Currency Control. Custom takes good

For incomplete 7 years of existence of an independent Ukrainian state, local customs officers have earned their very dark glory. They are especially famous for their passion for the withdrawal of money from passengers of trains following the Ukrainian-Russian border and tourists sitting on cruise ships in Black Sea ports. These seizures occur almost always legally. Just unfortunate victims do not know the current Ukrainian rules for moving money across the border, do not declare and do not make out what you need to declare, and ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility. Free from her just knowledge and proper behavior. So you know how to behave when you go on holiday in Crimea or just to visit Kiev aunt, we bring to your attention a brief overview of currency and border orders in Ukraine.

The procedure for moving national and foreign currency across the customs border of Ukraine is regulated by regulatory acts of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) and the State Customs Service. The main document on this issue is a letter "The procedure for moving currency across the customs border of Ukraine" Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine b b b 19029 dated March 14, 1993 with changes and additions made by the Resolution of the Board of the Republic of NBU b 245 dated September 23, 1996 and the one-name letter of the Chairman of the State Customs Service of Ukraine b 11/1-50 dated March 17, 1993. The texts of these documents should be available on any customs paragraph, and you may require you to get acquainted with them.

In these documents, the following is said about the export of money.

Outside the customs territory of Ukraine, citizens are allowed to export registered in the customs declaration:

1) National currency of Ukraine:

– in the amount of up to 10 non-taxable minima on one person, regardless of age, with the right to use abroad (and "Not subject to minimum" Ukraine is now equal to 17 hryvnians, which is about equivalent to $ 9 or 51 by Russian ruble);

– in the amount of up to 5 non-taxable minima.

2) Foreign currency:

Residents and non-residents:

– If this currency was imported from abroad and registered in the customs declaration, less spent;

– If foreign currency is exported in the amount of up to $ 1.000 (or equivalent of this amount in another foreign currency, including Russian rubles, recalculated at the rate of the NBU) on one person, regardless of age;

– If the foreign currency was obtained in the NBU or in authorized banks with the provision of permission in form 01, 02.

Currency Control. Custom takes good

Non-resident citizens, traveling from Ukraine, can export foreign currency in cash, removed from the currency account, on the basis of the permission of the authorized bank in form 01 on export of foreign currency in the amount of not more than $ 1.000, as well as traveler checks and other payment documents in an amount not exceeding $ 5.000 (or equivalent of these amounts in another foreign currency), export of foreign currency in these cases is allowed only by those face, the surname of which is specified in the document.

As for the importation, citizens-residents and non-residents are allowed to import to Ukraine previously exported and declared in the exit of Ukrainian national currency in the presence of a customs declaration. That is, the hryvnia acquired from the currency at the Kiev Station, as well as in respectable Russian banks, in no case should not get into the eyes of Ukrainian customs officers. Otherwise, this money will fall into the treasury of the fraternal republic or anywhere else, but not back into your pocket.

An imported foreign currency in the amount of $ 400 and more (or the equivalent of this amount in another foreign currency, recalculated at the rate of the NBU established) must be declared in the customs declaration or in the currency book.

A customs declaration in which foreign currency is announced (regardless of the amount), it is visited by personal seal of the inspector and is issued to the owner. It serves as the basis for the export of registered foreign currency abroad for one year.

When imported by citizens-non-residents to Ukraine, the currency in the amount that exceeds $ 10.000 (or equivalent in another currency), the customs applies to the import of cash with an explanation of the goal for which currency funds are intended. The content of this statement, customs officers do not particularly find. Explanations like "Vise on pocket expenses" They are quite satisfied. You should only keep in mind that to carry over the Ukrainian border more than $ 50.000 Almost prohibited. Such amounts should be translated by non-cash. Exceptions are allowed only with the permission of the NBU.

Currency declaration is a free procedure and is made directly when crossing the customs border of Ukraine. Free or involuntary evasion from this procedure, on the contrary, is very expensive. Undetectured currency customs officers take away.

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