Czech Currency Personal Experience

Czech Republic: Personal Experience

Before traveling to the Czech Republic, I read about beer and how our brother of the tourist is deceived from restaurants, taxi drivers and ending with exchange offices ("Smenharna"). Did everything in "Instructions" – learned the price or course, then solved. Problems came to another 🙂 opened his mouth on the clock on the central square and lost his wallet. It is good that mom’s passport has seen into the panties 🙂

In general, there is no money, but I want to eat. But in such a situation, the Russian man found a way out! As in the end it turned out, this is an excellent cash alternative to. I got money through money transfer. Never drew in Moscow to some kind of contact systems, mig. And on a foreign land.

In general, 150 meters from the central square, the office of Maneipolo (MoneyPolo), the course for Czech currency is profitable, they say in Russian, nothing had to write on a piece of paper before exchanging. It turns out like this: I am going to a foreign land, you check who pays money transfers there, you can clarify the course, send dollars (or euro), come and get. Why not an option!

By the way, Citibank on the street is no longer no, and the road back and back takes more than an hour from the center. And in the central bank it is necessary to laugh at me, they are not engaged in exchange! I wish you all a good rest and be more attentive to your things!

Fashion stores in Prague

Prague is truly a kind of shopping center around the world. And attracts buyers several positive phenomena: low prices and a large number of shops.

So, for beginnings, it will make a reservation that, as elsewhere, shops are divided into expensive, medium and shops of popular mass fashion. All fashionable stores can be found on Paris Street (Ulice Parizska) and near the nearby streets: Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Dior, Burberry, Gucci and many others.

As for stores with medium prices, good quality, but not related to the above names and do not force the hearts of fashionista faster, then you can find them in Outlet Prague ranges. One of the most popular Outlet is Fashion Arena. Factory Mariella Burani, Gardeur, Gant, Gas, Pepe Jeans London, Pietro Filipi, Retro – one tenth shops located in Fashion Arena (Fashion Arena Outlet Center, Prosmyslová, Praha 10). On Wenceslas Square and in the shopping centers of Prague many such shops; For example, Debenhams on Wenceslas Square, Massimo Dutti (the only store in Prague) in the shopping center Arkady (Na Pankraci).

If you are interested in popular mass fashion stores, then there is nothing easier than shopping in Prague. Shopping can be combined with a pleasant walk in the center of Prague, namely: start from Museum Metro Station, then on Wenceslas Square, and then roll to Na Prikope Street, then at the end of the street you will see Palladium shopping center. By such a route, you will meet the following stores: C&A, H&M, Mango, Tezenis, Newyorker, Benetton, Promode, Bata and many other stores.

Most stores work from 09:00 to 21:00. For all stores there is one rule: you can buy cheaper in the days of sales that start from the end of June to the end of July or the beginning of August, in the winter – from the end of December to the end of January or the beginning of February.

Change money from Arabs

Two-year experience shows that in the Arab Exchanges on Wenceslas Square (Vaclavka and Stepanskaya Angle (&# 352; T&# 283; p ; NSKA, where the Palace of Lucerne) is the best euro / crown rate and the most reliable calculation.

But in the exchanger, not on the street near them!

Shopping in Prague

Shopping in Prague, as we warned in LiveJournal, could not be a goal of a trip. On the other hand, there are no stores in Moscow, for example H&M – Large chain of Casual clothing stores. Prices in H&M Democratic, generally lower than in Moscow.

One of the best places for shopping – Na P Central Street&# 345;&# 237; KOP&# 283;. Central not in the sense of the historic center. Abundant stores and restaurants reminds Tver. Here are mainly sold all sorts of clothes. For souvenirs you need to move towards the Karlovy bridge. Souvenirs that can be brought from Prague: a variety of beer mugs, Czech grenades, glass products (transparent and color), beherring. There is also a network of shops with crafts of local artisans – toys and wood puzzles, dishes.

Next to the central street Na P&# 345;&# 237; KOP&# 283; Location V ; clavsk&# 233; N ; m&# 283; ST&# 237;. It is slightly less and inhabited by restaurants and small hotels. And there is a BATA department store on it, in which, in addition to BATA products, many different brands are represented.

About exchange and general about money

What is written on exchanger – fiction. Always when I want to change money directly, ask "How much I get for 100 euros?" – may and reluctantly, but they will answer or show how many calculator. If 25.5 and more, it is already good. Received money in ATMs on the map "Electronic visa"

2000 crowns, as a result, taking into account the commission, the course turned out 1 Crown – 1.37 rubles. 4000 CZK (ATM DR.Bank), as a result, the course 1 Crown – 1,41r.

In stores it is beneficial to pay in the euro, the course in any case is higher than in the exchanger, there were 26 crowns for 1 euro (in "Teso") and 28 crowns for 1 euro in "Leiser" (Shoe supermarket).

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