Disneyland in Paris

Disneyland near Paris – a country of childhood, in which every child wants to get, and every adult wants to return to it. Planet, inhabited by cartoon characters and characters from fairy tales. More than 50 rides will introduce you to 4 countries. Adventure, discoveries, fantasies will be transferred to the unreal world of magic and a stunning holiday.

Cruise to the world of music, fabulous princes and princesses, meeting with marine pirates and favorite heroes – that’s not all that expects tourists in the place of accuracy of dreams and dreams of small travelers.

While children fly in the clouds of their fantasies, adults can rinse their nerves in the castle with ghosts, rush at an incredible speed on the train on the mine, ride in the jungle on the castle, like Indiana Jones, like Baron Munchhausen from a cannon flies on the moon.

Cynomans and dreaming become actors have the opportunity to be on the other side of the screen in the Walt Disney studio. Toys in human growth, chase, high-speed cars, motorcycles, participation in the film "Armageddon", Horror Tower, Museum of cartoons and T. D. and T. NS.

If you don’t like fairy tales, Disneyland Parks will change your opinion, and the shows and holidays held here will make forget about reality.

The fairy tale is served (how to get there)

For all tourists are offered several options to get here. Choose anyone.

Suburban electrician RER on line And in 35 minutes I will dominate you to the marn-lane / Shessi station. And from her 2 minutes of hidden, Disneyland Parks are located. RER electric train costs 6.5 euros.

Route buses run from the station right to hotels and parks. The cost of the bus is 18 euros for adults, 11 euros – for children.

Traveling by car, choose the freeway and 4. Go at the congress 14 "Disney / Bayy-Romenville Parks" and find yourself near parks, hotels in Disney, hotels in Golf. Free parking park at your disposal.

Ruissi airports / Charles de Gol, Orly offer tourists from VEA regular buses, which per hour will take you to the Paris fairy tale.

In the park from the village of Seris rides Bus number 50, the fare in which is free.

Taxi ride will cost 45 to 90 euros, depending on the starting point of your route.

How much is a journey to a fairy tale (ticket prices)

Buy tickets to Park we advise in advance and on the Park website: save time and 20% of the cost of the entrance ticket. In addition, tickets are suitable for the year after the acquisition. You can buy tickets in the store "Disney" On the Champs Elysees, in the stores "FNAC".

Children under 3 years old – free visitors of attractions, children from 3 to 12 years old are bought.

Ticket categories and their cost:

– 1 day and one park stand for adults from 54 euros, for children – from 50 euros;

– An adult ticket for 1 day in 2 parks (valid year) costs about 80 euros, children’s – from 74 euros;

– On one day, 2 parks with a limited date for 10 euros will be cheaper;

– 2 days will take more than 107 euros from your wallet, on children – from 96 euros;

– 3-4 days in the fairy tale will cost from 119 euros to children and from 138 euros – adults.

You can buy a ticket for 1 day to 2 park with travel from the center of Paris. It will cost about 100 euros and will only be valid for the date you have chosen.

The most advantageous offer is not suitable, – visiting the park 4 times for a week: an adult ticket costs 133 euros, children’s – 118 euros.

When disneyland doors are open (opening hours)

The work of the park depends on the time of year. If it opens all year round every day at 10 am, then the closing schedule varies: on weekdays in the summer it closes in 11 nights, in winter – at 7 pm, at the weekend – at 9 pm.

Let the magic will be long! (how much time plan)

On the electric train from Paris in the park to go about 50 minutes, the bus rides 45-50 minutes. From Charles de Gaulle airport to Disney attractions only 25 minutes.

As for their stay in the country itself, wonders and entertainment, then ask a rhetorical question: "How much time you need for a fairy tale?"

Children will answer: "Many!" And adults will advise you to visit this place of magic at least 2 days, although after the first visit to Disneyland your child will be grateful to you immensely. If the funds allow, become the fairy for your child for another day. Baby happy faces are worth it!

The fairy tale has a beginning – a fairy tale has no end (general park plan)

From April 12, 1992, attractions are open to visitors. Local Disney Studio is added to Disneyland Park in 2002.

The world-famous complex of entertainment parks in Marn-la-Valase Disneyland is located 32 km from Paris. Until 1994, the park wore name "Euro Disneyland", then it was then called it "Disneyland Resort Paris". The complex took the area in 1943 hectares. During Disney Parks attends more than 13 million people.

The center of the park is the sleeping beauty castle, symbolizing Disneyland. From him, like the rays of the sun, diverge the tracks in all 5 countries of the Planet of Childhood and Holiday.

The country of adventure is full of labyrinths, pirates. Here you can climb on the branches of a large tree, on which shelter Robinson is.

Wild West satisfied the spirit of the border country. In Western style steamers, ghost house, cowboys, the Indians, with whom you can join the shootout, a small zoo is waiting for their visitors.

