Dolder Grand – in Zurich at height

Hotel Dolder Grand produced me a completely indelible impression as soon as I saw it in the picture. He looks like a castle-dream for any girl who dreamed of becoming a princess in childhood. Fabulous building with turrets and balconies standing on the mountain. And it seemed to me that Calvinist Switzerland, especially strict in the Zurich region, does not imply such chic.

The second pleasant shock is a forest in which this hotel castle is located. Do you drive on the car, raise on a red antique trailer with wooden chairs or, like many Swiss, go on foot or run a coward – around you stands a magnificent very old forest with high and amazingly straight trees.

Dolder began to form in the XIX century as the cosage – a resting place for the residents of Zurich. A little later built a rink. Then the pool appeared. In 1899, a magnificent hotel building was built here, and the place for a country rest turned into a resort – first local importance, and then the international.

  • One of the first pictures of Dolder
  • Dolder Grand – Old Building and New Wings
  • View of Dolder Grand
  • Element of the decor of an old building

Three years ago, the Dolder Grand Hotel survived full renovation, skillfully performed by Foster and Partners with the famous architect Norman Foster at the head. The historic building (the same, with turrets and balconies, built at the end of the XIX century) was connected to two modern "Wings"-Extensions – SPA Wing and Golf Wing.

Today, in addition to the excellent hotel service, Dolder Grand offers luxury restaurants, a variety of entertainment and a magnificent SPA complex.

Dolder Grand is high-tech and contemporary not only in terms of hotel service. He also makes a significant contribution to the preservation of ecology. Half from all the energy consumed by the hotel Dolder Grand is geothermal energy. The system delivers the heat of the Earth to the hotel through 70 wells depth 150 meters, which allows you to cool the inner premises in the summer and heating them in winter.

By the way, Dolder Grand is a fully non-smoking hotel. Smoking can only be smoking on specially designated terraces.

  • Foyer Dolder Grand
  • Inside the old building
  • Forest view around Dolder Grand
  • View of Main Building Dolder Grand

Hotel Dolder Grand, who retains the magnitude of the XIX century and at the same time running down with time and offering a magnificent service, deserved the right to enter such chains like The Leading Hotels of the World, The Leading Spas of the World, The Swiss Deluxe Hotels and The Design Hotels.

Now Dolder Grand takes not only wealthy and high-ranking guests – princes, presidents and other VIPs, but also is often the official place of residence of participants in the world’s largest events. For example, during the meetings of FIFA or large tennis tournaments, their participants live in the Dolder hotel.

Representatives of the hotel without tired are ready to brag about the fact that it was here that the press conference of the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave immediately after Russia was chosen by the country – the hostess of the World Cup Football Championship. Also they also say that Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya, as well as Anastasia Volochkova, stayed at the hotel.

Rooms at Dolder Grand

Total Hotel Dolder Grand is equipped with 173 rooms. Of these, 15 rooms – single, 99 – Double, 48 – Junior-suite, 7 – suite, 4 – top-sucker. Absolutely all guest numbers are spacious and bright rooms, with great views from the windows, elegantly equipped both in residential and bathrooms. Rooms in the old building retained a chic interior. Rooms in new "Wings" more modern design.

The hotel is rightly proud of its four top-suite levels, which stay guests – members of royal families, state leaders, the richest stars of sport and show business.

  • Junior-suite in the main building
  • Double Room in Main Building
  • Room suite in Golf Wing
  • Junior-suite in Golf Wing

Top-sucker Maestro gives tribute to Verizher Herberta von Karaian. This two-storey room of 400 square meters is located at the very top of the central tower in the old building. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. Also equipped living room and library. From the balcony, terraces offer views both at Zurich Lake and on the forest in which there is a hotel. The room is decorated in classic style.

Dolder Grand - in Zurich at height

Top Sweet Carezza Reminds the Swiss artist and Sculptor Alberto Giacometti (Alberto Giacometti). A number of 230 square meters is located on the top floor of the Wing Spa Wing. Each interior element in the room – as a subject of art. Equipped two bedrooms – each bathroom from white marble and shower. There is a dining room.

Top Suite Masina was created in memory of Juliet Masina (Giulietta Masina), actresses, wives Federico Fellini. This "glamorous" A number of 170 square meters is reminded of the world of cinema in the 1950s. It offers two bedrooms, each bathroom from green marble.

Top-sucker 100 created in reminder of the club The 100 Club and the group The Rolling Stones. It is decorated in retro style, dominant colors – black and pink. 170 square meters accommodated one bedroom, bathroom in black colors and living room.

  • Bathroom in South
  • View from the bathroom on the lake
  • View from Dolder Grand
  • Golf course view

Rooms for two stand from 870 Swiss francs per day. Accommodation in the four best sites costs from 5500 to 14,600 Swiss francs.

restaurants and bars

Dolder Grand is proud of its two restaurants and one bar. They are open not only for hotel guests. Here we love to be wealthy residents of Zurich and tourists. Tables recommended booking in advance.

