Demons are to blame

– Through Facebook. Yes, even in the Indians of the Lakota tribe there is Facebook. Shamans go on cars, watch TV, use mobile phones, but these signs of modern culture do not affect the accuracy of the execution of thousands of thousands of rituals and do not conflict with an ancient worldview. That is, to some extent, they can not even be called people of the XXI century.

– What is the mechanic search for heroes, history development for the film?

– Google, study books, we translate local press. In the case of this hero, it was as follows: first we learn that the Indians of Lakota the main rite was called the "Dance of the Sun". The spectacle was bloody. The Indians started the metal hooks under the skin, they hung themselves to the tree and drove themselves from hooks. We found out that the ancient rite is still alive! Further unfolds a detective, whose goal is to find those who live in reservation and participate in this rite. Who, by the way, secret. And unwind this tangle is incredibly interesting. True, two to three months can go to the search for a real shaman, and then he will say that he was not allowed to give interviews.

– How do you understand that the shaman is real?

– He does not take money for the "admission", does not advertise himself, it will not crawl into costumes. Lives quiet. Enjoy the huge trial of tribesmen. But even with a detailed training, it happened that we came to shoot and felt that the hero is unreal. So it was in Kazakhstan. Shaman clearly understood in mystical practices less than we. But the true shaman is not just knowing, he himself is the source of an ancient knowledge, the experience of many generations. And it is impossible to simulate. Like charisma. Here and our self-spanner knew a couple of techniques, said Sugar, and in the rest clearly swam in the topic and was not the one for whom he was given herself. Fortunately, through the local we went to Magomed. And he turned out to be Shaman.

– Shaman what? And what he was notable?

– before us seemed to be a myth. All that we read about mystical practices literally materialized. Hot tongs, trance, pain, conversations with spirits, sacrifices – just a manual on the ethnography of shamanism. At first, the shaman rolled the sheet of iron on fire, the chicken egg broke on it. And as soon as the egg baked, the shaman of the foot "taught" his back "patient". For girl Shaman prepared rites with light white sheep. Rituals who described travelers past centuries. You will see them in the film. And you will realize that this is a mistake – think that if we live in the 21st century, everything lives in it. In fact, simultaneously on the planet there are different epochs. And entire layers of history of mankind have not yet disappeared anywhere.

– How become shamans?

– Only perfume can be called on this service. Shamans – their elect. Well, for example, in a person should hit lightning, or he must move serious illness, almost die and miraculously survive. In general, there must be some kind of fate, select sign. Well, then the Favorites passes his knowledge of the shaman of the previous generation. The connection of generations, the continuity of the transfer of experience, which goes into the depths of the Millennium, is the most important thing.

– Shamans from different countries have something in common?

– Worldview. Although our heroes live on different continents, the idea of ​​how the spiritual world works, coincides. Shamans and their tribesmen live in magic realism. Fantastic for them is mixed with everyday, and there is nothing impossible in the world. The world of these people contradicts all the laws of logic, physics, but it does not confuse anyone. Interestingly, the rituals of shamans are in many ways also intersect. The slightest details are repeated. For example, they all use fire. Without fire shamans can not appeal to spirits. Fire is a kind of "WiFay", which, rising, connects our world and the world of spirits. This is an oldest symbol.

– The mission of shamans in different cultures coincides?

Demons are to blame

– Perhaps yes, they are designed to help their tribesmen. According to shamans, if a person fell ill or face, it means that he has a broken connection with the braid. Shaman’s mission – this balance to restore. And here in the course there are not conversations, like psychologists, not treatment, like the therapists, but ancient rituals.

For example, one of the heroines of our film died her husband, and she lost all interest in life. But in the world of shamans there is no word "depression", in their opinion, the woman is under the influence of dark forces. So, you need to spend the ritual and expel them.

Or another hero has a serious dependence – he loses all the money family on cock bats. To overcome the game, he does not need to dig in himself, look for reasons, to engage in psychoanalysis – enough to hold a rite.

– no matter what happens you are not to blame?

– Yes, to solve the problem, you do not need to deal with passions, learn humility, try to understand yourself. To nor happen to blame the demons. And man with the help of a certain set of words and actions, of which rituals are being built, changes the world and their fate. This worldview is akin to children’s. If you crush the spider – it rains. And if he crossed through a person – he will not grow. It is necessary to urgently cross back.

– You would decide to go to Shaman on "Reception"?

No. Shamans and their patients are people of one culture. Of one faith. One experience. And these people have no doubt: go or not go to Shaman, believe him or not. They are not looking for evidence, and follow their traditions who carried through the millennium. During this time, cities, states appeared in the world, invented cars, rockets, internet. Everything changes, only the world of shamans remains unchanged, such a constant of mankind is obtained.

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