Dolce Vita Italian Riviera

Italy! Here in every stone – history. It seems that the time spilled in the air only multiplies the number of famous masterpieces of painting and sculptures. Here come for the feeling that the world is great and the story of it is eternal. Italy is incredibly beautiful.

All you read about Italy is true. And about the amazing harmony of architecture, which seems natural to afford the landscape. And about smooth, gradually going beyond the horizon of the line of surrounding hills.

Here the sun scattered in the air and time is not powerful over the funny violence of nature. This is a country of artists, poets and musicians. Here come to love, treated, rest. Here you will learn to enjoy life! In Italy, come for the feeling that the world is great and the story of it is eternal. This is an amazing country in which the genius of the sage is intertwined and the touching naivety of the child. And the fact that Italy is embarrassed – the truth is also. But the most striking: in this small country, for many centuries, which turned out from a real place in the name of the nominal, along and across, extractive excursions and appearing in all textbooks, every time something new and incomprehended is found. Such is the Italian Riviera.

Riviera is an exquisite recreation style, if you want, his special philosophy. Italians own it fully and generously divided with guests. Want to remember your vacation in Italy all life? Choose where to go.

Liguria is a spa zone that stretches a narrow and long arc from the border with France to Tuscany. Coastline divides her into two parts: Western – Riviera Di Ponente and Eastern – Riviera Di Levante. Mountains are closed with liguria from cold winds, so it is famous for a constant soft climate and rainy tropical vegetation. It is always warm, even in winter.

If you bring to visit these edges, be sure to admire liguria from the sea – it is gorgeous. Against the background of the seaside Alps and the green-blue sea, cozy fabulous towns surrounded by greens of parks and gardens. Landscape of Ligurian Riviera amazes contrasts: sea and rocks, modern resorts and inaccessible villages, noisy port cities and quiet bays.

The center of attraction was and remains Genoa. The capital of Liguria is often poetic compared with the interior of the ancient theater: the PARTER is a colorful port that surrounds the lodges – palaces, and the urban quarters of the amphitheater are descending from the hills right to the bay. Unique atmosphere of Genoa, cities with a centuries-old history, you need to feel. To do this, it is best to slowly wander through the narrow medieval streets of the Old Town, to explore the monument to the famous Genomeza Christopher Columbus, visit the luxurious marble palaces and cathedrals with paintings of famous artists, admire the panorama of the Ligurian Sea. Do not forget that in Genoa is one of the largest marine zoos in Europe: 48 pools and aquariums, 500 types of marine animals and fish.

Riviera Di Pontete is a continuation of the French Riviera. Perhaps the most famous her resorts are Alassio and San Remo. These are the places of prestigious rest, where in the XIX century European aristocracy, including Russian. Today San Remo is the most chic resort of the west coast of Liguria. His business card is an elegant promenade with palm trees and numerous boutiques, elegant parks and gardens with tropical vegetation, a luxurious casino similar to the palace. Cheerful and festive atmosphere reigns here all year round: in San Remo, the festival of Italian songs and holiday flowers, fashion shows and sailing regatta, car racing and boxing battles, tennis tournaments and rowing competitions.

South of Genoa, Riviera Di Levant – Rocky, Ramated by Coven and Bays The Coast with Transparent Sea and Small, mostly pebble beaches. This is one of the most fashionable resort areas of Italy. On small cozy beaches, admiring the sea water of all shades, rest "cream" Society. The most famous resorts – Rapallo and Portofino. Faithful resort for chosen Portofino after World War II opened millionaires. The absolute silence of the mountains are attracted here, the patriarchalness of the fishing village, charming landscapes and the bay, in the waters of which are reflected in multicolored houses – a natural harbor for luxury yachts of world celebrities.

Fans of excursions, whom the pearls of the Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance are mounted – Milan, Pisa, Lucca and Florence, It is not difficult to get to them. Less than 150 km separate the capital of Lombardy Milan from Genoa, 200 km to Pisa, not more than 300 km to Florence. And do not forget to visit a large water park in Cheryale – a better place to stay, entertainment and fun children and adults!

Lido di Jesolo is an amazing resort area that the Italians themselves are called "Vacation City in Venetian Gardens". With every summer the popularity of Lido di Jesolo is growing. Why – judge yourself. Lido di Jesolo is located on the Adriatic Sea, 30 km from Venice. Bathing season continues here from May to October. In the hot months, the water temperature reaches 30 ° C, while the sea is clean and shallow, which is especially good for children. Special microclimate: Because of the proximity of the Alps, there are no strong winds, a stormy sea and high waves. Ideally well-groomed long and wide golden sand beaches.

The resort has a classic layout: small, but extremely cozy hotels with high maintenance and with a characteristic home furnishings stretched by 14 km along the coast. There are no wide streets and high-altitude houses here, but you can go straight in a swimsuit from the hotel and after a hundred meters step down the smallest golden sand. There is no big car movement here, so children can be quietly released somewhat running behind ice cream or ride a swing.

