Does insurance need in Montenegro in 2020?

A small, flowering country of Montenegro annually takes thousands of tourists from all over the world and provides an opportunity to enjoy an inexpensive unforgettable vacation, in privacy with pristine nature.

Montenegro wears another name, less known ; "Montenegro".

Each traveler, going abroad, is subject to a row of dangers and risks that protect the insurance.

Types of insurance in Montenegro

Depending on the time being abroad, the amount of insurance premium and the list of inclusive risks, insurance honey polis can be:

  1. Standard;
  2. Extended.

The list of standard insurance services includes the following items:

  • Call a medical worker;
  • The cost of transporting a patient to medical institution;
  • Expenses for treatment in the hospital;
  • The cost of drugs and drugs appointed by the doctor;
  • The price of the repatriation of the body of the deceased.

If the situation occurred in which the insurance was needed, the tourist is recommended whenever possible, as soon as possible, report on the current situation by the manager from the insurance company.

After that, the company’s manager will explain where and in what order to contact where medical institutions are located in the insurance contract.

Despite a personal statement, if you can duplicate the details about the insurance case by e-mail indicated on the policy.

Be sure to specify full name, passport data, insurance policy number and location, if there is a feedback phone.

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How much the cheapest insurance will cost in Montenegro?

Depending on the number of holiday days spent abroad, the insurance contract may have a different cost.

So, for travelers from 1 to 10 days, from 30 to 370 dollars .

In many ways, the cost of the insurance policy consists of inclied insurance risks.

Calculate right now the cost of insurance below Using the best review of the Cherehapa aggregator, which will select the most favorable insurance, depending on the parameters you specify.

CHEREHAPA site calculator calculator is placed, through the same site you can choose, issue and buy an insurance policy.

Does insurance need in Montenegro in 2020

Is the Russians in Montenegro obligatory?

In order to legally be in the territory of Montenegro 30 days Russians need only a passport.

So the visa is not obligatory and you are fully responsible for your safety throughout the trip in Montenegro.

If you want to be reinformed, then of course the insurance should be issued, t.To. Medicine in Montenegro for a tourist is not cheap.

Insurance is preferably drawn up 5 working days before the date of departure.

If the trip for unforeseen reasons is canceled, it is possible to return a part of the amount spent on the design of documents, buying a tour and insurance.

In the resorts of Montenegro, complex procedures and sports activities, games with animators and other.

Injuries received during sports, pay for insurance will not. Unless you place insurance with an active holiday, but it will cost more.

What is not included in the price of the policy?

Insurance, decorated when traveling to Montenegro will not cover the costs associated with:

  1. With chronic diseases, poisoning and their consequences that occurred until the tour.
  2. Polis does not pay costs for the treatment of mental disorders, epilepsy, neurosis.
  3. Also a traveler will have to pay independently For treatment of injuries obtained due to attacks of exacerbation of venereal diseases that are sexually transmitted.
  4. Planned Sanitary Treatment and a complex of preventive measures, including hospitalization, it is necessary to pay independently.

It is worth considering that even with a decorated insurance policy, there are situations that it does not work:

  • The applicant had the right to managing vehicles, after which he got into an accident;
  • Violation of traffic rules, And as a result, a fine;
  • Penalties for driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication, reception of toxic or narcotic substances;
  • Impact on citizen weapon mass lesion (nuclear explosion and t.D.);
  • Participation and consequences from strikes, Mass protests, uprisings, rebellion.

Due to the fact that some cases are not included in the insurance policy, when you make a trip to Montenegro, it is best to expand the possibilities of a standard insurance contract.

For example, it is recommended to include the following items in the insurance policy:

  • Sports events, relay and t.D.
  • Leisure;
  • Managing motor vehicles, motorcycle or quadcic acid, scooter;
  • Loss insurance or baggage delay;
  • Civil liability insurance;
  • Insurance against unbearable;
  • Assistance in legal matters, advice and support;
  • Autotransport management.

How much does medical assistance cost in Montenegro?

  • In Montenegro, relatively inexpensive prices for medical services. So, for example, X-ray examination is at least 15 euros , And the reception at the therapist, the local medical institution is worth 10-12 Euro .
  • If you needgeneral blood analysis, Tourist will have to post on the cashier 5 Euro , and feces analysis for parasites – 15 Euro .
  • Stationary treatment in the hospital will cost 100 euros per day – It is much smaller than in Western European countries. But, nevertheless, sufficiently tasted for many travelers. Therefore, travel companies offer their customers to protect themselves in advance and gain insurance in case of medical care.

Before traveling to Montenegro, visit your attending physician and take a direction to the following vaccinations:

  • From tetanus;
  • Polio;
  • Diphtheria.

Tourists "Aged" doctors recommend to make mandatory influenza vaccinations and infections Pneumococcus. These are the most common viruses that can be "picking up" by visiting public places.

If the trip is scheduled to be in the village or suburb – you need to think about preventive measures against Salmonella.

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