Dodecanese Islands

Dodecanese Islands – The most sunny corner in Greece, which is cozy for the southeast of the Aegean Sea. Twelve large islands and dozens of smaller with crystal clear water, sandy and pebble beaches, archaeological attractions, Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional villages, are riskyly welcome here.

For fans of privacy and romantics, the islands of Leros or Pserimos are suitable, and preferentials of the cosmopolitical and turbulent life will enjoy the rest on the major islands of the archipelago – Rhodes and Kos. The biggest and most famous island of Rhodes perfectly retained medieval character in a magnificent old town, which rests in the environment of medieval walls with a seven gates, and the magnificent Palace of the Grand Master. Romantic walk through the famous Knights Street will make it possible to feel like a real warrior in shining armor or a noble princess in beautiful robes. Dodecanese Islands Recently become a very popular referral for summer holidays. Rhodes and Kos are the most popular islands of the archipelago, while Carpathos and Patmos are also gradually developing without losing their original charm.

Dodecanese Islands Archipelago in Greece, which is located in the easternmost part of the country on the border with Europe. The total area of ​​Dodecanese islands is 2714 kV km, and inhabit them over 200 thousand people. To date, the Greek administrative district of Dodecanese consists of 163 islands, of which only 26 are inhabited. Due to the long-term Venetian occupation of the island, they are famous for the abundance of medieval style structures and abundant of interesting monuments.

To date, Astypalea Islands, Halk, Kalimos, Karpathos, Kos, Leros, Lipsi, Nisiros, Patmos, Rhodes, Sima and Tyos are the most suitable for conducting a summer leisure due to a well-developed infrastructure, but again, each island has its own set of amenities. and the development of the tourist destination. So, Kalimos Island is known for the direction of active recreation, like climbing, Leros is an excellent place for scuba diving, and Patos island is famous for its spiritual character.

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What is interesting to see Dodecanese?

Climate in Dodecanese

The climate in Dodecanese is a soft Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by sunny, dry summer and soft, wet winter. Refreshing breezes and winds blow during the hot summer months, which is noticeably smoothes the heat and gives the rest of some comfort. However, the climate in Dodecanese in some islands is slightly different, so, the island of Rhodes has a sufficiently wet climate and a long rainy period in autumn and winter season.

The average air temperature in the summer on the islands is +28..+thirty° degrees, winter +10..+12° Grugsov. In general, the climate of Dodecanese is pleasant for a beach summer holiday, and rather hot weather is easily transferred due to climate dryness. The tourist season on the islands opens at the end of June and lasts until early September, when a larger number of tourists are concentrated on the island.

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Excursions and events in Dodecanes

Dodecanese Islands have dozens of natural and architectural attractions, to visit which you can with the excursion and on our own.

Visit Nisiros Island Nisiros is recommended: On the island there is a real acting volcano, the activity of which is not observed only about 15 years, and the picturesque Church of the Virgin Mary Cave with the invaluable eponymous icon. On one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago, the island of Rhodes, there is a lot of interesting excursions, for example, an excursion in the Archaeological Museum with an amazing knightly exhibition, in the valley of butterflies in Petaludes – the National Park of the Island, in the Archaeological Reserve, Fileurimos, in a stunning gorge called "Seven sources", Where the eternal sources are beaten right from under the ground and bright peacocks stroll. Rhodes organized a sightseeing trip to Archangelos – a picturesque handicraft town, whose architecture is presented in a charming Moroccan style, where you can buy unusual souvenirs and find out the history of the handicraft of Greece.

Other cities and towns of the island, which will also be interested in tourists: Lindos with white walls of houses, incredibly narrow streets and fascinating Acropolia, Ancient Camiros with the unique church of St. Nikolai Fundukley, dating from the 15th century, amazing monolithos with Byzantine churches, a small picturesque bay and ruins of an ancient castle of Erimokroaster.

Patmos Island is very famous for sightseeing trips in its main attractions: there are many colorful sandy beaches on the island, the famous Monastery of St. John 1088 and the Cave of the Apocalypse with a colorful legend and an unforgettable atmosphere.

From Dodecanese Islands With a tour you can visit the Turkish city of Bodrum with its infinite attractions and an exciting story, which also influenced the life of the most islands.

History of Dodecanese

Where better to stop, traveling by Dodecanese?

Activities in Dodecanese

Dodecanese Islands, Greece - Rest, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Dodecanese Travel Guide

Active leisure and sports in Dodecanese is an unusually enjoyable and useful pastime, which will undoubtedly have a huge number of impressions and great pictures. Each island of the archpaula has a certain set of opportunities for an active recreation and is different from the rest of the atmosphere and mood. On the island of Kalimnos, there is a school of alpinism, where newcomers will be able to take climbing lessons with the most experienced instructors, and professionals enjoy the picturesque scenery of the island from a bird’s eye view. On the islands of Rhodes and Yalisos are very developed cycling rates on the charming terrain of these two wonderful islands. Bicycle routes can be both organized representatives of local tourist agencies and independently laid. Bicycle walks do not leave anyone indifferent, because they run through stunning sand coasts, cozy forests and endless plains.

On the island of Kyotari, a water sports center is located, where children and children and adults will be able to relax and actively. In the water center you can ride on water skiing and water bike, boat and banana, plunge into the bottom of the Aegean Sea together in an experienced instructor and to know with the amazing marine world and much more that you can only imagine. Equestrian club is located in Filiraki "Fivos", where you can take your favorite horse and go for a walk through the brightest nature attractions. In addition to the above entertainment on Dodecanese Islands, you can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as surfing and windsurfing, beach sports (volleyball, basketball), tennis, golf and other.

Dodecanese transport features

Transport connection on Dodecanese Islands is well developed and represented by public buses, taxis, cars and motorcycles. City buses run on all populated archipelago islands, ticket price is 2 euros.

Navigate between the islands allow ferries, catamarans and high-speed boats. Moving around the cities of the islands on a car or public transport is not always presented, so it is necessary to keep in mind that up to some attractions will have to get on foot.

Rent a car on the islands in numerous small vehicle rental locations, including cars and mopeds are most popular. On the island of Rhodes companies such as Avis, Hertz and Sixt are the largest and most reliable cars for renting cars, and on the island of Lindos the most famous is Budget. As for the cost of the lease, then the car in-class for three days with full insurance will cost about 100 – 200 euros, depending on the condition and configuration of the car.

The transport feature of Dodecanese is that the donkeys that transport tourists are serviced as a means of movement in some places where the car cannot drive, for example, by narrow streets of the old city.

Dodecanese Islands: how to get?

You can reach the main islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, you can direct air flight from Athens. AstyPaley Islands, Karpathos, Kalimos, Rhodes, Kos and Leros are associated with air traffic with the capital of the Greek Peninsula.

Avia flights from Russia and Europe daily go to Athens daily, there are also charter flights to the Island of Rhodes and another major city – Salonniki, from where you can easily reach Dodecanese Islands with the help of local aircraft lines or comfortable ferries.

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