Diamond snow Slovakia

In the summer, we have already written about Slovakia, a wonderful country, unfortunately, as long as few famous Russian tourists. About country of beautiful mountains and valleys, rivers and forests, magical vintage towns and romantic knightly castles. Winter is now, it’s time to recall the snow-covered Slovakia, about the tatras and those joys, which they will bring smart and guess Russians who will choose these mountains for their winter holidays.

Tourism in Tatransky mountains arose around the century ago, almost at the same time as in other resort mountain areas of Europe. The impetus to this was the discovery in the old molder of mineral springs, healing, healing from a variety of pigeons. And then – simultaneously with the Alpine ski centers – winter tourism began to develop here.

Tatras, of course, lower Alps or Caucasus. But this is amazing mountains. They are striking with their greatness, here you can admire the overflows of light on the bizarre peaks by clocks, watch the clouds are struggling with harsh cliffs. In general, feel romantic Child Harold, challenging the world. Watch how you have a mountain eagle under your feet. But at the same time they do not suppress inhuman, excessive dimensions. They are humans, Slovak Tatras.

And which forests cover their foot! The age-old wise freshers, dormant under the snow caps, – only remembers the occasionally a bird or will discard on a sparkling snow empty cone fire-red-haired squirrel. And how breathing here. This region is rightly famous as one of the purest not affected by the pollution of Europe.

Go down below, in the valleys – wide, spaciously spacious at the feet of leaving peaks in the bottomless sky. And far away, to the horizon, the roofs and spiers of cozy towns and villages.

Tatra resorts consist of a chain of tourist centers located along the southern slope of this central massif, the Tatra. And are divided into high, western and lower tatras.

Let’s start with the last part of the route. Main centers here – Donovaly, Nasna-Hopok and the Tryan Valley. The highest vertex – mountain hopok (2.024 meters). One of the excellent features of this ski center is that the tracks here go both in the northern and in southern directions. It’s not worth a long time to explain what it means: you yourself will understand when you decide to choose: to slide to you down in the frost, indishes in the fog wind, or flog, throwing a bright blue shadow and exploding around yourself clouds of rainbow snow dust. And besides this, the ski season is guaranteed to last from November 15 to May 1. A completely unique feature of Mount Hopok is that the ski slopes are 28 – begin with the peak itself. Every night the randics point them to all the athletes get the maximum pleasure.

Western Tatras are a van of Valley, Zheryska Valley and Rachkov Valley. This part of the Tatre is less well known, and in vain: the places here are great, the tracks are interesting for both newcomers and sophisticated masters. They begin at no very large altitudes (less than 1.500 meters), but replete with breathtaking relief features.

And finally high tatras. Here is the highest mountain of Slovakia, Gerlakhovsky shtits (2.655 meters), and nearby – the second at the height of the peak, Lomnitsky shtits (2.632 meters). The comfortable cable car was laid on the top of the Lomnitsky pin, but it’s impossible to start the ski slope from the naked rocks of this peak. But, rising here, you must (if you are not devoid of fully senses). Warn the greatness of nature or God, creating landscapes that divert under your feet. And feel like in your lungs in the lifelike, crystal mountain air. The descent begins with several hundred meters below, from the Lomnitsky saddle or scalnal splas, where the wonderful high-mountain lake is located. In high tatras almost closed three "tourist villages" – Strelbsko Pleso, Old Smokovets and Tatranska Slash.

Hitting the Tatra, you will be surprised that all services for sports infrastructure are cheaper not only than in Austria, Switzerland or France (which, in general, not surprisingly, Slovakia is not yet among the famous and, therefore, expensive winter resorts), but also in the Caucasus. Despite the fact that the entire infrastructure of completely European quality. These are not flush domestic domestic cables and bohels, but the newest cabins and single lifts. Contemporary machines and snow cannons are used to arrange trails. Yes, sometimes you have to stand in the queue – but in Chamonix, Davos and Seefeld without this pleasure will not cost too. Yes, it is not so annoying: around beauty, bars, buffets and extremely benevolent people. Route – all tastes. And gentle slopes for the first time of fans on skis, and exciting spans on risky, requiring courage and skill Sadlovins. In the open, sunbathing shinas and on the trails in the mountain forest.

