Customs Regulations Finland

Import and export of currency is not limited. At the entrance from the territory of non-EU countries, the amounts of more than 10,000 euros are subject to a mandatory declaration.

Persons at the age of more than 17 years arriving from countries that are not included in the customs zone of the EU, a duty-free import of up to 200 cigarettes, or up to 100 Sigarill, or up to 50 cigars, or up to 250 grams of tobacco. Importing strong alcoholic beverages (fortress more than 22%) is allowed only to persons over 20 years old (up to 1 liter), while tourists over the age of 18 are available imports of wine (up to 2 liters, including sparkling and lyters). Also duty-free uses of personal use based on 430 euros per person.

At the entrance from the territory of the EU member states, there are no restrictions on the import of goods, but only on condition that they are intended for personal use. At the entrance from the territory of Estonia, up to 200 cigarettes, or 250 grams of tobacco products, from Latvia and Lithuania – up to 200 cigarettes. Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Norman Islands, Gibraltar and other European territories are considered individual norms in the EU zone and for them.

Without the appropriate permission, the importation of drugs and drug-containing medical products is prohibited (special permission is necessary for the latter), flammable and explosives. For the import of hunting weapons and ammunition, it is necessary to have relevant documents (hunting) and permission obtained in the Ministry of Internal Office. Additional information can be obtained in the Police Department of the Finnish MIA by phone (+358) 9-1601.

From May 1, 2009, it is forbidden to import products containing meat or milk to the territory of the European Union, including sausage, canned food, fat and even chocolate candies. The prohibition does not apply to baby food and special preparations necessary for people with certain chronic diseases (in this case, products must be carefully packed, and their weight should not exceed 2 kilograms). In case of meat and makeup products, they will be confiscated, and the passenger will have to pay a fine.

Plants, animals and vegetable products should be presented to quarantine officials. Pets must have a certificate of vaccinations, as well as a medical certificate issued not earlier than 10 days before departure. Additional information can be obtained in the Health and Food Department of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry by phone (+358) 9-160-53387.

Freely exported tobacco products, strong alcoholic beverages (only for persons over 20 years old), up to 12 liters of strong beer and up to 5 liters of other alcoholic beverages.

It is forbidden to export objects and things representing historical or artistic value. To export the work of art and objects of decorative and applies, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the seller, confirming the possibility of exporting these goods outside the country.


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Customs Regulations Finland

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