Does it make sense to go to Bulgaria behind winter adventures?

Yes what to do there? In general, it makes sense to go there? I think you need to look something else. If you have such thoughts about Bulgaria when choosing a place about winter holidays, then you are wrong. Bulgaria is quite capable of please tourist.

She is authentic, she is kind, hospitable. She is beautiful and very simple.

It will not be expensive chic or sores. She looks more like a native home from childhood, which come after many years.

If you want to ride skiing or snowboarding, and finance is not enough for a trip to Italy, France or Austria, do not be discouraged – Bulgaria is a great way to ride! The number and quality of the slopes here is good, and the pricing policy is quite accessible.

Unlike Armenia and its mountain resort – Tsakhkadzor, in Bansko (Ski Resort of Bulgaria) boasts a rather good sloping card. Here they will be able to find a place and beginners: especially for them, the entire bottom of the mountains littered with various green tracks. Unlike Sochi, the routes in Bansko wide, so even with a large influx of the people, the place is enough for everyone. For beginners there are all: long slopes, short slopes, very short descents with a bugel lift, group classes, individual classes. And what is particularly nice, there is a coniferous forest around you, so your training takes place with an excellent view and air.

If you ride for quite some time and do it well – for you the tracks also abound. And since the lifts are also a lot and they turned around the whole width of the mountain, then there are no big queues for landing here.
Yes, of course, at the bottom of the lift, who raises people from the city in the mountains almost always turns and about half an hour to spend exactly in it. But then everything is dispersed in their affairs, tracks or cafes.

Cafes here also abound. Prices, of course, much more expensive than in the city, but I suppose is the usual scheme of all resorts.

For "Shorten" Bansko athletes can offer riding outside the tracks. However, it is necessary to understand that this is a very big risk and is officially prohibited. So who are solved on such feats, I hope it makes it at least with local instructors who perfectly know the terrain and nature of the mountains.

Riding between tracks in Bansko is also possible, the tracks share small woodwork. Therefore, when snow falls out, ride between the Christmas trees – a great and cheerful occupation.

Have anything to do in Bansko besides the mountains? Yes, it is quite. You can just stroll around the city, wander around the central streets, or go closer to the forest. However, at about 6 pm, there are already darkened and street entertainment dried.

Does it make sense to go to Bulgaria behind winter adventures

If someone wants to do shopping, then the situation is more difficult. There are shops in Bansko, but only sports uniforms or souvenirs can be purchased in them.

Exactly in Bansko you can eat perfectly. Local cafe "Mehana" – offer a large selection of meat dishes. Big by the way not only choice, but also the portions that you bring. Delicious salads, as in other times all dishes. Again, the reservation, there will be no high-kitchenette pathos dishes, but it will be delicious and cozy.

Is it really all ends? And here is not. Next to Bansko there are many small towns or villages where there are hot springs. Almost all equipped them in beautiful pools and prepared them for tourists. Quite for not a lot of money, every tourists can come and soaked in the boiling pool in the winter air. Feelings indescribable. Water is incredibly relaxing and pacifies, so the pool can be held a whole day. Very common in tourists village with funny name "Banya", However, next to Bansko there is another option. For example: Dobrunich’s town. Perhaps the "spa" there is not so visually rich, but it will definitely not so many people, the entrance to the sources is not at all expensive, and in addition, a hike in hot springs can be combined with a walk around the city.

By the way, in kindness, too, there is your ski resort. He is completely tiny, however why not? They say, in the future it is planned to merge in Bansko, and then it will be an indescribable delight. In the meantime, there are very old funicular for 1 person in kind. But if the tracks there are not much there, but there is a real fairy tale for freeride. See the weather forecast and there are snow in the mountains – forward to conquer the peaks. You get indelible impressions!
You can get to Dobrynische by car, by taxi, by bus or even by train. The train is probably the most authentic thing, so I advise you to ride it. Of course, the schedule is better to know in advance, because it goes not often. But from the trip you get real pleasure. The train consists of a 3rd wagons and travels on two tiny rails. Path from Bansko to Dobrinishche takes no more than 20 minutes, but at this time from traveling on beautiful landscapes, steppes and mountains on the horizon. This trip will not be a pathetic or rich, but it will be very cozy and truly warm.

For lovers of nightlife Bansko is not very suitable. Yes, there are many institutions that position themselves as a cafe, bars, however, there are no high-profile parties here. But if you don’t like clubs, but you love music, in very many cafes in the evening live music sounds. And every cafe varies on musical genres.

Bansko City Very Cute and Beautiful Town. Huge pleasure. Sometimes it costs to forget about everything, warmly dressing and go for a walk in picturesque places, especially nice to walk at sunset when the sun hides somewhere in the unknown.

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