Curse Ki-West. Kostoy Island

Florida &# 8211; one of the most popular states USA, who is extremely readily visited by tourists. Collins-Avenue in Miami Beach All year round filled with multicolored crowds of people from around the world.
Itself Florida &# 8211; Centre Multiculturalism. The Hispanic community here is incredibly growing. Almost probably, when shopping in a store or food order in a restaurant, the first words you will hear will be on Spanish.
Distributor Florida There was a Spaniard Juan Ponce De Leon, landed here in 1511. Saint Ogastin, Founded by the first Spanish settlers in 1565, Today is the oldest city in United States.

1. You want to go back there

Florida, Surrounded Waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the west I Atlantic Ocean In the East, is the perfect place to relax. And although several months in a year it is torn Storms and hurricanes, It is definitely worth a visit to.
History Florida incredibly stormy and amazing. Peninsula was opened by the Spaniard, then the British ruled them. After that, Florida again fell under the power of Spain, and, in the end, was redeemed American government. Wars with Indians also walked all this time.
Today Florida is an The world’s largest center of Cuban emigration. It was here that was held Operation in the bay of pigs, which, with the participation CIA and Cuban emigrants, Led K The overthrower of Fidel Castro regime in Cuba.

2. Kostoy Island &# 8211; Ki-West

Sign on the board before this city recommends you leave your problems outside. You can pick them up when you leave it. V Feeling humora Local will not refuse.
This settlement is located on Florida Kisa Archipelago, consisting of 1700 Islands, and is The southernmost city of the continental part of the United States. This is one of most popular seats among Americans and tourists who come to Florida.
According to legend, on Ki-West exists Indian curse. Everyone who visited there at least once, wants to return there for the rest of my life. It looks like the truth &# 8211; every time being in Florida, You will pull to this Archipelago. On it you will every time discover more and more new interesting places.
Finding Ki-West, Ponce de Leon, who came here in 1513, called it Kayo Husseo, What means Kostoy Island. This name still retains its popularity.

3. Cuban cigars and independent republic

The city became part of USA v 1821, when he bought him from the Spaniards for two thousand Dollars John Simonton. Over time, he became very An important center Tobacco production and Cuban cigars. For some time it was the most rich and The largest city of Florida.
Currently this Capital of Monroe County, Tourist center archipelago, and An important point of American coast guard, South South military base Naval aviation USA And the capital is independent Republic of Konch.
V 1982 cities Florida Kisa announced the proclamation of independence in protest Blocks of trading routes US border guards. The issuance of own passports, were installed flag and coat of arms. Consulates of the emergence of the state are located in New Orleans, Honolulu, Ohio and Atlanta, and their headquarters are mainly represented by Cozy bars. Ki-West Formally is Independent state Under Protector USA. Currently, all elements associated with the proclamation of independence are welcome souvenir from the island.

4. Festival fantasy

Every year B Last week of October In the city passes "Fantastic the festival". Alcohol and erotica &# 8211; His distinctive features. During it there are various Concerts, costume processions and shows. During the week, tourists appear the opportunity to try Caribbean and Mexican cuisine, To participate in cultural events or one of the set costume parties on Disco or in Pub.
Ki-West is also world capital gays. There are many shops, bars and Hotels, which serve Only certain tourists.

5. Here the hemingway bell rang

Curse Ki-West. Kostoy Island

Ki-West &# 8211; It is also a city Ernest Hemingway, who lived and worked here until his departure in Havana. It was here that novels were written "Bye weapons","By com Calls bell","Snow Kilimanjaro", As well as the manuscript of the novel"Have no have"Found after the death of the writer in Pub Sleeppa Joe.
Pub exists so far and is very popular &# 8211; In the end, it was one of Favorite places Ernest Hemingway. And although today it is called "Captain Tony", The magic of this place acts as a magnet for tourists. V 2006 Pub was included in the registry historic places of the USA.

6. What should be seen in Ki-West?

There are many entertaining places here: obelisk, symbolizing Self Southern Point of USA, House of Ernest Hemingway on Whitehead Street 907, Museum shipwrecks, Aquarium Ki-West and Lighthouse. Of interest is I station Flagler, which is the final station Railroad flagler, Connecting Ki-West with the mainland. Today it serves Museum, in front of which are unnatural Human figures. Also be sure to walk down the street Duval, which connects the ocean coast with the bay. You will find there many Pabov, restaurants, Discos and shops, Often marked Rainbow flag.

7. From Ki-West to North

On a fantastic road Ki-West US-1, The only connector archipelago with the mainland, go to the north in Miami, Drawn countless islands on the way and crossing More than 130 bridges, Including the most famous &# 8211; Sevenmal bridge.
This bridge connects the islands Waka and Little Duck Ki. Its total length is 10.9 km, And height in the central part &# 8211; 20 meters. Driving along it, admire Atlantic Ocean and Mexican Bay. Along the bridge, from the side of the bay, passes another, better known as Sevenmal bridge, Built in 1912&# 8211;1935. It was shown in the film "Truthful lies" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis starring. On the way you can visit Roadside bar or Barbecue restaurant.
Ki-Largo, Coral island, &# 8211; The last island north of Florida archipelago&# 8211;Kisa, While you can get on land. it’s the same The longest island, Located in the group of islands, called Upper keys.
After half-hour driving on the dam, from where you can enjoy National Park Biscaye, You will leave the island ridge and find yourself on the mainland.
Driving through this site, it is worth paying attention to the wandering Alligators, They warn about road signs. Leaving Florida Kisa, archipelago, consisting mainly of uninhabited islands, and one of most beautiful places on earth, you never forget the gained impressions.

Curse Ki-West. Kostoy Island

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