Day in Las Vegas: 10 unique places that can be visited in the city of Lights

In our article – the 10 best rides Las Vegas, where you can unforgettably spend time.

Bunji Jumping at the hotel The Strat

At the SkyJump attraction, you can jump from the 108th floor of the Resort and Casino Strat Hotel, Casino & Skypod – The highest facilities in the city.

SkyJUMP is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest jump descent with a drop in 252 m. It looks more like a vertical tarzanku (zipline) than on the jump with a free fall and speed of 60+ km / h. So that tourists who want to get a dose of adrenaline, – Straight road on SkyJUMP.

Trips to Gondola at the hotel The Venetian

Upon arrival in Venice (or Hotel The Venetian), all tourists at once rush to ride a gondola on the Grand Channel. In the canals of Las Vegas during a relaxed trip to the open-air gondola, you can admire the sights on the Italian manner and shop windows of shopping center Grand Canal Shoppes, while the cheerful Gondolter fulfills you with a serenade.

Sailing past cafes, arched bridges and balconies, you can really feel like a walk in Italy.

Aerotruba Vegas Indoor Skydiving

View at all down and challenge gravity can be in the indoor simulator jumping with parachute Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Thanks to the engine capacity of 1000 horsepower and wind speed until 190 km / h in a special fenced zone, visitors can swim, fly and fall into the air. Instructors provide all the necessary flight equipment, and also conduct individual preparations so that guests can safely break away from the Earth and get adrenaline charge.

Trip to Rail Explorers

Who does not like to go on the train and look from the window to flame landscapes? And in the round Rail Explorers surroundings are not limited to one by the window – Here you can ride along the rails on a special bike with a pedal drive and the ability to review all 360 degrees.

The only thing to be ready to be ready – This is pain in the muscles the next day, but such a walk is definitely worth. There is no steering in tandem bike, so the hands will be free to take a picture of beautiful landscapes around.

Fortunately, a 6-kilometer road from the State Railway Museum of Nevada (Nevada State Railroad Museum) to the end item Railroad Pass all the time goes under the mountain. And after the end of the walk, go back to the starting point you can at one of the historical trains of the museum.

Zipline Fly Linq Zipline Vegas

With Zipleina Fly Linq at an altitude of 340 m over the LINQ embankment, riding brave visitors at a speed of up to 55 km / h, opens the coolest view of the central boulevard of the city – Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Strip).

Ten nearby Ziplinov launch visitors from a 12-storey tower in turn or at the same time, if you want to ride with a group of friends. Ride allowed in a horizontal position, sitting or posing itself with a superhero. And to make a trip even more exciting, you can fly with the tower backward.

Exotic Racing Sports Racing

The main thing – Fight! Exotic Racing Racing Complex with supercars for every taste and color will allow your dream of racing on the car of your dreams – from Ferrari or Porsche to Aston Martin or Lamborghini, – Do not worry about such unpleasant things as speed limit.

At the 2-kilometer track developed professional racers, the passengers with the driver make seven rotations thrilling and passing down the main road with a length of 550 m at a speed up to 225 km / hour.

Roller coasters The Big Apple Coaster

Day in Las Vegas 10 unique places that can be visited in the city of Lights

Many rightly believe that a trip to the recognizable yellow cab at a furious pace of New York – it’s still insane occupation, but with themed roller coaster hyper-virtual reality The Big Apple Coaster at the hotel and casino New York-New York will double thrill.

Rotate the world’s first roller coaster 180 degrees and dive maneuver Big Apple Coaster sneaked visitors through the ups and downs in the simulator metropolis at 100 km / h speed.

Ferris High Roller on the Las Vegas Strip

The second tallest Ferris wheel in the world – High Roller – It consists of 28 spacious cabins, which will raise the visitors to a height of 160 m, offering stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Within 30 minutes, during which the wheel makes a complete turn, you can do yoga, try a brand of chocolate or take a drink from the built-in mini-bar. You can, of course, just to admire the scenery, but be aware that this – do not limit.

Whale Maverick Helicopters

Look at the city with a bird’s-eye view can be a luxury helicopter tour of ECO-Star, who ride high above the Strip, and the historical city center.

Flying is even more spectacular at night, when Las Vegas is full of neon signs. Maverick Helicopters also offers trips to one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Grand Canyon, – on the way in which tourists can enjoy champagne and snacks.

North Las Vegas Monorail

Monorail Las Vegas Monorail with seven convenient stops and trains arriving every four to eight minutes, – a great way to travel around the suburbs of Las Vegas.

6-kilometer route starts at the SAHARA Las Vegas and ends in the hotel and entertainment complex MGM Grand. To travel on MONORELS you need to purchase a unlimited mobile ticket (Mobile Ticket) and scan it from your phone to any of the stations.

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