Spain’s currency: personal experience

El Corte Ingles – Popular Spanish Department Stores. A bunch of shops, including in the main resort cities.

Impleently self-discharged as the most friendly to tourists, especially from the countries not included in the European Union. Like, there is a 10% discount on the presentation of a passport, and the design of Taks-Free, and even Russian-speaking accompanying shop (I saw such a thing). So we bought on this thing. In Malaga. The store is not from cheap, but not luxurious. Goods like goods, mostly quite good quality at quite relevant prices.

But it’s not that. And in some. tricks that, in my opinion, border with deception.

1) 10% discount sometimes give. I emphasize: sometimes. On the first floor in a special department for working with clients, a Russian passport was presented and, in fact, received a discount coupon promised in advertising. Coupon is named and valid in the only definite day in it said. True, coming tomorrow, you can get the same new again. As soon detects a surprised buyer, the accustomed discounts, in the coupon itself, it is written in small font: the discount is given on some Groups of goods I some Brands. It is easy to guess that all sorts of hilphigers and Hugobosss are not included in the number of these brands. Will not give a discount also to Livai and Vranglers, as well as much more. Left, at best, products of little-known Spanish brands or at all produced by the order of El Corte Ingles itself (type "Red price" in the shops "Pyaterochka"). In a word, we got a discount exactly once – on something not very expensive, type of trouser belt. However, I will not argue: we do not say all the departments and goods for discounts. We did not become.

2) Now Taks-Free. Here is already hectare. The discount was not given – and did not give, they will go, although it’s a shame that they hold for the fool, but the dachshund will get his back – it’s a holy. In the same department, where discount coupons, in El Corte Ingles draw up this very dachshund. Kindly ask: you in cash or card? Here is the service! Know how to work with the client! Choose cash. We get beautiful documents – Invoises. Where were my eyes then?! – That’s what you think, but a little later, when you try to get these cash.

At the Malaga Airport (departure at 6:00), we were told that the return point of VAT (Tax Refund) will open at eight in the morning. Okay, not trouble: we fly through Rome, and get there. Stamped from the customs officer in invoices. True, before us to the customs officer stood the old Dona, who made his brains thirty to him for minutes, proving that he had the right to return for some kind of speaking goods to which there is no shopping check. And the customs officer himself forced us to present a purchased clock, for which it took all our suitcases to gut, and then consolidate things back. But this is inevitable costs.

So: In Rome, it turned out that all before one refund items gate the nose from invoices from El Corte Ingles, as from the fiber Spanish Hamon, and they are not going to return anything. Polls showed a depressing thing: this very "English courtyard", That is, El Corte Ingles, none of the VAT return providers (such as Global Blue or Premier Tax Free) does not work. He himself dachshks and himself Friend, that is, money returns independently, more precisely, through its own financial company included in the group El Corte Ingles. Accordingly, in Rome, we were fairly sent to a well-known address. Including at the Paragraph of the Forexchange agency company that at the railway station of Fiumicino Airport. But this is a straight deception: in the invoices it was said that we would definitely give us money here. As a result, invoices flew together with us to Russia, not Solono Bread.

But these are still Polbie: carefully reading the invoices (where were my eyes then?!), found that the money El Corte Ingles will return, but not all: for this "service" He will take commission, and such that the return amount will be, at best, half of the tax paid. And – only on the card, and no longer in cash.

In short, I think I think how to deal with it. Or do not care. Not much money is a pity how evil takes on these. Khitretsov.

Once again we "They themselves are to blame" and "It was necessary to read a small font". But this arranged 99% of people, why and I consider the debt to warn. Have a good shopping!

P. S. Of interest to: the real size of the Commission from El Corte Ingles (clickable):

Shopping amount = € 238,58

Commission, thus = 31.2% of VAT amount or about 5% of the purchase amount. And find out about it only after purchases have already been made.

It seems, their discounts are easily half "beat off" back at the expense of the robber commission on Taks-Free. Buyers are satisfied. This is a business, I understand!

Hippie Market in Ibiza

Currency of Spain Personal experience

Shopping in Outlet La Roca Village: Time and Money

Excursion in La Rock Village Outlet (La Roca Village Outlet) is meaningless. Better on Plana buses, but in six hours you will not have time, rent a car. Lots of boutiques, there are large sizes, as Spaniards on the physique are similar to the Russians. Prices Those: Crosses Suede – 3500 USD, half hundreds of Lottusse, Suede – 3500, Hugo Boss Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss) – 5000, Jeans from 30 euro to 80 on average, let’s say "Diesel", And in the sale you just have to look everywhere, there are prices just meager, with a discount of 100-200 euros.

I do not advise you to go to Terragon, Reus and other towns, not interesting, shopping is no more, although goods, even without sales, cheaper than in Russia. All small towns are beautiful and similar, there are many beautiful houses and modern clothing brands.

Tax-Free at Madrid Airport

Tax-Free after registering on the flight and security control – immediately left. Return Return – after passport control (for Starbax Coffee Shops), but money still did not come. Draw conclusions – better return money in Moscow.

"And about Barajas. If during Madrid Shopping you made a tax-free, then the stamp on the shopping paper in Barajas is done before passport control, it is possible to checkout on the flight. But the window where the tax is coming back, is already after passport and customs control, in the zone "duty free". Be careful when stamping shoppers: You must put the print on the original, and not to the bottom copy – whether Barakhovsky customs officers are sinned from the harmfulness. If the stamp is not on the original, Taks-Free you will not be returned. You can correct the error, again coming out of the Duty Friend zone, but then – after the secondary assurance of taxpheric papers, it will be necessary to undergo customs-passport control – this will require a lot of time". (c) Arial

Shopping in Madrid

At first glance, everything is OK – the sea showcases, the mass of people with packages, but nothing specially memorable saw. Whether they did not look there, whether too broken steel. The problem for slims seems to me (modestly) – to find something size 36-38 is almost impossible. Probably sew taking into account the features of the figure of pretty fleshy Spaniards. The role of the flagship of the local shopping is performed by the EL Corte Ingles department stores, working until 22 (sometimes up to 21, while the piece of paper is cling to the door) – In Madrid, there are 4 pieces, in large cities at least one, yes there is. In the capital, alone right at Salt Square, the second – at the metro Nuevos Ministerial (second ceiling and more will be, and there are smaller people there, but the first is located in several buildings dispersed on the street, separately book, separately – home and electronics products). Underground floor – supermarket, first – bags, hats, fan (!), cosmetics and perfumery. Further upstairs leaves the floor with clothes, no shoes there. Large selection of Burberry (probably sew here), but starting with 44-46 size. There is a separate court, with household appliances and home products, there is a book.

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