Debrecen Located in the eastern part of Hungary. The city ranks second in the number of residents after Budapest. Among other things, Debrecen is the economic and cultural center of the country. And the territory on which the city was founded is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first mention of the city belongs to the beginning of the 13th century. By the 16th century, Debrecen acquires the status of a major trading city. The authorities conducted fairs, bazaars and festivals. From medieval times city «belonged» Students who have been in a hurry from all over the world to get here and get an education. The city was practically completely destroyed during the Second World War. Cathedral in classic style is a symbolism of the city. Internal interiors are performed in the Puritan style, and the spacious hall is ready to accommodate up to three thousand people.

Tourists hurry to get to the Deri Museum, where a large collection of paintings is collected, as well as other works of art. And the street of Degenemia is proud to demonstrate the most huge mill on the globe.

Balneological resorts are very developed in the city, so you can relax both soul and body. The healing area also has a water park.

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What is interesting to see in Debrecen?

Top attractions Debrecen

Reformed Cathedral

Golden Bull Hotel Building ..

Thermal Park Nadiard

Old mill

Museum Deri

Thermal complex "Aquatikum Debrecen"

Debrecen: Excursions and events

Debrecen – The second largest city of the country, ready to offer a variety of carnivals and events.

Explore the city better independently, going walking walking through the central part of the city. Famous for the whole world Park Nadröda offers tourists to visit the thermal waterproof, the most famous in Hungary.

Every year in Debrecen, a huge number of holidays are held, the most famous of them – Flower festival. Colorful event is known far beyond the country. Celebration is timed to the birthday of the King Ishthan, who is considered to be holy. Platforms decorated with various colors and statues from flowers are preparing, artists, acrobats and jugglers. A whole week, residents of the city celebrate the event.

To get here to the carnival, it is worth going to Debrecen in the middle of August. The whole family can go to the water park. The room is completely snapped with palm trees, pools, in each of which has its own water temperature. The slides of different heights and length are able to please both children and adults.

International Equestrian Fair every year takes place in the Hungarian steppe, the city blisms. Here you can enjoy the national Hungarian cuisine in the famous Tractor «Charda».

History Debrecen

Debrecen, Hungary Recreation, Reviews, Debrecen Hotels Travel Guide

Climate in Debrecen

Moderately cold climate reigns in the city. Debrecen is located on the territory of the region of North Aldeld, on a dry plain.

But despite this during the year there is a significant amount of precipitation in the form of rain or snow. Even during the dry season, it may seem that the rain is too often. The average annual temperature is held at 10 degrees. It is best to go here in the summer. The warmer month of July, when the temperature reaches 20 degrees. The city is located in the steppe territory, so it does not rarely blow a strong wind. In general, winter here is also warm enough, and the summer is roast.

Debrecen: Entertainment and Active Leisure

In addition to sightseeing, Debrecen offers many different options for outdoor activities.

On the weekend, local residents go to the National Park. Some corners remained unchanged. They allow tourists to see nature in the same standing in which she was thousands of years ago. On the territory of the park there are several recreated ethnographic villages reflecting the life of rustic people. You can ride a horse or take ride lessons. You can go to the zoo and look at a variety of animals. You can go on one of the largest Hungarian stadiums. The hall is designed for 20 thousand places. It is worth visiting a country horse club. The staff moves to thematic costumes. Guests will be asked to ride on horseback rose, after which a small table is covered, tourists eat traditional snacks and drink a glass of wine.

An excellent alternative will be the day in the Scientific Center. Especially interesting will be children for whom many aspects of physics will be understood. You can simply brighten your leisure to the historic part of the city, where many architectural masterpieces have been preserved.

Transport features Debrecen

Transport debt is developed at a sufficient level. Buses, tram and trolley buses run around the city. His subway has no debreten.

The historic part of the city can be easily walking on foot, it will not take a long time. If the road is to be in remote urban areas, you can use the tram. To do this, stands to the main station. The route covers a whole range of attractions: Main Streets, Cathedrals, Large Forest, Zoo and famous for the whole world of bathing. Tram line in the city one. Debrecen and Budapest are connected by the motorway. Located an airport for international flights.

Debrecen, Hungary Recreation, Reviews, Debrecen Hotels Travel Guide

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