Doha (Doha)

Doha (Doha) – City on the Persian Gulf Coast, Capital of Qatar. The country’s largest city, 80% of the population lives here. Population – 998 651 people (2009).

Today, Doha is a modern and fast-growing city, the center of the oil and fish industries, as well as the Economic Center of Qatar. Here are headquarters of the country’s largest companies.

Currently, the Catar government takes place to leave the raw material economy. In particular, the Doha is positioned as a tourist center and a large air hub.

Many houses in traditional Arabic style, created on the basis of maximum adaptation to local climatic conditions, create a characteristic style of urban development. The old quarters are framed by quarterly houses with mirror windows, brochures and palm alleys who have grown over the years "petroleum".

Most of the best and modern doh hotels are located near the Gulf, the most popular beaches are also here. In the summer months on the coast, there are always a lot of vacationers, the beaches here are calm and clean, so you can safely go to rest with children.

One of the most popular places for tourists and locals – Embankment Kornish (Corniche), Which part-time is also one of the main attractions of the capital.

Museum of Islamic Art (Museum of Islamic Arts)
– Located on an artificial island in the Bay of Doha. Two automotive and one pedestrian bridge are led by the embankment to it. Museum call a new symbol of Qatar.

The facade of the building form huge limestone cubes with typical windows for Arabic architecture, and inside the light in the giant atrium pours through the glass wall overlooking the sea.

In the permanent exposition of the museum, samples of Islamic art are presented with the VIII to XIX century. Ancient manuscripts, ceramics, textiles, metal objects, etc.

The museum building was built on the project of the great architect of modernity of the 91-year native of China, but since 1935, American Io Min Feat, whose account has more than 20 outstanding architectural projects, among which the Tower of the Bank Audx in Singapore (1975), the John Kennedy library in Boston ( 1979), Pyramid of the Louvre (1989).

National Museum of Qatar (Qatar National Museum)
– located in the former Palace of Sheikh Abdalla Bin-Mohammed, who ruled the country from 1913 to 1951. The pride of the museum is a huge two-tier aquarium in which you can see the entire underwater world of the bay. Sea turtles live here, which in the Persian Bay itself almost left. Another exposition of the museum tells about the Arab maritime expeditions and the opening period by Europeans by Europeans to India.

Not far from Doha, in the western bay, is located amusement park Kingdom of Aladdin Aladdin’s kingdom). This is a fusion park, where the pleasure of attractions will receive not only children, but also adults. Here the park with an artificial lagoon is broken, the theater is open.

Doha (Doha)

In the suburbs of the capital is zoo, in which there are quite a variety of birds, reptiles and animals.

25 km north of Doha is located Fort Umm Salal-Mohammed (Umm Salal Mohammed Fort) – a small snow-white structure with two towers and a little mosque with an old minaret, which only recently restored to its initial state.

The climate in Doha is extremely hot, tropical deserted.

Doha – One of the few cities in the world, where the average maximum exceeds +45 °C, and the heat in +50 ° C is the usual phenomenon. Precipitation drops a little – about 150 mm per year, mostly in winter. Winter soft, and the temperature is rarely lowered below +7 ° C.

The demographic situation in Doha is noteworthy in that most of the permanent residents of the city are immigrants, and the Qataris make up a minority.

A significant part of immigrants in Doha from South Asia countries are also a lot of immigrants from Arab countries in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. There are also comments from the USA, France, Great Britain, South Africa, Norway and many other countries.

In the past, emigrants were forbidden to have land owned in Qatar, but at the moment they are allowed to buy land plots in several regions of Doha, including West Bay Lagoon, The Qatar Pearl and Lusail City.

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