Does insurance need for a trip to Abkhazia at 2020?

Abkhazia is on the border of Russia and Georgia and is located in the north-east of the Black Sea.

Abkhazia is an active pace becomes popular among Russian vacationers. For the entry by car on the territory of this sunny republic, citizens of the Russian Federation are not needed, but insurance should be issued.

Without the insurance policy during the customs and passport control, it will be necessary to buy an insurance of the company "Abkhazgosstrakh". This insurance will have strength in this country all the time.

Insurance of people planning to enter Abkhazia on cars, ; This is a necessary procedure. Medical insurance, and accident insurance, and autocartery insurance.

The minimum amount of insurance compensation is 30,000 euros. The presence of the insurance policy should be 5 days before the county.

In case of a trip to Abkhazia by car, when buying an insurance policy, you need to add the item "Ride on a personal car".

If when making insurance, specify the item "Emergency Medical Aid", then when contacting private clinics Abkhazia, the cost of treatment will pay the insurance company.

Insurance from nearby

Going on a tour of a tourist ticket, it is beneficial to arrange insurance from the unbearable to return the funds spent on the tour, if the trip was not implemented. Its value is equal to 3-6% of the cost of the tour.

Insurance is valid in the case of:

  • Unexpected insurer’s disease;
  • By call to the army;
  • Communion to court cases;
  • Death of the insurer or his relative;
  • Severe disease of loved ones;
  • The trip is canceled, in the case when comrade on the tour is unable to travel.

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Insurance of active sports

For lovers of sharp sensations and simply amateur sports, there is an insurance policy, because it is playing sports, tourists and get different injuries. It is worth noting that fishing, cycling, beach football is also sports.

Water sports are not extreme, but can also harm health that will incur considerable costs: blows about reefs, dislocations, burns obtained in the sun, meeting with other tourists on the water.

During the diving, the injuries are unrealistic, but there are other reasons why you need to buy insurance, namely: caisson disease and expensive evacuation.

Riding on mopeds and bicycles is a traumatic view of the rest.

To arrange medical insurance, you must contact the insurance company that provides service of services for traveling abroad.

Insurance price depends on many factors:

Does insurance need for a trip to Abkhazia at 2020
  • Age of the insurer;
  • Stay on the territory of Abkhazia;
  • List of services included in polis and insured cases.

Possible risks

Currently, the situation in Abkhazia is safe. But, in resort cities Danger for tourists pose a thieve and fraudsters. Therefore, vacationers should adhere to some rules to help protect your own things.

For preservation of documents and valuable things, you need to use safes in hotels or hotels, and for stays in a private house, it is very important to make sure the strength of the locks. On the beaches and other busy places, do not leave things unattended.

Do not forget the bags and documents in the parking lot in cars. It is worth refrain from new dating and avoid single walks at night.

The key problem of safe location in the resorts is the dishes of national cuisine. The predominance of meat, oily and flour dishes can cause a violation of the stomach.

Choosing a cafe is very carefully, relying on the opinions of local residents, and not on holidaymakers. Since Abkhazia is popular with their wines, when making insurance, mark the item "Assistance in the presence of alcohol intoxication".

Otherwise If alcohol has been revealed in the blood of the victim, the insurance company will not help. Local wine buy only in glass bottles and in specialized stores.

On the beaches to swim in strictly reserved places. It is not necessary to alone on wild beaches and mountainous areas, because at the right moment you may not be.

Medical insurance of holidaymakers is the best means of warranty ambulance in any atmosphere.

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Choose sites on which maximum information is provided about the form of insurance, such as insurance aggregator Cherehapa or proven insurance company TripInsurance.

Prices for medical services

Medicine in this region is free for locals. However, as practice shows, people pay the medicine, or pay doctors. For tourists free will only help in emergency situations.

Other medical services will have to be paid in public and in private hospitals.

Keep in mind that if the rest will be longer than the period specified in the insurance, when leaving Abkhazia, it will pay a fine in a large scale.

Prices for dental services:

  • Press the native tooth – 300 rubles;
  • snatch milk tooth – 150 rubles;
  • Use of anesthesia – 200 rubles;
  • Metal-ceramic crown – from 3,000 rubles;
  • Tooth seal – from 400 – 1500 rubles.

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Does insurance need for a trip to Abkhazia at 2020

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