Doctors told how the plane does not get contaminated by coronavirus

Recommendations for tourists who are ready in the near future to go on the road, despite the coronavirus, as well as for those who want «Peregay» The situation was away from the troubled seats, presented American doctors. It concerns these tourists who are currently returning from rest home.

And indeed, in a situation where the virus applies to the globe, with a carrier easily cross in an airplane, there is a risk «patch» him and at the airport. What to do to protect? With CNBC television channel, experts from California University of Los Angeles shared advice. We present the recommended action plan «the points».

1) to flight:

First of all, it is necessary to follow the schedule of flights and the situation in the destination of the country – There is a risk «Close» any direction and accordingly the risk of cancellation of the flight. And also need to not forget to take care of your own security. Therefore, the Tips are the following:

  • Check the site of the airline, as well as the recommendations of the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Diseases (for Russia it is Rospotrebnadzor) to obtain current information on recommendations on travel and risk assessment by country, as well as consider emergency action plans;
  • Put with you the necessary hygiene objects, such as hand disinfectant, napkins and additional medicines. It is also recommended to make copies of documents on your medical insurance before flying.

2) at the airport:

Airplanes and airports «Kishet» microbes and viruses and without any «Loud epidemics», Experts warn. Therefore, hygiene rules should be doubly. «Infection» can be transmitted through the screens of self-service kiosks, capacitance at checkpoints, handrails of escalators, chairs in the recreation area at Gates and T.D.

Doctors told how the aircraft cannot be infected with coronavirus articles on tourism from the tourism
  • Try not to pass without shoes through a metal detector or scanner, select suitable shoes;
  • All that can – Including telephone and other content of pockets, as well as upper clothes, put at the time of passage through inspection into manual sting, and not in plastic container from the airport – It is definitely dirty in the epidemiological sense;
  • Locate local disinfection equipment or use your reserve after the security check zone. Especially if you are going to have a snack at the airport. Before disinfection, do not touch your nose, eyes and ears, so as not to put the coronavirus on your mucous. US experts also recommend «do not rush» in a restaurant courtyard immediately after inspection;
  • Waiting for your flight, preferably find «The least crowded place» And if possible, sit at least in a pair of meters from others (although in Russian realities the latter is almost unrealistic);
  • Do not hurry and get on the plane last to be in the dense crowd of other passengers – Coronavirus is easily transmitted by air-droplet as a simple cold.

3) in the plane:

Commercials about how aircraft salons are disinfected, many airlines are shown now. First of all, attention is paid to disinfection of armrests, safety belts, tray tables, upper controls of ventilation holes, lighting buttons and call buttons, as well as internal and external toilet handles. but «God saves man, who save himself». That’s why:

  • Tourists are strongly recommended to bring their own antibacterial napkins or a small disinfecting fluid tube, and wipe everything to be touched on the plane – armrest, a table, a button that leans the seat and the remote control system of entertainment on board, if it is. By the way, the napkins are also recommended to share with a neighbor.
  • Face masks Healthy tourists in the plane do not recommend. Their protective effect is small, but the risk of infection «Really from the mask» – touching dirty hands of nose and mouth – substantially;
  • Microbes in ventilation recommend not fear – The air in the aircraft blower is filtered, and more than 99% of dust and microbes are removed in it, American experts approve. Of course, provided that the airline has not saved on filters and replaced them on time. In this case, the enabled ventilation «blown away» Possible microchamp where coronavirus can be contained, away from the face of the tourist – This reduces the risk of infection.

We also picked up for you other interesting materials about health while traveling:

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Doctors told how the aircraft cannot be infected with coronavirus articles on tourism from the tourism

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