Danang (Da Nang)

Danang (Da Nang) – The major city in Central Vietnam, located on the coast of the South China Sea, at the mouth of the Khan River, 98 kilometers southeast of Hue, 760 kilometers south of Hanoi and 889 km north of Hozyine. Population – 887,069 people (2009).

This is one of the 5 cities of central subordination in Vietnam, an important transport node in the central part of the country, the largest economic and educational center, the port and the large seaside resort.

Extended sandy beaches with white small sand and proximity to the most important historical sights of Central Vietnam – the Imperial City of Hue, the Mishon Temple complex and the ancient city of Hoyan, made Danang a popular tourist destination.

In the city attractions, there are not many (rare historical buildings with French architecture, museums, water park and zoo) – During the Vietnamese war, Danang suffered severely from bombing, as a result of which many historical and architectural monuments were destroyed.

Climate in Danang – Tropical monsoon, with two pronounced seasons:

Dry season – period from March to August, average air temperature +27…+thirty°C, Humidity 75%. The hottest months are May, June, July, and August – the temperature can reach + 39 ° C.

Wet season – from September to February (average air temperature + 22 … + 27 ° С, humidity 85%). The rainy months – September, October, November.

The best time for a beach holiday in Danang – the period from March to August, when the sea is most calm and at least precipitation.

The best time for the surf – from September to December, during this period the most good wave.

The coast of Danang and its surroundings – This is more than 40 kilometers of excellent sandy beaches with white small sand, considered the best in Vietnam.

In June, the coastal waters of Danang are often visited by jellyfish, pleasure from meeting with which pretty dubious – burns from them are painful, but not deadly.

Thaim Museum (Cham Museum)
or Bao Tang Praft (B&# 7843; o Tàng ch&# 259; m) – is one of the main attractions of the city and, perhaps, his most interesting museum.

Its exposition presents the most complete collection of True culture in the world – hundreds of samples of skillful stone thread and clay products, dating from the VII-XV centuries, found as a result of excavations in different regions of Vietnam.

Danang Water Park (Danang Water Park)
– One of the largest and most modern water parks in Vietnam, with a large selection of water rides. In the territory of 10 ha, a variety of water slides and pools are placed, including waves.

8 kilometers south of the center of Dananga almost on the seashore are located Marble Mountains (NGU HANH SON), Each mountain here has its name (in honor of five elements): Kim (Kim, Metal), Thuy (Thu, Water), MOC (IOC, Wood), Hoa (Hoa, Fire) and Tho (THO, Earth).

The largest of them is the mountain of water, on which several pagodas are located, the most famous of which – Tammkhai, built in the distant 1825. Next to it there is an observation deck, offering a good view of the surroundings.

Usually, local guides are on duty near the marble mountains, capable of organizing a small excursion for a small fee. Without a conductor, you can get lost in the dark caves and grotts, which here is full in every grief.

At the foot of the marble mountains there are two settlements, they were founded in the XVIII century and are famous for the fact that the local craftsmen are skillfully cut out various crafts from marble, from elegant statuettes to park sculptures. Here you can purchase original souvenirs made by their hands.

Bana Hill (Ba Na Hill) – Mountain resort, located at an altitude of 1487 meters above sea level, 40 kilometers west of Dananga. Due to moderate climate, it is always cooler here than below the hot coast.

The resort was founded by the French in 1919 as a second Dalat in Central Vietnam, but during the period of long wars came to launch and began to actively develop only in recent years, new hotels were built, amusement park, cable car.

In 2009, it was built here and the longest hanging cableways in the world. The road stretches from the base of the mountain Bana (Ba Na) to the top of the neighboring Mount Wagngouts (VONG NGUYET). Its length is 5042 m, and the height difference between the end stations is 1291 meters.

Most tourists come here with a tour of the day – ride through the longest cable car in Vietnam and enjoy the beautiful nature and views from above. Overnight it will cost weekly, an average of $ 80-150 per day.

Danang (Da Nang)

Spa Bana Hill site – Banahills.Com.VN

Approximately 28 km from the coast of Dananga Kulao-Strai Archipelago (Cù Lao chàm), also known as Kulao Cham or Cham Islands Consisting of eight small islands, which are part of the sea reserve Cu Lao CHAM MARINE PARK.

Kulao-Praft attract tourists with the beauty of their nature, impassable jungle, magnificent snow-white beaches, rich in the underwater world of coastal waters and crystal clear water.

The largest island has an area of ​​about 1317 hectares, the highest point of 517 meters (peak in the center of the island). There are two villages, the inhabitants of which live mainly at the expense of tourism, fishing and selling swallowing nests (birds in large quantities nest on the islands), which are considered a delicacy in Vietnam, China and Malaysia.

These are not the swallows at all (as it seems by the title), but the Salanganov-Salanganov living in Southeast Asia. Nockets are widecro, they are not from clay, as ordinary Russian swallows, but from algae, using their own saliva.

From swallow nests do «Soup from Nest», which is considered a delicacy in some Asian countries and is expensive.

From Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Dananga can be reached by plane, train or bus.

By train to Dananga can be reached by rail, which connects the north of the country (Hanoi) and South (Ho Chi Minh City). Its length is about 1726 kilometers, the route passes along the coast, covering most of the major cities and resorts. The trains are slow and are often crowded, the sharpening is not uncommon in them.

Here you can see the route of the trains – VietnamTourism.Com

Getting to Dananga on the bus is also not a problem, the tickets are easiest to buy in some local travel agency, since the sites from local bus companies almost do not.

Danang International Airport (DA NANG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) – The largest airport in Central Vietnam and one of the largest in the country. Located in the city.

Danang (Da Nang)

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