Cyprus: Resorts, Places, Food and Cat Resident – collected all the most necessary

From April 1, Cyprus letters Russian tourists! Just and the season is suitable, and at least swim for some more early, but quite comfortable weather to learn the island on the day. The weather is now 20-26 degrees of heat. In general, we tell how to do in Cyprus to the long-awaited vacation.

Conditions of entry

Without quarantine, but a negative PCR test is still needed. One 72 hours before departure, the second – by arrival at the airport for 30 euros. The results will have to wait, isolating in the hotel, but they say it takes only half a day. Just will be time to relax, borrow and choose clothes for a walk. Also a day before the departure it is necessary to fill out this Questionnaire . And from May 10, the Russians grafted by the "satellite" are allowed without dough.

There are direct flights from Moscow. You can fly through Larnaca and Paphos. All search at your disposal on our website And in the application.

From the airport to the city

From Larnaca Airport You can go to the city by taxi, transfer, rented car or bus. The bus is the cheapest option. Costs about 1.5-3 euros, in the way to the city of half an hour. To your disposal of more than 6 different routes, you can get even to other cities in. Full schedule and route grid of the main carrier Zinonasbuses See on the site .

Buses №407, 417, 418, 419, 425 and 429 – Day, everyone goes to Larnaca. Routes №446 and 456 – Night and also take to Larnaca.

Taxi will be more expensive, so it is better to look for yourself fellow workers to get cheaper. But the easiest most suitable shuttle service from the hotel, there are no problems in general and fixed price (depends on the hotel).

If you are going to take a car for rent, then learn the sites of rental companies MyRentacar, Economybookings, Rentalcar S . To learn the island yourself, the car is accurately useful. But note that in Cyprus left-sided movement, so the first time will be slightly unusual.

Pafos airport Not so popular. There is only one terminal and most often arrive here on the speaker. You will suit you Pafos Airport If you are going to relax on the west coast, in Paphos itself or in Limassol.

Here the bus is also the most popular transport to the city. Bus number 612, takes off once an hour, on the way about half an hour, the final stop at the bus station near the port.

If the destination is Limassol, it is more convenient to use Limassol Airport Express. Costs 10 euros for adult, on the way for about an hour, see the schedule here .

Otherwise the same. Taxi, transfer, car rental. Taxi to Paphos will cost approximately 35 euros.

What to look at the island

As we have already written above, it is better to rent a car or some other transport to inspect all the interesting corners of the available part of the island. Even if you just go along the coast, you definitely do not miss any beautiful place.

Paphos and surroundings

On the coasts of Cyprus there are always many attractions. Be sure to take a stone, bay … In general Place of Birth Aphrodite . Not only is there a beach awesome, so also around beautiful. And if you want eternal youth, then look in the battle of Aphrodites. Is there some more Bathing Adonis – also a picturesque place. Two ponds that are located one under another and are connected by waterfalls. According to the legend, it was there Aphrodite was secretly met with Adonis.

Already within the city, look at Castle Paphos , And also near Archaeological Park With an excavation zone, ancient tombs and ancient Roman mosaic. In addition to these antiquities, pay attention to Church of Panagia Theosquopeism.

And if you want to go down to the story more stronger, go to Town Heroskipu and Doll – Real Museum in Open Sky! Well, walk along Forest Paphos also interesting. At least because of the name.

Limassol and surroundings

Near Limassol also have interesting places. For example, antique Curion City and ancient Amatus City, Colossi Fortress, Atmospheric Village Omodos. Last place, by the way, is a kind of wine paradise. It is here that wine and almost all residents are involved in this! Here is a collective wine creativity. Be sure to guide the bottle on the sample. And in the village Erimi There is even Museum of wine, And quite modern – it was opened in 2000.

Also like it Museum of historical and classic cars, local Zoo and Aquapark, And the embankment of Limassol is a separate song. Walking there under the lanterns after a rich day with a glass of ice cream in your hands – then the pleasure!

There is another busy place – Cat Monastery of St. Nicholas. There are only a few nuns and dozens of cats live there. And the story is: initially it was ordered to deliver 1000 cats on the island so that they destroyed poisonous snakes. Since then, Kisam has a special relationship here. Located about 10 km from the city.

And if the hunt for a beautiful beach, go to Governor’s beach. 20 km from Limassol hid the elegant coastline with white cliffs and incredible blue water. And we recommend the trekking in the vicinity of the mountain Olimym.

Larnaca and surroundings

Right near the airport is Salt Lake With an interesting story. According to the parable of Saint Lazar, walked around the surrounding area and asked for the local residents a branch of grapes to quench thirst. But they refused to him, Zhada because. Then he cursed this place and said that he would not grow anything on this earth. And the next day, instead of the vineyard, a saline lake was formed.

Cyprus Resorts, Places, Food and Cat Abode - collected all the most necessary

In the city, attention is already attractive Larnaca Castle, The port with moored yachts of any size, ready to go into a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. Old city Also quietly tells his story until you are involved in narrow streets.

If you want to bring home something made by the hands of local residents, then look at Lepkara village. There are a lot of handicraft crafts. Yes, and the village itself is also very beautiful.

And instead of the zoo you can visit Farm of camels and on a donkey farm. Contact places, you can just stroke or feed animals, and you can ride.

There are even entertainment for divers. The fact is that the shores of Larnaca sank in 1980 Ferry Zenobia. It is also called "Titanic Mediterranean". Hundreds of divers dive on the bottom to look at the ship and find something valuable for yourself.

I just want to resort

Fair. Then it must be chosen correctly.

Sea beach holidays – For this, the most suitable Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Tusovki – There is no competitors from Ayia Napa. If you drive with a child, then this place is definitely not suitable, as the youth resort is rather here for those who arrived frantically to tick up at night and fade to lunch.

Walking and excursions – Larnaca, Paphos and Limassol will be suitable for educational vacation.

Privacy and sishin – Definitely Protaras.

If you want something more European, then go to Paphos. If you do not mind learning our native speech and even ready to meet with a neighbor, turn towards Limassol.

What to try in the kitchen

Since it is an island, then the right decision will be preferred by seafood. In any institution, especially on embankments and along the beaches, there will be a dishes from some sea shoes that you have not tried. Mussels, squid, shrimp, octopuses, large fish and petty – prepare at best, fingers license!

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