Dangerous ties

Marry now come out not from 15, and from 18 years. For whom – women choose themselves, they can enter the marriage contract "Single Wife" and to submit. The wife is no longer obliged to obey her husband in everything ..

These innovations unprecedented for Muslims contributed to the Family Code (Mudavana) Morocco in 2004. But ten years later, old Islamic orders in the kingdom are still alive. The groom for daughter is also looking for parents (if this is not a brides fair), the family may demand from him not only the dowry (Mahr), but also a redemption (calm), and the Berber girls have preserved a tradition to weave the "carpet of the bride" – something like Announcements "I am looking for a husband".

About the relationship of men and women tells Ahmad Haddu, Berber from the Moroccan city of Ouarzazat.

"In a small village, where I come from, to meet with a girl before the wedding is prohibited due to culture and religion. But in big cities – please. Just in big cities many places where you can go with a girl and where no one will see you. "Says Ahmad," The Son of the Desert ". He calls himself so because he was born in the family of Berber nomads from Merzugi, where to look at the sand dunes Erg Shebbi. Despite such a name, he never heard Arab speech before school, and still Arabic for him is just a language of the Koran, although he honestly admits that it prays only Ramadan. Ahmad – a student of the University of Tourism, on weekends he will work as a waiter in a cafe on the main square of the Uarzazat. He knows five languages ​​and studying guide to open its agency and tell foreigners about Berber culture.

In Morocco, Islam penetrated through the Arabs only at the end of the VII century, Berbers and to this day do not take it completely. Television, Internet, tourists every year more and more – the local population will partly adopt the Western lifestyle and is looking for ways to bypass prohibitions. After all, except for official laws, there is always a Code of Honor and Chemical Rules.

"This is a secret relationship. Far from home away from friends. Yes, you can walk down the street with a girl, but no one knows that it is your girlfriend and you meet. Besides the closest friends. This is a matter of trust – who to tell, and who does not. No one will ask you why you are with a girl. The problem is only in the fact that the street can not kiss. There is a rule "Respect the street".

No one should know anything, especially the family. The girls are afraid of their parents, because such relations are illegal, in the sense is not accepted. It is very important for a girl to find a husband, otherwise she has no future. Parents are also afraid that other people learn about her relationship – then she can never get married at all, because it is a shame for a family. At the same time you can go with a girl to your home or even at the hotel – no one will ask you who she is. Just count the street.

Now almost all the girls have such relationships – the norm, but there are modest and decent, who think it is bad. Men on the contrary: most believe that it is abnormal, because each should have a future. Everyone wants to be "first and only". If a man knows that the girl had a lot of relationships before, he won’t want to meet her more, no one would want, everyone would call her whore. Although this is not the same as a prostitute. But the prostitutes are, whatever there will be about Islam.

Dangerous ties

Even if the man has a girl, he can’t sleep with her, more precisely, can not deprive her virginity. All they can afford – oral or anal sex. Although now in the big cities of Morocco – almost like in Europe: many free relationships, girls paint hair, do not wear a handkerchief and generally dress in European. But this is only a way to draw attention to yourself, more precisely, to your virginity to get married. In 90% of cases without this you will not marry. Only 10% of men does not care: if they like, then marry. The virginity of the bride is very important for men. For me – no, I get married to the one that I love, because love is more important.

Ahmad asked me, and is it true that in Europe the girls make an operation on deprivation of virginity so that it was not painful? Muslims, on the contrary, go to the operations on the restoration of innocence – and circulate problems

A man before the wedding can have sex, only if he guarantees that he marries if the girl is divorced or if it is a prostitute. Or if it’s someone else’s wife – after all, she no longer needs to prove his virginity. Maybe therefore wives change – all official rituals have already passed.

Ideas about a woman from Muslims of the world are different, and in different generations – too. Many say, for example, that Muslims are full – yes, they often do not work at all, they move little and all the time they sit at home, and sometimes even especially eat fat, because the husband wants so much. Men rightly say: "We love affectionate". Disgusting. I like sports girls, because my work is solid sport: trekking in the mountains, tours to the desert, hiking. I would like my girlfriend to help me ".

Women politicians, women legislators, women teachers and even preachers (Murrisdat) – Unprecedented activity for Muslim. Modern laws protect the rights and freedoms of women. They get higher education, consist of a state position or work in the service sector. Illiteracy and ignorance seems to be in the past. But on the streets of Morocco, there are still many beggars, and most of them are women, often with young children. For helping women, even special cooperatives are created – they work there, mainly widow, divorced or old maids. Be curled and found out on the street – the biggest fear for a woman, so each seeks to preserve the dignity.

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