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Litomerice (Litomerice, Leitmeritz) lies 3 km north of Teresina and 55 km north-east of Prague, in the location of Ogrege and Laba. Many call him the most attractive city in the north of Bohemia.

The official date of the foundation is considered to be 1057, when the Romanesque Basilica was laid here, in the place of which in the XVII century erected St. Stephen’s Cathedral (SV Stepan) – the main attraction of the city, adorning the Central Square of Domske Namesti in our day. The interiors of the temple are pretty simple, but the dark wood finishes and the gloomy frescoes of the altar work of the masters of the school of Kranakh-Sr. is pretty adding to him majesty. A little bit towers Bell tower In the Toskan style, built by the Vienna architect Henry Ferstale in the 1880s.

In 1668, the architect Octavio Brodhio was born in Litomerzice, who, together with his father, Julio after the establishment of a Catholic diocese in the middle of the XVII century and built most of the local temples. The first church that comes to the eyes of the tourist after exiting the city station – Church of all saints, which was built as the Romanesque Church in the XV century, then rebuilt Brodfice and today is crowned well recognizable gothic spire. The same masters, by the way, carried out the restructuring and church of St. Stephen. You can also visit Churches of Saints Loetha and Vaclav, Jesuit and Dominican Cathedrals, Fragments Urban Walls and former synagogue.

In hot summer days you can refresh yourself in the dungeons Old catacombs (Historicke Sklepy), entrance to which is on site Restaurant Radnicni Sklipek (Mrove Namesti, 21). In the Middle Ages, these three-tiery tunnels and basements of a total length of about 336 meters were used to store products and as a refuge in case of a possible siege of the city, so they can tell a lot to the inquisitive guest. You can visit them during an organized excursion (40 CZK) from May to September, from 11:00 to 15:00.

In the western corner of Domske Namesti Square is located excellent Diocesan Museum (Diecezni Muzeum) with an extensive collection of beautiful paintings on religious themes, starting with a serene "Madonna with infant" (1494 – one of the oldest works in the country in the country) and ending with a whole series of works of Lucas Kranech-senior. The most wonderful section of the meeting, however, is the wooden building in the back of the museum, which contains an extensive collection "naive art" XIX-XX centuries. The authors of these works are local amateur artists, and the themes are the most diverse – from religious works and political "Agitok" to landscapes and portraits. The museum is open from Thursday to Sunday, from April to September – from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 18:00, from October to March closes at 17:00, entrance – 20 CZK.

Excellent Gallery of visual art (Galerie Vytvarneho Umeni) occupies a rather unusual building of the XVI century building, the inner courtyard of which is densely zaros ivy and decorated with a completely modern fountain. In its collections, a meeting of the works of Czech masters of the XIX-XX centuries of all styles, as well as an exhibition of religious art of the XVI-XIX centuries. Also deserves attention Gallery of Creative Art of Northern Bohemia (SGVU is also located near the main square) with an extensive meeting of all types of art work since the XIII century and at our day.

Czech Republic Litomerice

Not far from the city is the former Underground Military Plant Wehrmacht B5-Richard, Whose galleries are drawn by 25-30 km under the hills of bidnice and Radobile. The entrance to it is prohibited, but this colossal construction itself is consistent with historians in itself.

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Czech Republic Litomerice

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