Czech Republic: Czech Switzerland National Park

Rocky areas around the city of Decin (Decin, 80 km north-west of Prague) got a figurative name "Czech Switzerland" (Ceske Svycarsko, WWW.NPCS.CZ). These edges did not receive his rather unusual name from the country of Switzerland, but in honor of the two Swiss artists – Adrian Zingbi and Anton Graff, who worked on the reconstruction of the Dresden Gallery and in the free time left for the Plennier to small villages at the Saxon-Czech border. They so liked these places that both masters decided not to return home under the pretext of what had already found their Switzerland.

This is a poetic name, however, weakly reflects the real landscapes of the region – the arrays of the Elbian sandstone, dechinsky and middle Czech mountains here are low (the maximum point – the Dechinsky-Snezhnik, 722 m) and are severely destroyed, and more well-preserved ancient volcanic arrays are cut by canyons, river valleys And clefts. But the general charm of these places with interest compensates for some discrepancy between the names, and the most beautiful territories became part of the National Park of the same name.


Decoration of these places is a geological phenomenon Panca Scale (Panska Skala, Herrnhausfelsen) – Massive rock, isolated from polygonal bastard columns. It formed millions of years ago in the process of invasion of a gross magma in the thickness of the earth’s crust. In essence, these polygonal columns, something that resemble the pipes of the organ, are, if it can be expressed, the basalt crystals, opened erosion processes and the activities of people (array "Manifested" When developing a career at the end of the XIX in.). Unlike its famous analogue in Northern Ireland, the 12-meter Panca Rock is easily accessible and lies only 500 meters south of the route №13, near the village of Perfen (Prachen, 18 km east of the Dechin).

The second point of attraction in the region is picturesque Gorge Kamenica. From the village of Mesna (Mezna, 12 km northeast Dechin) "Green" The pedestrian trail goes down to the coolness of the Kamenice River Canyon (Kamenice), running from the East, from the slopes of the Lawy Mountains, and breaking through the rocks of the Ginsk Mountains in the area (Ginskie). Crossing the thirty-meter gorge on the Wooden Bridge (Mezni Mustek), you can go down to the wins, from where the mini-excursions are beginning down the river to the River Ticha (Ticha Souteska) and Dick (Divoka Souteska), to the colorful village of Mezni Louka (Mezni Louka, here is already better to raise on foot "blue" The trail, although the river here is also there), the village of Grenssko (Hrensko, here the river flows into the Elbe) or rise 5 km up the river, to the village of Etshovovice (Jetrichovice), where the canyon is minted and turns into a picturesque valley, or another 8 kilometers south, to the picturesque town of Ceska Kamenice, Bohmisch Kamnitz, 18 km east of the debt on the highway №13) with his beautiful pilgrim church.

Czech Republic National Park Czech Switzerland

The arrays of the Elbian sandstone, Dechinsky and Medium Czech Mountains here are low (the maximum point – the Dechinsky-Snezhnik, 722 m) and are very destroyed, and more well-preserved ancient volcanic arrays are cut by canyons, river valleys and clefts. Total under the guarded zone here 79 kV. km, however, at such a small view of the territory, a lot of interesting things are concentrated – folded from polygonal columns of basalt geological phenomenon Panska-Rock (Panska Skala, Herrnhausfelsen), picturesque gorge Kamenice, Sukha-Kamenice, quiet (Edmundovo) and wild, rock arched bridge "PRIVITSKIY GATOR" (Pravcicka Brana), colorful mountain settlements (only about 36 towns and villages), 15 pedestrian and cycling trail with a total length of about 110 km, hotel castle "Sokolin nest" (1881 g., Now there are the Museum of the Reserve and Restaurant), castles in Dechin (X-XVII centuries., One of the oldest in Europe) and Binovec (Binovec), excellent viewing platforms of the Metropolitan Mountain (Stolicna Hora), Snezhik (Snezicka Vyhlidka) and Belvedere (Belveder), "Czech Fuji" – Ruzhovski-Vrch mountain (Ruzovsky VRCH, 619 m), as well as picturesque forest arrays and many pure rivers.

How to get

You can get to the National Park through the towns of Dechin, Genzko, Krasna Lipa and Etshovitz from Prague by train (Hlavniho Nadrazi train station) or by bus before the Dechin (about one and a half hours), then recreated to local buses (from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the final point). Also easy can be reached from Dresden through Zebnits and Mikulashovice to Krasna Lipa.

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