Do You Speak Dinglish?

The question is incomprehensible? One who at least once in his life taught English, probably knows about the existence of his British and American version. Also, a separate line, experts allocate the Indian English dialect, which the residents of subcontinet say. But it is hardly another such place in the world as Dubai, where you can hear as many variations on the topic "Great and Mighty" English. So appeared here with time, the folk term Dinglish that "Translation" Means dubai english (Dubai English).

What is so characteristic English reprimand duby? Even recently arriving in the city of repatriates from different parts of the world generously seasoned their English speech by Rassenger Arab Lords "Jiani", "Yiahi" and "Yialla" (Something like Russian words-parasites: "as if", "Type", "Barley"), and also respond to phone calls by phrase "Tell Me". Another Issirm, helicatically correcting all the cultural and linguistic boundaries – the expression "Today ITSELF" stands in one row with such a masterpiece as "Very Good Morning" in response to your usual greeting "Good Morning".

The most inventive in terms of writing new speech revolutions, perhaps, you can safely call the immigrants from India, everywhere, to the place and not to the place of inserting the word "only" ("only"). For example, the "BUKRA ONLY" paraphrase in the emirates at all does not shock anyone, since everyone knows what it means "just tomorrow" (where "bukra" is really "tomorrow", True in Arabic). Or, reverending and telling from what seats, he comes, Indian can declare "I Am From Kerala Only", shaking his head. Yes, if you are inadvertently incurred to the store with flour package (bake pancakes), then only on very expensive packs from European countries you will find so familiar English "FLOUR". More economical options of the same product are referred to as the "All Purpose Maida" (which approximately means "Flour suitable for any baking", Only the word "Maida" – from India, and "All Purpose" – from a foggy albion) or a completely incomprehensible "Chapatti AATA" (also flour, only gray and especially for Chapatti – Indian fresh pellets).

One more "Creators of language" – Of course, Lebanese, in the mass of their working, by the way, in advertising and publishing business, broadcasting companies and television, as well as in the largest PR agencies. It is them that owns the authorship of such phrases – "Merci Ktir" ("Merci" – FR. Thank you, "Ktir" – Arab. Large) and "Double Zero Hero" (admiration for a person who fell on the pages of HOT 100). Thanks to these active guys, there was such a steady expression as "Media City Cedar Effect" (characterizing the tendency of media companies to take on the work of relatives; "Cedar" – England. Cedar, is a symbol of Lebanon and decorate the state flag of the country). Well, and how not to remember such brilliant banner advertising specimens, invented by all the same authors as "Fi Masafi?"(Where" fi "is "there is" Arabic, and "Masafi" – a local brand of drinking water and juice) or "Dandruff Khalas" (something like "Goodbye, dandruff!" In advertising shampoo, where "Khalas" – Arab. End, Enough).

Of course, the British speakers for the purity of their native language, dreamed, sitting in bars and restaurants, our own dub, idiom. As you like: "Eau de Taxi" (by analogy with "Eau de Perfume" means a characteristic smell associated with Dubai public transport), "Gulf Bore Syndrome" (the inability to talk about anything other than real estate, traffic jams and "Cultural desert" This region) or "Br time" is when it is prescribed a fairly conditional meeting time – "Let’s Say Eight O’Clock Br Time" (where "BR" is the initial letters from Beach Road)?

Our guys also do not go to debt and make their satisfying contribution to the formation of the Dubai Dialect of English. You can not even say that almost any foreigner, having met Russian, Boyko splits a set of "Hey", "how are you" and "OK". It is very possible that in Dinglish Dictionary, if such someday will be released, along with the familiar "Hey" and "Hello", will be "privet". In addition, ours are distinguished by a wonderful ability to fasten to any English word Russian termination. So appear "Roundabauti" (from english."Roundabout" – Ring Road Establishment), "Vochena" (from english. "Watchman" – Watchman, watchman), "Springs" (Springs microdistrict name option), "Bilding" (from english. "Building" – building) or "Rial-Eastites" (if the compatriot suddenly works in a real estate firm – eng. Real Estate). Unfortunate to our feces (more often ladies) working in hotels or shops and forced to stay in a communal with neighbors (in the so-called "sharing accommodation" – housing with subsidence), you can safely assign authorship such phrases as "I live on Shering" or "I have in accommodation".

Do You Speak Dinglish

Russified versions of English terms "Booking" (eng. Order, purchase tickets) and "Reservation" (eng. reservation, reservation) are widely used by many representatives of Dubai travel agencies, only for some reason the meaning of the first word no one is trying to translate, and therefore the client says so "Your bucking is ready, come", And the poor "Reservation" in the lips of the tourist industry professionals is completely transformed into "Reservation" (Where, if you believe in explanatory dictionaries, the US authorities referred to American Indians). Moscow tour operators stepped further. Despite the many years of experience working with Dubai, as with a popular tourist destination, many more of them are interpreted in their advertising booklets about the UAE Name of the city as "Dubai" Or, even cooler, talk about hotels "in Dubai". And I want to laugh, and cry. Guys! Dubai so far. Many no. And it is unlikely that there will be, so the multiple number is canceled.

Well, how not to mention such a cute Russian heart of the exclamation "Come Here, Boss", directed to the address of the waiter of the street diner in Deyre. Or "My Friend", facing a completely unfamiliar person who you see in the first and last time in my life: the seller in the supermarket, taxi driver, and … it is not yet on the light of good people.

Yes, if the Russian to the brain of the bones of the bone suddenly needs to share with the surrounding complete absence of problems (which is extremely rare, usually on the contrary), he will certainly express it with the help of the Arab phrase "Mafi Moushkila", which means "no problem". And the usual Ukrainian or South Russian reprimand issue: "Sho?" somehow completely unnoticed in "Shu?" ("Shu" – Arab. what). And the most remarkable thing is that most often these words and expressions can be heard in everyday communication, Russians, Europeans or Americans, talking between themselves … Right, in English.

You can still give examples for a long time and quote the most successful phrases adopted in Dubai Society. One thing is clear one, Dubai is so stunning mix and interpenetration of cultures, traditions and languages, which will be difficult to understand where this or that word is borrowed from. Just everyone will begin to understand each other without translators, and it can be used in the construction of the highest Dubai Tower in the world (as ever when the Babylonian) will be published a new international language language. And call it Dinglish. And smart people will publish a bunch of dictionaries, and ordinary to the question: "Do You Speak Diglish?" will be responsible: "WALLA, I DO ONLY". And everything will be fine. And people will heal in the world and harmony.

Do You Speak Dinglish

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