  • Restaurant Hall The Restaurant
  • Table in the restaurant The Restaurant
  • The Restaurans combines old and modernity
  • Original ceiling and modern chandelier

The Restaurant restaurant is the owner of two stars Michelin and 17 points Gumio. HEIKO Nieder Chef (Heiko Nieder) is famous for the preparation of modern dishes with plenty of seasoning. In the menu: Lobster with strawberry, beet and nasturtium. Or Langustines with beans, ham and vadouvan. Or pike with sorrel, poppy seed and vanilla. Restaurant is designed for 47 guests. There is also a separate room that is suitable for small companies – it will delight guests not only with exquisite cuisine, but also an old renovated ceiling, an impressive elegant chandelier and paintings by Camille Pissaro. The restaurant offers lunches and dinners. Business lunch costs 72 Swiss franc. Dinner of four dishes – 148 francs, from seven – 218 francs. Every day, a special vegetarian dinner is offered – 148 francs. The restaurant is open to dinners and dinners from Tuesday to Friday. On Saturday is served only dinner. On Sunday, the restaurant does not work.

  • The Restaurant: Main Dish
  • The Restaurant: Snack
  • The Restaurant: Dessert
  • The Restaurant: Snack

Second – Garden Restaurant – Open every day and offers menu for breakfasts, lunches and dinners with European and Swiss dishes. The room is designed to receive 117 people. The restaurant has a spacious terrace with a beautiful view of Zurich and Lake.

  • Restaurant Garden
  • Top view
  • Bar in Dolder Grand

The cozy bar with muted light and romantic interior of the guests will be treated with any fresh and better drinks – from fresh juices to unique cocktails. Only in this bar you can try two copyright cocktails: Wasa Khaan (vodka with cucumber juice) and Apple Ginger Martini (Martini with apple and ginger juice).

The hotel’s guests and customers have more than 500 varieties of wine, of which 100 white, 250 red, 30 types of champagne and other refined drinks. The cost of the bottle varies from 50 to 3000 Swiss francs. A total of 1,200 bottles are stored in the hotel Dolder Grand.

Dolder Grand Spa

Another hotel pride – Dolder Grand Spa. This SPA center occupies a spacious room with an area of ​​4000 square meters. Here is a combination of European and Japanese. It concerns everything – from the interiors to the cosmetics used.

Equipped separate SPA zones for men and women. Each includes a sauna, a swimming pool with cool water, an aromatic pool, steam bath, baths for feet, solarium, relaxation room.

  • Swimming pool in Dolder Grand Spa
  • Room for procedures
  • Restroom in Dolder Grand Spa

Aqua Zone – territory for all. There is a swimming pool, internal and outdoor pools with jacuzzi, steam bath, pebble lounge, relaxation room and much more.

  • Cafe in Dolder Grand Spa
  • Shop at Dolder Grand Spa
  • Jacuzzi Open Sky

For massage and cosmetic procedures, cosmetics are used by La Pairie, Kerstin Florian, Kenzoki. Despite the fact that the reception is carried out in 18 cabinets, it is recommended to record in advance.

Sports in Dolder

Dolder literally enthusiastic sports. In the immediate vicinity of Dolder Grand (5 minutes walk), the Dolder Sport complex is located on which the winter is equipped with a rink, and in the summer – the outdoor pool. Also Dolder includes a golf course with 9 wells and several tennis courts.

  • Dolder golf course
  • Swimming pool in Dolder Sport

We were lucky to try the ice rink of Dolder Sport to try the game Ashtokshesen (Eistockscheissen). This is such a Bavarian region of Kerling. The game turned out to be simple and cheerful. Throw "shells" It was necessary with a certain effort and preferably aptive. Rules are very similar to Kerling, only the players have no "Swabr". As it always happens on such events – at first everyone refused and did not want. But – what happens to be infrequently – quite quickly everyone has drawn and enjoy.

  • Equipment for Ishtokshaissen
  • Acquaintance with the game Aishksaissen

By the way, the bar is adjacent directly to the rink, so you can add fun in the game using mulled wine. And then players can proceed to the Swiss cuisine located right there, where you will always be sent to raclet or fondue.

How to get

The most natural and popular way to get to Dolder Grand – by taxi or rented car. Dolder Grand has a car-shuttle that runs between the hotel and the center of Zurich. Limousine rentals are also provided with a driver.

  • Trolcop DOLDERBAHN

However, public transport goes to the hotel. Trams №№ 3, 8 and 15 need to be reached before stopping Roemerhof, and from there on the trail on the Dolderbahn gear wheel – to the final stop of BergStation Dolderbahn.

Dolder Grand - in Zurich at height

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