Do not make a cult

Typical trapes in Georgian starts with a toast, and ends "Suliko". The food is served in the interval.

One who does not distinguish one face of Caucasian nationality from another will never understand what the Imereti Khachapuri is better than Rachi. At a minimum, you still need to remember how the name of Vityaz himself in Tiger, she is also a leopard, skins, and who was played by Tbiliskoye in the Cup Final in 1981. This is the cult of Georgian feast. Without fail.

Snacks. The generosity of nature should be placed to laziness. With Georgian cuisine, the opposite is. She is laborious? like all high art. Only the Georgian chef knows how much effort and fantasy needs to achieve the effect of ordinary greenery. That’s what is, for example, legendary Johnhold? On the species of-business sprigs or acacia, or something else.

In fact, a delicacy that is marinated and stored no more than two days and which is going only in one place – in Herhum. Spicy herbs – Kinza, Estragona, Basilica, Cabinet, Luca, Mint – On the table we’ll seem like a simple Iquaban compared to Phali – chopped mixture of fresh and boiled herbs in a nut sauce. Nuts in general and source, and part of most sauces, first of all, of course, Sazebel and the Bales. Preparation of sauces exclusively from vegetable raw materials, unlike, say, French, and the use of them not only as seasonings, but also as independent snacks – a specific feature of Georgian cuisine.

Cheeses – another feature. Almost everywhere in the world of cheeses go either for dessert or for a snack. In Georgia, cheese (so-called brine-type, prepared in jugs and storms) are used as a snack (in cheese and fried form), and as a full-fledged ingredient of the first and second dishes, as well as pies. Moreover, Mingrelsky Suluguni is not the only option, and each area can boast of their own, no less tasty. In the Imereti make very soft cheese with mint fortified, and in the teuleti, they prefer the Barbuses of the Hood cheese, which is preparing in the soups of the same name.

If you have Georgian snacks you need, you can not reach the main dish. For their many, and quickly fit – blink. Satzivi (present – only from turkey), Lobio, Favorite Khatieti Khashlam (boiled meat with seasonings), Rachinskaya ham – all satisfying and tasty. It is recommended to drink. But to eat Khachapuri – in no case. For Khachapuri – a typical second dish, to which it is worth starting after again, a geographical excursion. Hevsursky – inside the grass cheese, and Rachina Khachapuri is not a khachapuri at all, and Lobiani. With beans instead of cheese. Adjara do not look like Imereti. In shape – boat. This is. And inside them – egg. These are two. And in general, in Adjara is more popular with a pylon (in the hands of craftsmen to 10-15 layers) Pie. In the bistro and tents at the metro not for sale.

Do not make a cult

Soups. First, second, compote. Any menu is a convention based rather on rational, and not in gastronomic considerations. For example, Hashi is a favorite course of Georgians. For all the signs, it is a thick brew of fresh beef naked, scar and schuch – typical soup. Meanwhile, Hashi eat exclusively in the morning. And in vain ask him for lunch or dinner. And the soup from the sub-products Mulve – soup only by name. Actually served cold and looks like a cold. However, with the present in Georgia everything is in order. Beef Harcho, Chicken Chichirt, Bozbashi with lamb. Is it ready only your stomach to the sharpness of these dishes? Local gourmets warn: in Georgia they love very sharp, but in Mingrelia they still love sharper.

Hot. Dispute about whose mom is better prepares Tolma, essentially endless. And gives birth not to the truth, and appetite. In the Caucasus, everywhere can prepare meat, but perhaps only Georgians who are not constrained by Muslim prohibitions can boast the wealth of choice: stewed lamb with spices of Bulam, fried beef beef Basturma, Hincali (meat is not skipped through a meat grinder, and knocks off a knife to a jelly-like state) , Kuchmatachi is a hot dish from the liver, heart, lung, language served in spices, chakhokhbil, dish, which used to be preparing exclusively from pheasant. Variety not only in texture, but also in the cooking method. Lamb kebabs, veal, turkey, pork, sturgeon are prepared both on skewers and on Ketz, traditional clay frying pan. If you quit in Kets, then it turns out a real kavardak. But if this comply with a certain order, it will be released . For ears do not pull off.

DESSERTS. Georgian confectioner will give odds to anyone. You only need to ask him to visit it. Giant sizes cakes – the value of everyday life, and not holidays. However, rats – vintage time – real, albeit labor, holiday. And only on it you can feel the authentic taste of the cracked sausage Churchhelli and Pelamoshi, sweet mass of flour and grape juice. The latter use, of course, is no longer for the dessert, but for wine. But Georgian wines are a separate topic.

Do not make a cult

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