Dollar and Rand – Gemini Brothers. But only in Namibia

After the proclamation of sovereignty in 1990, Namibia left the list "Hot spot" Mira and took an honorable place in Avenue agencies engaged in the Organization of African Safari.

In one of the past "Changeable shops" (cm. "I" 11 (85) for 1995, with. 29) We have already mentioned about Namibia and wrote then that this young country has no own currency, pleaseing for the needs of the money circulation by Random neighboring South African Republic. Since then, much has changed. In Namibia appeared their money. And something remains as before. For example, rand in Namibia – still full and respected coin.

In the sixth year of independence, Namibia released its own currency – the Namibian dollar, which is divided into 100 cents. At the same time, Rind remains a legitimate payment facility here, turning in parallel with the National Monetary Unit.

In Namibia, her dollar (which is abbreviated denoted by N $) is equivalent to South African Rand. That is, the official rate of N $, as well as the Rand, is 4.39 per US dollar. In South Africa for N $ 1 gives only 0.7 Randa. Therefore, if you commit a short-term raid in Namibia from South Africa, you make sense to buy Namibian currency even before the intersection of the Namibian border. On this operation, you will save at least 25%.

Cashing traveler checks, in Namibia, you can get at will or local dollars or ranks. In the country, as already mentioned, none of the currencies have no advantages over the other. Preferred to the ranks only if you are not sure that you will spend all the exchange money in Namibia, and after it you plan to visit some other neighboring countries (not necessarily South Africa). Ranks can be changed in Africa, and on other continents, and Namibian dollars – no.

Theoretically, cashing checks, you can get in Namibia and cash cash dollars, but it is worth such a service expensive (commission of about 7%), and not always local banks have American cash reserves.

Credit cards are widely accepted in most shops, restaurants and hotels. You can also receive cash via BOB – ATM system owned by First National Bank.

Dollar and Rand - Gemini Brothers. But only in Namibia

Nomin Namibian monetary signs copied with banknotes and coins South Africa. Namely: bills of dignity 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 n $ and metal coins in dignity 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, 1, 2 and 5 n $.

Parallel walking N $ and the RAND of the unusual foreigner may initially confuse. The fact is that it will face immediately with three equal, but different in color and drawing by series of banknotes and metal coins: Namibian, old South African (released before the liquidation of apartheid in South Africa) and new South African. As if in order to confuse the finally, the coins are identical at the par value in all three series differ in size.

Binding to a pretty well-safe ranner makes the Namibian dollar rather sustainable currency. Problems with inflation Namibians do not know. "Black Monetary Market" Namibia is not. US dollars or European dennaunas are not interested in. Pay off foreign money (not counting, of course, randoms) is impossible here. Banking system of Namibia, especially if you consider that this is an extensive and lumpy country, you can call almost exemplary. Branches of banks Even in small towns (and others here, except for the capital of Windhoek, and no) change foreign money, they serve road and personal checks, credit cards and generally provide a full range of standard services for international concepts. But if you go to some of the national parks (namely, for them, the overwhelming majority of foreigners come to Namibia), do not forget to stock in cash by N $ or ranes in Windhuke or at least in the latter on your way. Banks where they are there, work with 10.00 to 16.00, from Monday to Friday. On weekends and as aptural clock Optimal output – ATMs of the BOB network.

Official language of the country – English. Although it is not native to the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants who are at home to Afrikaans, the German and dozen dialects of indigenous peoples, in varying degrees in one degree or another. Banking employees own them professionally, so there should be no problems in communicating with them (if you, of course, did you learn to learn English before traveling abroad).

Dollar and Rand - Gemini Brothers. But only in Namibia

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