Diving on the Philippines: The best resorts and prices

Here you can not only explore the most beautiful coral reefs with multi-colored fish, but also underwater islands, as well as sunken ships with secluded lagoons.
Why tourists go to the Philippine Islands to do diving, relax with comfort on the ocean coast and just enjoy an exotic country with her amazing and incredible nature?

Philippines &# 8211; Pros and cons rest

The Asian state of the Philippines, of course, is inferior in popularity in Vietnam and Thailand, but, at the same time, has a lot of advantages:

  • here are friendly and welcoming locals;
  • The population is well in English;
  • Clean and beautiful beaches with snow-white sand &# 8211; Ecology is better than Thai resorts;
  • Rich underwater world &# 8211; Ideal for diving;
  • low prices, exception &# 8211; resort areas;
  • Safety and low crime.

Also in the Philippines a large selection of places to stop &# 8211; from colorful hotels to private holiday homes in the jungle. Of minuses &# 8211; little fruit, not enough developed service, slow internet, as well as the fact that local residents, if something does not understand something, begin to laugh, as if over the tourist, in fact, it is not.

The best resorts of Philippines for diving

Absolutely every diver, both already experienced and just a beginner, will easily find the place in the Philippines, which will fully satisfy it. So, if you are interested in sunken ships, then go to the Subik Bay Bay, who has served since a long time to accommodate the fortress, in particular in 1885 there was the basis of the Spanish military base here, and then the Americans captured it, after which during the Second World War the war here were the Japanese, but later the Americans returned and restored the base.

Diving on the Philippines The best resorts and prices

In this bay, many vessels were crashes, including the military. So, in 1941, the cruiser New York sank in the Gulf, which was built in 1891, and now Lobster, Barracuda, Spotted Skats and many other inhabitants of underwater depths live in cruiser.

Diving in the Philippines will hit you and growing corals here, and inhabable fish with another underwater literature. For example, the crocodile island, which is not far from Borakaya, you are waiting for an incredibly beautiful and rich world of corals. And if you want to know the whole diving in the Philippines in one place, then go to the Bohol Island, where there are coral gardens, and caves with sunken ships, and much more. In the west of Mindoro Island, there is a reef apot, where you will see a group of coral reefs, which covers an area of ​​34 square meters. And of course, be sure to visit the reefs of the Sea of ​​Sea, among which the most famous is the Tubbataha, which, by the way, is considered the best place for immersion throughout the country. And to go on an unforgettable Boracay Island, you can use the search for cheap hotels.

Philippines &# 8211; Rest under water with scuba

What other places worth visiting if you want to do diving, see the luxurious underwater world of the islands?

  1. A park ; Reefs Tubbataha ; &# 8211; Here are the coral islands, there are more than 500 species of fish, sharks, moray, rocks and other exotic living creatures. And on land &# 8211; Many beautiful landscapes;
  2. Cebu Island &# 8211; A unique place where we succeed in swimming with a whale shark, enjoying the types of this mammal. For a person, the animal is completely safe, as it feeds onto plankton;
  3. Negros Island &# 8211; Diving stands in the eastern part, where whales and dolphins dwell, and the underwater world surprises the diversity. Of the advantages &# 8211; no storms all year round;
  4. Malapasca Island &# 8211; In addition to beaches with snow-white soft sand, you can see the fox and the reef shark, the sea devil and other fish that live under water. It will be interesting and exciting;
  5. Island of Apo &# 8211; The tiny island of the volcanic rock, where tourists get on the boat. There is a reserve with rare marine inhabitants, travelers especially like snorkeling, that is, swimming without immersing to depth.

Philippines &# 8211; This is an unearthly paradise for those who want to do diving, spend time saturated and with benefit. If you are in the number of enthusiastic people, you dream to see the exotic underwater world, these islands &# 8211; Excellent selection.

Philippines: Weather for months

When to go to the Philippines, if you want to do diving? You can come to the islands at any time of the year &# 8211; Here is comfortable and warm, but the best time for visiting the country is the winter period &# 8211; From November to May, when the rains do not go and no typhoon. In the high season, you can dive with any islands.

If the journey is scheduled for the summer, the best solution will be visited by reefs such as Apo, Bocholo, Panglao, Balikasaga, they are suitable for year-round rest. At any time of the year, the water temperature here does not fall below +26 degrees, and visibility reaches 40 meters.

Useful tips for diving in the Philippines

Diving classes &# 8211; This is an extreme entertainment that requires preparation and training should not think that Owing aqualang can immediately go to conquer water spaces. Take into account several tips:

  • If you never immerse yourself before, passing training with an experienced instructor;
  • Learn the gestures that are used under water &# 8211; They will help to understand people in water without words;
  • Check out the composite parts of the scuba to know how to collect it and disassemble &# 8211; This is a security requirement;
  • Do not immerse one &# 8211; You should have a certified instructor or, at least, experienced partner.

Prices for the first dive in the Philippines begin with $ 30, for experienced divers there are good discounts. And if you dream about excursions, get ready to part from $ 50-200. Training courses will cost 50-1000 USD, the bigger professional wants a person, the more expensive.

Diving in the Philippines &# 8211; This is an opportunity to see the unique underwater world and exotic inhabitants of the depths. This is a fascinating and incredible trip to the reefs, sunken ships, walk side by side with whale sharks and dolphins, a journey saturated with pleasant impressions. Diving on the islands allows you to diversify a serene beach vacation, make a luxury extreme.

Diving on the Philippines The best resorts and prices

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