Dad, Mom, I and Apartments

All our holiday standards have their own standards. For one estimation of dreams can be a week of recreation in a luxurious five-star hotel. For others, all this expensive entourage is absolutely not needed. On vacation they love freedom. How "Cats walking by themselves", They want completely independently, proceeding only from their own tastes and addictions, determine time and place of lunch and dinner, excursions. For them, a tough schedule is unacceptable: "On Fridays, our guides go only to this city. Excursion to the town where you want, take place only next Thursday"! And if you do not want to adhere to a pretty fifth frames for the whole year, we recommend you vacation in apartments.

As a rule, apartments consist of one or two bedrooms, a living room with a large sofa. The equipment kits include TV and video recorder, air conditioning, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, kettle. There is a set of dishes. In such a room, not crowing and not interfering with each other, the largest family will accommodate comfortably. Apartments are especially convenient to relax with children. In a cozy space "Own apartment" Easy to create a setting, familiar to your children and provide them with a wonderful stay at the sea.

Rest in the apartment has another important advantage: he is cheap. Divide the value of your housing for the number of people living in it and eventually get a very small amount. So on the money that you postponed on vacation, in the apartment you can spend time twice as large as in the traditional hotel. Mustache? What to say, there is, on what to think.

It is important to choose a place where you have chosen aparthotels. There must be a warm clean sea, an abundance of fruits and attracted sights.

Imagine such a place exists. Coast near the beautiful city Valencia. Here, by the way, the Spaniards themselves prefer to rest. No wonder this region was called the Maurus during his rule "paradise on earth". Arabs made their contribution to the formation of a special Valencian lifestyle. To them, Valencia is obliged to orange, lemon and silk groves, who decorating her coast. Los Narankhos Bay means "orange". There is sunny and warm since May, when orange trees bloom and until October, when the latest orange fruits are collected. It is even strange that this is a wonderful, powered by sensual citrus aromas coast in Russia so little is known.

The town of Kulle is 38 km from Valencia, on the shore of one of Los Narankhos Bay Bay. Snow white beaches and turquoise water Cullets are marked by six blue flags awarded by the European Community for the excellent state of the ecology. From all the winds, the slopes of the Golden Mountain, stretching from the north to south. Among the citrus gardens, traditional Spanish white houses and aparthotels are located, which only one firm offers on the Russian tourist market – "Nitas Tour".

Apartments "Florazar" and "Hem" Built on the very seashore. They have everything we told about above. Add to this three pools, three tennis courts, gym and gaming hall, sauna, supermarket, restaurant, in which you can eat, if there is no desire to cook yourself. However, to taste the magnificent dishes of Valencian cuisine in Culper. Restaurants here are designed for every taste and wallet. Try, for example, the most famous Valencian Specialty – Palela. This dish here is preparing almost 40 species – with ink (. ) Squid, with chicken, with rabbit, with mussels. We also taste the icy soup Gaspacho, rice with rubbed tomatoes, gentle "Golden" Fish, tiger shrimps. You can still look into some bar and type tapas – tiny plates with salads, shells and other snacks to beer. Or buy, returning from the sea, Grilled Chicken, Arched by the popular Spanish Spanish Tamilo, Sweet tomatoes and then get a balcony with a bottle of good wine to watch, like the sun Gold Sea Waves:

Excursions? How much please! From the Valencian coast, you can go to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​as well as in the beautiful capital of the region – the city of Valencia. The historic center of Valencia lies in some removal from the shore: so its inhabitants have once secured themselves from pirated raids. Since then, the city has grown and has long taken a four-kilometer strip of sushi, separating it from the sea.

Dad, Mom, I and Apartments

Not only the capital of the region, but all the coast of the Valencian community is replete with monuments, created and human hands, and the nature itself. Be sure to visit the sources of Fuentes del Algar or Cave Kanelobra. They say that who has not seen them, he did not see Valencia.

But even if you and the foot do not stop outside the core, you will still see a lot of interesting things. The buildings of luxury hotels and resort complexes are combined with old quarters, which the ancient monastery. Each week in the city is arranged by Corrida. And those who are bored with a similar type of entertainment, are waiting for a disco.

How long is the weekly vacation in the apartment? In June – Total

$ 265 per person. The price includes a flight charter flight to Alicante and breakfast. Monthly for a family with two children in the same June will cost about $ 700 . But this amount is not included and plane tickets. Calculate yourself: rent a good cottage in the near Moscow region is not cheaper. But where you saw in the suburbs orange gardens, snow-white beaches and a warm sea, highlighted by the golden rays of the sun?

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