Czech Republic, Prague: on the other side of the river

Local delicacy, which we call that "Trololo", then "stern". In the original – "trdelník". Remember the tubes with cream that were sold in Soviet times? So this tube is. You can order one only a tube, you can with all sorts of different. The thing is tasty, we took the time, tried.

Local delicacy, which we call that "Trololo", then "stern". In the original – "trdelník". Remember the tubes with cream that were sold in Soviet times? So this tube is. You can order one only a tube, you can with all sorts of different. The thing is tasty, we took the time, tried.

Walk to us all day, so get ready with us on the sights to watch. I will not write the names, just cute (if possible) pictures.

View from the tower with the previous photo. Again the pretty tile and houses in pastel colors.

She should hardly make records for future articles and at the same time carefully writes expenses. We will then study how much money it is necessary for such travels in a regular tourist.

The podding is and such a form if it is not planned to impose anything. Here she is namazana with a pistachio inside.

How cool in good weather! Today is not only sunny, but also warm. Yesterday it was cool somehow.

Tourists – Darkness Dumb. Even the Eiffel Tower did not have so much, in my opinion.

Sheboldasik on the hunt.

The central square surrounding houses like and not very complex-architectural, but everything is pretty. In general, here somehow cozy everywhere.

Vintage watch, including astronomical. They can be seen on most of the postcards about Prague.

Many towers in the city can be climbed. This is a view of one of them.

Central Square and Ants-Tourists.

Andrews for work. The camera puffs, swears, buggy, but continues to shoot something. Hard to him, you will have to change soon, apparently. Do we have representatives from Sony or Fuji? Who wants to reconcile us and give a photo equipment? We are constantly asked what we remove – that we will advertise you. Unless of course the technique will work like that;)

The most understandable language in the world is Chinese. His won as far as people understand! It is very strange that in local restaurants there is a menu in Russian, and in Chinese is not particularly.

Cafe "Ebel". In the collection.

In one of the restaurants – a map where visitors to the checkbox celebrate their city. From Greenland and North Korea people not many. From Pakistan, too, do not rush.

Prague twin "Clam Chowder" from San Francisco – Bread Soup. Here are their several varieties, the most popular – Goulash. We have tried something like a soul cabbage today. Very good.

I could not resist, I decided to try the local "cut-out" beer at lunch. A kind of mix of a light and dark "goat". The taste of all the same "goat", but at least original file;)

The famous Charles Bridge Day looks like this. That is why photos with pretty figures and a deserted bridge are exceptionally nightly. Although, something tells me that the photoographers of lovers with tripods are in good way here and in the night. However, still beautiful.

On this today all. Thank you all, all are free;) We are in the direction of the house.

His look at the kafku.

Czech Republic, Prague on the other side of the river

Oh, these flour selection.

Our adhere on the map

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TRLLO in Prague I liked less than in Poland, there they are baked much more tastier, will travel, try trying!) Eagle quarants of course miracle mechanics, they have a very interesting story. We went through Prague exclusively on foot, and I looked at the square every day, so the chimes are well remembered, especially with a praise under them))

Sheboldasik 07.ten.2016

Hello Tatyana! I have not seen you for a long time and did not hear, missed))

We liked everything in Prague – and the chimes, and TRDLO, and the fact that the weather was good, unlike the rest of the European visited by us, so that only the best impressions were left)) In general, a very pleasant and having city.

That you in Prague most impressed in the first trip?

I really like your blog, feeding information, interesting photos and you yourself!) Just with time tight, you have to read a lot of other materials ((.

In Prague that liked? Atmosphere! I do not like tourist routes with so many tourists for one square. meter)), but in Prague it did not bother at all, and thanks to Russian speech, which was heard everywhere, it was a feeling that I am very close to the house). In Prague there was nothing that I did not like, we had a trip to the contrast, as we traveled a few days with friends by car and could leave at all in secluded places where there were practically no our tourists. Most impressed architecture. And yet, I never beer until I got into Prague)). There we drank him every day), however, then, back, returned again)). I also really liked the medieval show in the Detit, and I was impressed by the temple on the bones in the Kuznice. but there is a terrible atmosphere, I almost did not become bad.

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