Death in Venice – Life in Australia

Unconventional sexual orientation today has ceased to be a reason for criminal prosecution. But still annoying wide masses, not familiar with Novyla Thomas Manna "Death in Venice" and not believe in the homosexuality of Tchaikovsky. For the most part, people if they do not blame homosexuals out loud, at least the unhealthy curiosity is displayed in their address. Easy to imagine, for example, the reaction of a sunbathing tour who saw on the beach of kissing young men. Or hugging young lady. At best, shuffle.

Representatives of sex minorities such an attitude is quite annoying. And they are forced to invent themselves places for recreation more or less small, so that, having arrived at the resort with a close person, not to be a target of ridicule and idle comments. Gays and Lesbians have long been chosen by Heminguel Key West in the States, Mykonos Island in Greece. Not that heterosexuals are not allowed there, but homosexuals feel free.

There is something similar in Australia. The path there is no neighbor, but with a solitude – full order. Unfortunately Ocean Coast, Unspoiled by Civilization Australian Nature, isolated from idle views Hotels and Favorite (or Favorite). Several such hotels offered by the Moscow Tourist Company "Ellas Holiday", are located in the northeast of the continent, near the city of Cairns (Queensland). Unlike the south of Australia, the season is there all year round, and the influx of holidaymakers are explained exclusively to the holidays and holidays of Europeans and – especially the Japanese, which is to Cairns only 6 o’clock.

KLM, Air France and other airlines fly from Russia to Cairns. But the easiest way to get there through Japan, JAL aircraft. It is more convenient for time because prices in all airlines are about the same – about $ 1.500.

18-24 James – Hotel for Men. But only. If possible, young (desired age is specified in the title). Swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym – And All in Sports Young People Society. By the way, stay here – quite inexpensive: for $ 76 (with two) a day you can get a wonderful room with a picture, palm tree, a TV and a huge lies of King Size opposite. The air conditioner, refrigerator, video and coffee maker attached to the listed.

Just more expensive – Hotel Turtle Cove Resort, sheltered between Cairns and the Port of Douglas, in the tropical Northern Queensland: $ 90 a day, again for two and with the same conditions. But they let there representatives of both sexes. The main thing is that they all represent the appropriate sex minorities. If you prefer apartments with your own kindergarten – Take another $ 8.

Excursions are attached to hotels. If time is enough and finance will allow. Excursion programs do not depend on sexual inclinations, but no one forbids them in their company. The most interesting – cruises on the wonderful islands of a large barrier reef on a snow-white high-speed two-plated catamaran, with snorkeling swimming, a boat with a glass bottom, the humiliation of corals and feeding exotic fish. For seven hours, for which cruises are designed, you will also feed the full lunch with the sea delicacies or an Australian steak – depending on the specific program. Not counting coffee and tea on the road.

Death in Venice - Life in Australia

I must say that any trip in Australian begins with food. Before riding the jungle, tourists will be brought into a colonial restaurant and sit down for "Swedish" Table, then on amphibians, the times of World War II are sent to the rainforest. At the end of the program, everyone will be brought to the park with Australian animals, photograph with koalas and kangaroo and show giant crocodiles. Another excursion option – sufari on jeep and "Crocodile" Cruise – Combines a small journey on the pioneer along the Dyintree River, Passage on the jeep across a mountain range, a mandatory picnic with a steak, wine and fruit, the Wild Road of Bloomfield Track, only jeeps and affordable. And close acquaintance with Kangaroo and Australian parrots – but without sex.

However, on the excursions you can not ride at all. If the place is resting to choose a small private island Oruce, which is part of a big barrier reef. It is located 40 kilometers from the mainland. All the delights of the local flora and fauna are saved there in complete intactness. You can get to the island only on a small amphibian plane. The main thing is that at the orpheus there were free places. This is a problem, since the villas are somewhat isolated from each other. A maximum of 74 people, and the number of non-heeded homosexuals from all over the world seeking to there, this figure clearly exceeds.

You can also traditional couples there – if they are tired of being in mind, because among the customers of Orpheus Island Resort and there are enough people of famous. But the children on the island of chastity in general, Australians are categorically not allowed. Everything that is at Orpheus is free, including entertainment, food, alcohol and amazing beauty of desert beaches, in which there may not be a single person with a successful circumstance.

And, most importantly, anyone does not need to explain anything and no one needs to be met. You can live and rejoice. Because in matters of love everyone is committed to his ideal.

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