Does tourist mean the long flight?

The range of flight to the resorts is an important factor when choosing a tour for many tourists, and for some of us decisive. Indeed, who likes to sit for many hours in a cramped airplane chair? Of course, you can buy a ticket of the first or business class, but there is no money for such pleasure. About flight range I want to talk in this blog entry.

About the range of flight we talked a lot on the site. For example, if you dial the phrase "how much to fly to Tunisia", then you will see our site in the first place. We have something to be proud of and hope that at the time of your reading this entry first we will not lose.

But we never made a comparison of countries on this factor than I do now.

I share all countries for three zones: green, yellow and red. So I focus on people who ask me questions on this topic. Everything written further is calculated regarding Moscow.

Green zone – flight time to 4 hours

These are the closest countries, I recommend them to those people who want to minimize their time on the plane. Nominally, the closer to us with beach resorts is Ukraine, but, as the proverb says, "Chicken is not a bird, Ukraine is not abroad," therefore, we will not talk about "uncommon".

And the closest resort country in this case is Bulgaria, about which we have not yet written on the site. Bulgarian resort flight time – just under 3 hours. The most popular country of my green zone among Russians is Turkey. Flying to Turkey from Moscow takes just over 3 hours. Most tourists arrive at the resort town airport Antalya on the Mediterranean coast or to the resorts of the Aegean Sea to the city of Bodrum.

Croatia, Montenegro, Cyprus and Greece are also included in the Green Zone, the Flight of the Court is also not very long. Two countries are at the junction with the "yellow zone" – it is Italy and Israel. About how much to fly to Italy, we said in detail, in the article on the link you will find an exhaustive table. As for Israel, I still transfer it to more distant countries.

Yellow zone – from 4 to 7 hours

This is already mentioned Israel and Egypt. Flight time to Egypt is a little more than 4 hours. And there is no big difference where you fly, in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, the difference does not exceed 15 minutes.

To the same zone, I relate to Tunisia, Spain, Malta and Morocco – this is if you fly in the western direction. In the south, this is the popular country of the United Arab Emirates, about how much to fly to the UAE we also told in detail.

Red zone – from 7 hours and above

First of all, it is Thailand, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Chinese Island Hainan and Indian State Goa. To fly here far, for example, Dominicanna, how much to fly from Moscow, I don’t even really want to write – 12 hours.

Such countries are clearly not for lovers to quickly reach the destination. If you do not transfer long flights, it is better not to choose these directions.

Reflections on the topic "And for what?"

Those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the plane, you can understand, and in their reasoning there is logic. And, indeed, for what long to suffer in the plane and buy an expensive voucher. For example, take Dominican. Prices for holidays in Dominican Republic are much higher than prices for tours to Egypt or Turkey. What do you get in return?

Of course, the Latin American country looks colorful for the Russians than the Arab states, but there are objective advantages on this. I’ll tell you about it.

Does tourist mean the long flight

For lovers of the beaches of a big difference there is no particular. In the town of Punta Cana, the sea does not say so much better than in Egypt. And there and there is quite clean. Of course, everyone has his own opinion, but I do not see much difference.

For lovers of excursions and antiquity in the Dominican Republic there is nothing to watch, which is not surprising, the history of Dominican began only in 1492, when the islands were open to Christopher Columbus. From an interesting story lovers, only the Museum of Indian Artifacts in the thematic village of Altos de Chavon and the Maja’s Writing Assembly at the Columbus Lighthouse Museum in Santo Domingo.

For recreation with children there is almost no infrastructure, even a good big water park here is not. Only "Manati Park Dominican" can at least somehow entertain children, but this is one day, and then what?

For lovers of swimming underwater here is interesting, no dispute. Diving in Dominican Republic, prices for which are very low, attracts Americans and Europeans. But, given the cost of vouchers to the resorts of Dominican Republic, diving in Egypt costs much cheaper, and fish in the Red Sea are not less and they are not worse.

As for nutrition, the kitchen of the Dominican Republic is very interesting and unusual to the Russians, many dishes our tourists simply refuse to eat. Everything is unusual, even the sockets are completely different, and the voltage in the dominicane is not 220 volts, but 110. Not all our electrical appliances work correctly with it.

Causes still have

Dominican is good in winter when the peak of the beach season begins here. In the winter months, there are no rains on the Caribbean Islands, the weather in Dominican Republic at this time is solar and water warm. Of course, in Egypt in the winter season it is not closed, but the water is cool enough, do not compare with the Dominican beaches.

So it turns out that the far flight does not guarantee high-quality rest. Why in the minds of Russians is formed a false logical chain "far, therefore, expensive, therefore, qualitatively"? I can not answer, for me it is transcendent.

Choose those resorts that like or on which they have long dreamed of visiting, and the distant flight can be caught. To fly only twice – there and back.

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