Czech. Jews

The old legend states that the Jews lived on the place of today’s Prague from time immemorial. When Celts came to Bohemia, the wonderful Jewish city was destroyed, and the inhabitants were expelled. In 730, the Slavic Princess Libuch predicts: Once on the shores of Vltava will appear "Little oppressed people who believes in one – the only God. The future king must accept these people favorably, because with them a grace will come to our country".

I did not pass one hundred years since the day of prediction, and in the Czech Republic, the charter from wanderings was the exhausted people. The numerous Jewish community fled to the west of the oppression of Muscovites. Remembering the words of Libush, then the prince-pagan took the unfortunate protected. The same in turn promised to be loyal to him. On the left bank of Vltava, the Jews provided a place to build a city. They worked a lot, the riskers, tried to live quietly, despite the storms that raged in the Middle Ages. Then in Bohemia and began to dissolve gossip about Jews. Behind the gossip followed bloody pogroms. Residents hid from them in the Staron Synagogue – the oldest in Europe. Her walls are posted from the stones of the Jewish prayer house, which stood at this place while Celts. They say, during the first fire, the spire of the synagogues chose two pigeons, flew only when the fire was extinguished. Since then, the reputation of the spiritual center of the Jews. It was once marked by the face of Maizel, a personal banker of the emperor, who received unpretentious wealth as a reward for honesty and mercy. At his funds, dirty streets were published, built a beautiful town hall, a ritual bath, alder, orphan house and two synagogues, one of which was called in his honor. Perhaps nobody and never did so much for his units how much did the face Maizel.

At one time, another famous Jew Prague-judu Lion Ben Betzalel lived with him, the descendant of King David. Emperor Rudolph II himself, the patron of Alchemists, appointed his Supreme Rabbi of the Jewish city. The ceremony took place in the royal palace with a large coherence of persons of the noble rank. It was difficult to choose a more suitable person to this person, for Rabbi Lion, according to traditions, "Went to protect the Jews from the evil slander and suspicion of Christians".

When once again over the community hung the threat of exile, Rabbi went to Charles Bridge. On him, a monarch should have drove into the old town. Ieguda lion was in the crowd of zoo. Noticing the imperial crew, Rabbi got up on his way. Viewers began to throw stones into it and water mud, but stones and dirt turned raid in roses and violets. The affected emperor stopped the carriage and listened to rabbi. On the same day, Rudolf II ordered not to cause evil to Jews. From now on, each misconduct was considered in court. For a crime of a separate person, the entire community of responsibility has not been carried.

In 1580. A certain clergyman named Tadeusch, an anti-Semit, again tried to turn the world and peace in the discord and distribute. Rabbi Lev learned about the conspiracy. In a dream, he asked heaven, what means to deal with this will. Heaven answered: "Coat of golem of clay and destroy the voice of mobile, devouring the Jews". At midnight, lion, taking two assistants, went to the shores of Vltava. With the light of the torches, they cut out of clay a male figure. Everyone bypassed her seven times counterclockwise, repeating the spell. After which Rabbi put in the mouth of monster "Shem", The secret name of God written on parchment. Magic note attracted a powerful power of the universe to the monster.

Livenily with Kabbalah com clay dressed and began to look like an ordinary person. Rabbi called him Joseph. The new member of the community performed all orders of his Mr. Every day, a silent servant received some tasks from Rabbi. But once the owner forgot to give work to the clay killer. As soon as the street was dark, the gole began to run through the Jewish city, destroying all the living. After this incident rabbi never forgot about his ward.

Czech. Jews

In the thirteen years of almost impeccable service, the golem dealt with all the enemies of the Jews. The need for it disappeared. The community has no longer threatened exile, slander and pogroms. Supreme Rabbi decided to destroy his servant. To do this, he again took advantage of the knowledge of the ancient Kabbalah. The ritual was perfect in the attic of the Staronian Synagogue. Joseph Golem, the thunderstorm of anti-Semites turned into com clay. She was covered with old books and clothes stored by Jewish custom in the top of the house. The next day, Rabbi announced a strict ban to climb to the attic of the Staronian Synagogue.

Soon, however, the Jewish city struck a new attack – Plague. The angel of death of someone took only children. Every day, hundreds of corpses were overlooking the cemetery. All day they lay on Earth, since the unfortunate babies did not have time to bury. Because of the poisonous evaporations, the plague spread, but it did not go beyond the limits of the Jewish ghetto. It became clear that the epidemic is sent for sins, but what and whose? For the answer to Rabbi Lev went to the cemetery. When the clock on the Jewish Town Hall pierced midnight, the deceased children wrapped in Savan began to rise from the graves. They all circled in an extraordinary dance of perfume. Having touched courage, rabbi ripped out the savance from one dancer. To get the robe and return to the grave, the child told the lion about the cause of the epidemic. It turned out that two Jews Bella and Ella led an immoral lifestyle. Women were severely punished, and the plague went.

When the legendary rabbi died, he was buried next to his wife. Tombstones Rabbi Lev surround the graves of 33 favorite students. It is extremely difficult to find them, since several tens of thousands of people are buried in a small territory.

Praushanes say that the golem remains a simple legend until events start occurring, which again revives it. People are confident: some kind of immortal being is present in the Jewish part of the city. Every 33 years, an event that does not have anything exciting in itself, but which still disseminates the inexplicable, quiet horror. A wild fault man with a Mongolian type of face walks along the street of the Jewish quarter and in front of everyone gets suddenly invisible. Explain this anomaly by the fact that every generation of Jews by the power of thought generates the appearance of a mystical being, which lived here once and now seeks to a new embodiment. They say that the current golel stopped in one of the old houses of the Jewish city in the room without entering. Restless materialists found this room. Repeatedly tried to penetrate into her, but every time the rope was broken and the person was crashed to death.

Czech. Jews

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