Dancing with the devil

Five people dressed in wetsuits and cutting oxygen cylinders closely peering through the board of the boat into the depths of the water space, where black diamond shadows slowly slide on the white sandy bottom. Caribbean waters around Cayman Islands are famous for its transparency, but in these moments the wind, raised the sound on the surface of the sea, prevents clearly to consider strange forms. However, the scablasts who arrived here are not so much to watch these fishes, how much to swim with them side by side, immediately identified the marine inhabitants. These are slot-tailings.

Everyone is a bit nervous, fearing the punching tail of the skate. At the kind of Dasyatis Americana there is a fifteen-salted needle on the tail. There are rods that can even break through their needle hole in the housing of the boat. In addition, this weapon splashes the poison that causes terrible pain, and microorganisms covering the needle cause, in addition, strong irritation in a deep wound. Infection can lead to death. This explains the second name of the sins – "sea ​​Devils". The fact that people are often subject to their attack due to the habitat habitat-tapes. They make themselves food in shallow coastal waters, where swimmers are stumbled upon them.

One by one, scablasts go into water. In this place along the coral reefs there is a whole colony of skates, where strange meetings of people and tapes are held quite regularly for several years. Fortunately, none of them ended tragically. Decades of fishermen, returning home, cleaned fish in quiet coastal waters for reefs. Attracted by fishing remnants, they sailed here. Usually they will not tolerate on their hunting territory. These cousins ​​of sharks mined food to a very unusual way: covering their disco-shaped body, as a rubber mat, sacrifice, they form a sort of vacuum chamber, with which they manage to extract seashells from under the meter sand layer.

Skate’s eyes are located on top, and the mouth is from below, and they never see what they eat. Two nostrils, they feel the smell of their prey. In addition, rods, like other cartilage fish, are owners of sensitive sensors sensitive fields. These electricallyceptors allow the location of the victim and identify it by the electrical fields specific for each type. If the slope detects production, it will not even stop the strong armor shells. The teeth of this type of skate with time even turned into thick plates capable of opening the sinks of different thickness.

More than 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs wandered on land, the ancestors of the skate-tapes were already furred. Before the emergence of man, there was still a whole eternity.

Some guides from Georgetown, the main city of the island of Big Cayman, were able to use tapes as entertainment for tourists. They sustained the skates to eat from the hands of divers. Depending on the weather, it comes from 150 to 200 people every day, and it seems that now Skats-tapes look at divers like a restaurant service. When the next boat throws anchor, saliva will probably flow.

. The brave five continues its way to the seabed, leaving the air bubbles loop. In a small grotto, the expedition bumps into a two-meter green Muren with a head, like a face of a fierce wolf. She opens so widely to fall, as if she craves to swallow people. Motion fish sink between coral branches. The attention of divers suddenly attracts dark spots gradually separated from the seabed, similar to the volatile mice. Thanks to two breast fins that have become in the process of evolution in deltoid blades, our friends do not silence and do not swear, like bats, and smoothly slide in the marine element. Their movements are truly magnificent, while the look opens the black and brown back, then dairy-white belly.

The story of the instructor heard yesterday about how during the first dive one of the skates peculiar "Kisses" I snatched a pressure regulator from her (which fastened the nickname after him "Don Juan"), alarming some newcomers. But this time you can be calm: red-pink regulators, apparently resembling Caracatin’s tapes, gave way to brown.

Approaching "sea ​​Devils" Remind a giant a revived children’s toy, but this impression is scattered by living eyes and setting up rhythmically pulsating gaps. These are the breathing holes that allow the skates to absorb the water rich water. The spin of the tail is very dark – a good disguise against a relative and an worst enemy – sharks. Not as a weapon for attacking a person, but to protect against shark at the skate, a needle tail was formed.

Dancing with the devil

Having envy in the hands of people Caracatiet, several slopes rushed to meet food. Customers slide hands, hug oxygen cylinders, some copies are doing in people’s noses, as if inviting "waiters" on dance.

Without receiving the next portion of Caracatites, the slopes slowly swims over the person, opening the horn size, with a fist. Through nostrils and gill cracks exits water used for breathing. A pletoid tail, not causing pain, slides on the face of a person, as if caressing him. With these "Lasked" Last traces of fear irrevocably disappear. People with sadness are forgiven "Naughty" Shots.

All these tapes – females. Males do not achieve such sizes and are extremely rare. Science has very scant information about skate-tales, especially about this form from the Caribbean Sea.

Recently, probably for the first time, frames of pairing of rods and detection. Skats-tapes produce eggs significantly less than other fish, so they protect them more carefully. Fertilized eggs remain in the body of the mother until small tapes appear on them. Newborn thirty-bentimeter kids immediately fall on the bottom, where, in the sand, fade production: worms, crayfish, shrimp. Suggest that the skates live up to twenty five years.

. Oxygen on the outcome. Our five it’s time to go back to the boat from this fabulous underwater country, and the skates are not in a hurry to leave. After all, on the approach, new visitors, and therefore new delicacies.

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