Fever Denge in Thailand

Insects in Thailand enough. The main danger that some Thai mosquitoes – dengue fever carriers. The disease is similar to the spread of encephalitis by ticks. Not every tick is dangerous. And if you comply with prevention measures, you can protect yourself from bite. The Government of Thailand is struggling with fever distributors. Hotel territory, condo and villages periodically handled smoke killing mosquito larvae.

Every year, Russian media beat the alarm about the dengue fever epidemic in Thailand. By distribution and outbreaks, this disease resembles flu. Cases of fever fix the holidays not only in Thailand, but also in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Singapore, in Maldives. According to 2018, Rospotrebnadzor reported 230 cases of fever from Russian tourists throughout Asia. For comparison, only Thailand visited about 1.5 million Russians.

What is a dengue fever?

Denga Fever is a viral infection transmitted through a mosquito mosquito bite Aedes aegypti and Aedes Albopictus. They live not only in the jungle, but also in cities, in areas with standing water, including puddles, decorative ponds and water tanks. Mosquitoes are active both on the street and indoors during the day.

There are 4 strains of dengue fever, and one mosquer can carry simultaneously several types of virus. In recovered people, immunity from the infected type of virus remains up to 2 years, from the rest within 1-3 months. Dengue fever is found not only in Thailand. Asia and Latin American countries are most susceptible to dissemination. And annually there are cases of fever in Europe.

According to WHO, tourists who returned from low- and middle-income countries are most often diagnosed with two diseases: malaria and dengue fever. In Thailand there are cases of malaria, but they are found in the north of Thailand. Among my friends and acquaintances in Phuket there were no cases of malaria, which you can’t tell about the fever Denge. It was hurting 20-30 people from my surroundings. All cases were easy and moderate, all the sick recovered.

Symptoms of fever

The first fever symptoms appear on 4-7 days after bite. They look like the first signs of influenza. The patient rises temperatures up to 39-40 degrees, pain in the muscles, joints and bones appears. Sometimes the first symptoms include pain outside the eyeballs, migraine and rash all over the body. In some cases, the dengue fever can leak without pronounced symptoms. My colleague of the day four complained about a small headache, until I went to the doctor who diagnosed dengue fever.

Hemorrhagic fever dengue

In rare cases, the disease can progress in a hemorrhagic form. Then the symptoms are severe pain in the abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, bruises and internal bleeding. High temperature keeps 2-7 days. Complications during fever can lead to a collection of circulatory system, shock and fatal outcome. But statistics mortality is less than 1%. Hemorrhagic dengue fever requires hospitalization and compulsory observation of the doctor.


In typical symptoms, tests may not immediately show the disease. Usually confirmation of the diagnosis is 3-4 days. Different people have a dengue fever in different ways. My colleague moved a light shape and even went to work the first days. There are difficult cases when a few days the patient spends in the hospital under the dropper. It is always necessary to track the level of platelets to avoid their sharp decline and formation of internal bleeding.

No special treatment from dengue fever. Doctors prescribe paracetamol to bring down the temperature and relieve pain. For treatment it is impossible to take aspirin, nourofen, ibuprofen, citrate and other medicines that reduce blood flowing. These drugs are dangerous in the case of a dengue fever. Paracetamol is sold in any 7-11 under the brands of Sara, Tiffy and Tylenol.

Thais recommended when a dengue fever drink decoction from papaya leaves. They contain antioxidants, stabilizing erythrocyte membrane, and enzymes that prevent platelet destruction. Fresh or dried papaya leaves need to be poured boiling water, insist 15 minutes and drink 2-3 times a day by 200 ml. For a better effect, you can use the juice from the pulp leaves.

From drinks recommended drinking water and electrolytes. In anyone 7-11, the natural electrolyte is for sale – coconut water in tetrapaks and bottles. If there is no strength to get to the market and buy coconuts there, drink coconut water from minimarkets. On the 7-11 drug racks you will find chemical electrolytes in bags.

Dengue Fever - Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, Diagnosis Guide in Thailand

During the dengue fever disappears. Some sicks do not eat several days at all. The best way out will be cocktails with oranges and kiwi. Drink of milk with turmeric helps with recovery. Recommend to eat broccoli and spinach. It is worth avoiding oily, fried and acute food, caffeine and alcohol drinks.

How to protect yourself from dengue fever?

In Thailand, still not invented a vaccine from dengue fever. Several years ago in Bangkok, the hospital was vaccinated, but their action turned out to be short.

Map of cases of diseases of heterogeneous. Most of the sicks are registered in the northeast of Thailand, where there are almost no tourists. In the top five, the provinces with high indicators include Rasual, Chayaphum, Khonken, ME Hong Son and Nakhon Ratchasim. In the tourist regions, like Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Hua Hin, the number of fever fever than the denga is much less. In any case, for the prevention, you should follow the rules described below.

  • Make insurance that covers the treatment of dengue fever. On the website of the Kalep, open the tab "Health insurance" And check the point at the point "Insurance of dengue fever".
  • Most cases of dengue fevering during the rainy season from May to October. During this period, one should be particularly careful to the means of protection.
  • In the hotel rooms, use Fumigators. They can be purchased in any mini-market or a large shopping center.
  • For protection, use creams and sprays from mosquitoes Sketield, OFF, SOFFELL and lemon sorghum-based products – Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent.
  • To protect children, use Johnson’s Baby Clear Lotion Anti Mosquito lotion and anti-mosquito bracelets, you can buy them in pharmacies and shopping centers.
  • Going to trekking in the jungle, wear long sleeves and dense trousers.
  • With any symptoms (high temperature, chubs in the bones, chills) Contact the hospital.
  • Take paracetamol to bring down the temperature. In no case aspirin who dilute blood. And give analysis to platelet levels.
  • Decoction of papaya leaves or their juice facilitate the symptoms of fever. But taste bitterly and unpleasant.
  • Drink more liquid, coconut water and electrolytes.

Than treat mosquito bites?

Itchy after the bites of ordinary mosquitoes is easy to remove Thai balsams or essential oil from the inhaler. If you are allergic to insects, use Systral Cream antihistamine cream. It needs to be squeezed to the bites. Cream also helps after burns jellyfish and sand flies.

On the Phuket of the sandy flies did not meet. But they are definitely on the islands of Hong to Krabi, rank Ya, Chang and Mac in the Siamese bay. You should not be afraid of them. But remember how to act in case of bite. Health to you!

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