The main street of the park is the road leading to the castle of sleeping beauty. The main road resembles the city of Marcelin (USA), the Motherland of Walt Disney. Here you will see a station with steam locomotives, hairdresser, Old Timers, walking passengers. It is on this road that the main parade of heroes is held, a night light parade, fireworks over the castle.

To participate in the future of Jules Verne in the country of discoveries. It is the world through the eyes of the 19th century. You will surprise the American roller coaster in this country, entertainment "Legend King Lion", Laser Battle, Flight Simulator, Rocket, Cartig Route.

The most young guests of the park will love the country of fantasies with plots of popular fairy tales. The dragon cave houses, the horror road, Alice’s Labyrinth. Kids will go to visit Snow White, Pinocchio, Peter Pan. They are waiting for colorful representations, loved episodes of favorite fairy tales.

Since 2002, visitors to the park can also look into the Walt Disney Studio. Cascader skill, special effects, an attraction dedicated to the Aerosmith group will surprise all guests of the studio. Since June 2007, in this part of the park appears "Spinning Coaster Crush’s Coaster" (immersion in the underwater world from "Finding Nemo"), attraction based on "Tubes".

Landmark Park is "Hollywood Tower Hotel". The high-speed elevator carries visitors to the twilight zone.

When the park closes, Disney Village continues to work. This is a whole city with shops, cinemas, restaurants and disco. A few minutes drive – and you are on a golf course in "Golf Disneyland".

The fairy tale should continue, so in the near future Disneyland will delight us with new attractions and entertainment.

Flights are not in a dream, but in reality (the most interesting attractions)

Disneyland in Paris

Immediately divide the entertainment adults and nurses, because some attractions of small tourists are contraindicated.

For kids will be an interesting world music journey "This little world". Flights over the roofs of London will be a reality for attractions participants "Flying Peter Pena". Fascinating will be a visit to the little princesses to the heroines of fairy tales: lead them into entertainment "Visiting Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

For very small, there is an attraction "Dambo – Flying Elephant": Let the children fly not only in a dream. They will be able to feel like real drivers in racing "RAYSLY on four wheels".

Participation in the show "Animia" It will be interesting to small singers: accompanied by bright special effects they will sing songs from favorite cartoons. Flights on the magic carpet are provided in entertainment "Carpets-aircraft over Agriba".

Speaking toys in the yard "Stories of toys" lead kids delight. See the favorite heroes of Disney cartoons can be in "Disney theater".

The surroundings of Paris Disneyland prepared for small tourists underwater adventure in the oceanarium "Sea Life Val d’Europe". Fifty aquariums, underwater tunnels and 300 species of fish will not forget any visitor.

Adults recommend to look into the building with ghosts in "Haunted house". Carousel "Big Mount Thunder", "Indiana Jones and Danger Temple", "From the gun on the moon" Add you adrenaline in blood.

For group fans "Aerosmith" A legend group studio has been built, which adds a trip to the trailer on a rabid velocity. Come on the show "Rock and Rollers with Aerosmith".

With the whole family can be transferred to the ship Jack Sparrow in the show "Pirates of the Caribbean", Take into the hands of laser weapons and save toys in an interactive game "Basz Lyter Laser Blast". Cascaders will show their skills during the spectacle "Creek Motor". A "Movie-magic" Allows you to see on the huge screen of the last centuries, and the characters of the films often turn out to be among the audience.

Visit even one park will cause a storm of emotions and delights. The main thing, coming with children to the capital of France, be sure to visit Disneyland.

Realities of the Magic World (Tips for tourists)

– I will start a visit to the park 30-40 minutes before the opening of the CASS: you will pass to the territory of Disneyland before without a pillar and be able to turn out to be in line among the first.

– At the entrance to all parks work guides. Do not forget to take a program with cards in the same place, which contains information about all parks of an amazing country of childhood.

– You can order a tour to order: you will pick up attractions, given your wishes and opportunities, as well as children’s age.

– We recommend using the FastPass service – this is a free service with which you will avoid queue. At the entrance to the attractions there is a FastPass machine, inserting your ticket to it, you get it back to the time to visit the entertainment.

– If Disney’s hotel stayed, use the Disney Express service: you will be met at the train station, deliver to the hotel (time saving and preservation of forces).

– For families with young children in Disney parks there are strollers, a room for babies, in which you can feed the baby, change it to the diaper. Rooms are equipped with everything necessary for babies care.

– If you get tired of hiking in the park, you have a trip on the train or on a tram with horses in the harness with stops at all park stations.

– Your child suddenly wanted to travel himself in a fairy tale – please contact your favor.

– If limited in cash, capture snacks with you, because the food in the park is expensive.

– Think up clothes, shoes for yourself and child: walking a lot and often. Participation in some attractions are akin to sports.

No matter how tired of traveling to Disneyland, a bright shine in your memory will travel to the country of wonders and entertainment.

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