Central Street in the evening turns into a pedestrian promenade, along which one tourists walk in the evening toilets, and others in shorts. Won in ice cream cafes are artists, and the company’s Germans in the bar sing their songs. Lido di Jesolo offers many entertainment for every taste: yacht club, windsurfing school and riding, tennis courts and stadium for kartips, bowlbany and sea walks. All those wishing are the moon parks and the magical world of Water Park Aquavedia. And those who rest with children must certainly go to the lake Garda, near which a huge park of attractions and entertainment Gardalandes spread out. And finally, the most important thing is from Lido di Jesolo hand to Venice, Verona, Padua, Ravenna.

Dolce Vita Italian Riviera

Another resort of Venetian Riviera – Lignano – Lies between Venice and Trieste. Located 90 km from Venice, washed by the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, offering magnificent wide sandy beaches and air filled with the aroma of pine forest, this resort attracts thousands of tourists annually. Lignano is eight kilometers of equipped sandy beaches, 200 hectares of pine forests and 300 hectares of green lungs, 250 restaurants, pizzerias, snack bars, bars, cafes, 750 supermarkets and shops. Featuring hotels from two to five stars, villas, apartments, campings, youth centers. In the evenings, nightclubs and disco doors open the doors, performing performances in a large outdoor amphitheater for 2500 seats. Lignano has everything for first-class holidays: hire of yachts and boats, windsserving schools and riding, sports grounds and tennis courts, golf club and sport fishing, thermal center with beauty salon and thalassotherapy. Children await attractions, 2000 animals in the present zoo "Punto Verde", Magic World Waterpark and Reserve in Laguna. Cognitive excursion lovers can make excursions to the ancient cities of the regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venice-Julia. Surely you regret that in the days of only 24 hours.

The resort area stretching from Ravenna to San Benedetto del Tronto is perhaps the most democratic, publicly available and developed. The modern resorts of Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, where the day and night will boil life, where the entire infrastructure is built, taking into account the needs of holidaymakers, stretched for many tens of kilometers and practically pass one to another. These resorts are not so fashionable as versilia and not so picturesque as Liguria, but they are much more accessible. The most cute among them, of course, Milano Marittima, drowning in the greenery of Mediterranean pines and cedars, and Gabichche Mare, cozy, settled at the foot of the Apennine Hills. Here are good sandy beaches – wide and gentle, calm shallow sea, many hotels and apartments for every taste. And such a concentration of thematic parks in Italy is no longer anywhere: "Italy in miniature" (270 architectural wonders and landscapes of Italy and Europe), "Mirabilandia" (Grand Entertainment Park), "Fiabilandia" (Fabulous amusement park for children), numerous water parks. Anyone who, who, and the children do not get bored here. Yes, and adults are where to turn your attention – endless sandy beaches are surrounded by a necklace of medieval cities, fortresses, monasteries. Holidays here gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy the serene beachnacre in combination with trips at the main "cities of art" and inspection of numerous Italian sights.

Riviera di Ulysses

Between Rome and Naples, there is one of the most beautiful resort coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea – Riviera Di Ulysses or the coast of Odyssey. The coast of Odyssey form original charming towns. The lane of virgin sand dunes separates the sea from the romantic paola lake in Sabaudia; The narrow medieval streets run from the slopes of the mythical Mountain Chirceo in San Felis Chirceo, in Schlong, the spirit captures the rocks and bays from the beauty; Elegant embankment hugs perfectly in shape of the bay in TERRACHIN; The entrance to the handsome port of Gaet protects the ancient tower constructed by Sarcins; Near the Appia Road stands the ancient town forming – all these are well-known resorts with world name.

The famous Sorrento is located on a 50-meter terrace, steeply climbed to crystal blue sea. From here, both from the balcony, opens an unforgettable view of the Neapolitan Bay and the Dormant Cone of Vesuvius. Holidays in Sorrento is characteristic of a special flavor, slowness and solidity. There are no bustle of crowded seats. Swimming in the sea is not an end in itself, but only complements the gamut of sensations from this beautiful place. After all, the main charm of Sorrento gives the Nature itself: the sea, landscapes, healing air. Before leaving you will probably remember the words of the famous song "Return to Sorrento".

Amalfi and Positano – the most famous resorts on the Amalfi coast, bound to winding, breathtaking dear. It offers fantastic beautiful types: cozy bays and cliffs, tearing into absolutely transparent Emerald Sea, lemon and orange trees, palm groves. Susha makes gaze with wonderful colorful houses decorated with bright Maitolian cathedrals, narrow streets rising along the slope among citrus gardens. No wonder this coast was chosen by artists.

Perfectly visible from here and the island of Capri. But about him and on holidays on other Italian islands we will tell you next time. Italy deserves to savor the story about her resorts as a wonderful rare wine.

Dolce Vita Italian Riviera

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