serving staff, the variety of applicable drinks and snacks. But there are attributes that are inherent in almost every cafe. This is, above all, marble tables, bent Viennese chairs or armchairs, comfortable sofas and baffs. As a rule, there is a lot of light from bright chandeliers, which is enhanced by large mirror showcases. But there are also secluded yists, allowing to communicate without annoying outsiders.

Now about the most important coffee. Say the waiter in Vienna: "Bring me coffee" it means nothing to say. Most likely, he will wait for your clarification or asked the counter question: "Which one then?" Here it is already necessary to make the first principal choice "Klein" or "Gross", T. E. Small or big. There is another alternative "Kenchen" Jug about two cups. Having solved the quantitative task, it is necessary to cope with high-quality. And here there is one to break the head. Menu most Viennese Cafeauz includes at least a half dozen coffee items. Here you must first of all decide to drink coffee without milk or with milk. If without milk, then you should order "Mokko Schwartz", If with milk "Mokko Brown". Due to the amount of milk added flavoring characteristics and beverage name. So, a few of his drops make from Mokco Schwartz "Kapuchiner". Still a little more milk will turn out "NUS", and then "Gold". Well, when the proportion reaches the ratio one to one, it turns out the famous "Vienna Melange".

Cup of coffee in Wensky

The one who prefers coffee with any special note will not pass by "Moko Geshepritz", T. E. "Coffee with wield". Most often we are talking about a small additive brandy. But the fiction of the owners of the cafeauzov does not have borders. In the coffee poured almost the entire set of high-graduate drinks from Cuban Roma and Italian grappa to French Calvados and Hungarian Palinka. My old familiar waiter Johann from a cafe "Schlel", What on gumpenderferstrasse, with knowledge of the case assured me: "There is nothing better than a couple of drops of good Russian vodka on a cup of cappucciner".

Those who wish to get even greater shakes can order "Ainspenner" Strong black coffee served in a large glass. Well, inhibit about his liver and unwillingly excitement, undoubtedly satisfy "Ferlengerger". Vienna feature is also coffee "MIT SHOG", T. E. "with blows". Under this formidable title, a cup of coffee with a whole hill of air whipped cream, which is most often sprinkled with chocolate crumbs. This drink cannot leave anyone indifferent and, first of all, children who, from an early age, together with parents, will know all the wisdom of Kafehowa.

Should not be surprised if, ordering a cup of coffee, you will get a glass of water on a metal tray. The vents accepted after each chipping of coffee to refresh the oral cavity with water in order to constantly feel the full of fragrance. Very often, the owners of the Kafehowan are assigned to their drinks bright, catchy names. Most often they are associated with the names of outstanding personalities for example, Mozart, Mary Teresia or historical places like Shennbrun or Hofburg.

Prices in the cafehauses will differ quite significantly. In the central, where there are many tourists traditionally, they can be two times higher than in other areas of the city. On average, a cup of coffee costs a little more than two dollars. Well, coffee with all sorts of delights worth two or three times more expensive. True, in this case, you will receive not just a cup of coffee, but a beautifully served piece of art, decorated with small pastries, a glass of a hot or small chocolate or wafer.

Of course, in the Vienna Cafeauze you can taste not only. Open from early morning to late night, they give the opportunity to quench the hunger, how strong would not be this feeling. Along with exquisite Viennese cakes and other baking, beer and wine with various snack dishes are served. But the divine smell of fried coffee beans unequivocally testifies who right here is the ball.

Cup of coffee in Wensky

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