Diving in Thailand &# 8211; where to see the exotic world?

Tours to Phuket can be ordered on-line. The water temperature is 28-32 degrees, very comfortable for swimming and diving with scuba, especially for inexperienced divers who the first time wants to try this breathtaking view of the rest.

The best season for diving in Thailand

In order not to spoil the rest and come at the time of the year when you can do the diving comfortably, you need to understand that 2 seasons stand out in Thailand:

  1. Dry season – This is the best time to class diving in Thailand, from the end of autumn and before the start of spring. Water warms up to +29 degrees, the sea is calm, and you can also lie on the beaches, while driving, too, without any problems;
  2. Wet season – The rains, of course, do not watered around the clock, but the sea becomes restless, because of the Muti will not be able to fully enjoy the underwater inhabitants. But the temperature is still so pleasant, and at sea sometimes reaches +32 degrees.

Do not forget that the best time for the trip depends on the selected resort. For example, in winter it is worth going to Phuket, Krabi, Trang, and from January to September you can come to Tao or Samui, that is, on the opposite shore.

Where to undergo diving in Thailand?

Diving clubs here are a lot and all of them are good, instructors Europeans: Swiss, French, there are Russian instructors. You must have a document on the end of the diving training program on the system: PADI, CMAS, NAVI, SSI, you can take training in Russia, but it is best to do this on arrival in Thailand, so to speak place, otherwise you will not hire equipment for Scuba diving.

Cost of a full training course with certificate passage &# 8211; from 12,000 batt. Such prices, of course, higher than in Turkey or Egypt, but also conditions in Thailand is an order of magnitude better, instructors are experienced, high-quality and professional equipment, and the underwater landscapes are captured by the Spirit!

Diving in Thailand &# 8211; Underwater excursions

Usually, the schedule for dives is done in advance and tourists already know when they are waiting for fascinating underwater excursions, a set of groups, also depends on the qualifications of its participants. There are excursions for one day, they include coastal immersion with scuba or boat in reefs, with visiting any underwater attractions.

Tourists with extensive dive experience love dive safari, one or multi-day travels on the most beautiful places of Thailand with living on yachts and dives from the vessel. Phuket, the west coast can be divered right from the shore. Despite the fact that the islands near Phuket are very beautiful, dive is better from the most remote, one-day tours on the boats to the small islands, which to get about two hours.

Diving in Thailand; where to see the exotic world

How much is diving in Thailand?

Diving prices are not fixed, so depend on the chosen school, the place of immersion, the cost of renting equipment. Newbies pay 50% more experienced tourists. It is also worth considering a few features of price formation:

  • The cheapest diving is waiting in Pattaya – there are many instructors here, you will enjoy even at the first diving under the water;
  • on the phuket for the day cruise and dive get ready to post from 100 dollars;
  • most expensive to dive on the small Thai islands, the price tag for a service can roughly compare with European or American;
  • Newcomers recommend starting classes from a 40-minute course, for the support of an experimental mentor will have to pay about 2,700 BATT.

In addition, even if you are not first falling under water with scuba, you should not do this alone for security purposes. Catching up diving with the group, you still save well, as the rental of flooded will be divided equally.

Top Diving Places in Thailand

Where to do diving in Thailand to see the beauty of the underwater world, enjoy the unique flora and fauna, get a lot of positive impressions? Choose a resort for every taste:

  • The most beautiful diving places &# 8211; IslandsPhi Phi and dock May, around which sheer cliffs come around, and underwater there are amazing caves;
  • Islands of Racha &# 8211; Cool cliffs and massive cliffs, from January to March, China sharks and hat-manta appear here;
  • Shargy Cape &# 8211; Favorite habitat of leopard sharks, which dive masters feed from hands;
  • Siamese Bay &# 8211; 40 protected islands are concentrated here, the immersion depth is small, and visibility under water reaches 25 meters;
  • Province of Krabi &# 8211; will delight tourists who want to inspect the underwater caves covered with limestone.

And be sure to come to Phuket and you will open up completely new horizons of the underwater world of this paradise! Here you can see not only the beauty of nature, but also pleading to enjoy sunken ships, airplanes, tanks that rest under the thickness of water and are real old exhibits.

Diving in Thailand &# 8211; This is a pleasure available for the price and level for each traveler. Newbies and guru are gladly immersed under water, admire the flora and fauna, enjoy transparent water. Good service and opportunity to combine diving with beach holidays and excursions &# 8211; The indisputable advantage of Thai resorts. Come here and you will be pleasantly surprised! Welcome to Thailand!

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Diving in Thailand; where to see the exotic world

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