But the mountain skiing in the Slovak Tatras is not limited to. Lovers of the plain skis can slide on the valleys and frozen lakes, along stitches, laid in the silent fir forest. Want to ride on sleds down, from the mountain, fluttering with a fading hearts on steep turns – please. For skaters – full expanser to experience your talents on numerous rollers. If you arrived with children, they will not be bored and cannub. There are children’s centers on Tatransky resorts, where your Chad – under the supervision of good-natured and qualified educators – will always find a lesson for the soul. And I do not want to play sports – go on the covered crispy snow path Listen, how falls from the branches of snow in the forest. Admire the mosaic of solar blinding and blue shadow spots on white cover, slightly patched gold cheese.

If you want to forget about winter – there are pools, indoor tennis courts and, of course, saunas. However, the sauna is the winter: how nice to wash the muscles, tired after ski work on frosty slopes. And I want – it’s time to a disco. This, of course, is not Ibiza, but loud sound, multicolored lasers and charming dating – provided.

Diamond snow Slovakia

Physical exertion and subsequent relaxation are necessary. But the feast of the Spirit is just as important. It has all the possibilities for him. Almost not far from the mountain resorts Tatras are completely amazing vintage towns. In Kejmok, you can go crazy from the wooden evangelical church – yes, not only the Russians knew how to build wooden wonders "Without a single nail". This masterpiece of the XVII century amazes with his joyful pomp: it seems there is no centimeter to which the cutter and the brush of the masters inspired by feeling would not be touched by: "Gloria!" Or the town of Levoch with his Cathedral, where carved altars of the great sculptor of the XVI century Maister Pavola are stored, located at an honorable place in the list of major cultural monuments created by UNESCO. Nearby Bardeys, where the Renaissance historical center has been preserved in immunity with its painted toy houses.

And why not to follow the cab driver, do not hide the fur cavity and do not ride, breathing with invigorating icy air, listening to the ringing of the buberets, under the sparkling diamond stars in black and velvet heaven?

Call B "Kolybu" – Restaurant, or rather, the inn. Here are smoky rafters, here in your eyes on a spit fry choking or bird, hunting trophies and vintage rifles hang on the walls. Skip the glass "Borovichki", local vodka infused on juniper, or tincture prepared on healing mountain herbs. Accept the mug with the Slovak Beer – let the sophistication assure that Czech or Bavarian better. Freshly Slovak Beer in Slovakia – Magnificent. Like local wine. Especially when you dine under the sounds of this Gypsy orchestra. Believe me, you will not be sorry to shine a few crowns under the vulture of the violin of the sucked virtuoso, improvising your order anything – from "God King Keep" before "Hara Mamburur".

And on peace. In the tatras there are hotels for every taste. And modest family boarding and vintage "Palace Hotels" like "Grand Prague", who walked in his walls a lot of celebrities. The choice here is actually amazing. If you want – you can settle in "Uranium", this monument of socialist style. Prefer pan-European style – near "Slovan".

One of the undisputed trumps of Slovakia is her geographical position. Not far from the limits of our Fatherland, but also to Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Munich, Budapest – Hand almost submitted. Bratislava’s Tatras are very easy to get on the car, and by rail. Little mountain trains will be brought to the hotel threshold.

For Russians there are two more very nice things. The first – in Slovakia prices for all amazingly low. And the quality of food, services, clothes – high. The second – we do not need a visa to Slovakia.

But, perhaps, the most important thing is good nature and hospitality of residents of this country. They do not suffer from annoying love of Russians – we are the same people as the Germans or the British. And it is very nice. Like what’s on greeting "good day" You will be answered the same: DOBRY DEN.

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