Dollar-Republic with royal portrait

Fiji refers to the category "Little superpowers". Not on any world map, this archipelago can be found. But in its region, in Oceania, which consists of completely tiny states, Fiji with its 800-thousand population and army of several hundred fighters – serious power. Yes, and in other parts of the world, this country is famous – only not its military power, but exotic nature. Archipelago in the very heart of the Pacific Ocean takes 100 thousand foreign tourists every year. Russians among them are still practically no, but in the price list of several Moscow agencies specializing in expensive individual tours, Fiji is already aimed at.

The relationship between citizens of the archipelago with each other, unfortunately, is not so cloudless, like the sky over coral lagoons. The fact is that most of the population is "Promotional" People, mostly Indians, delivered here in the last century, English colonizers as labor. There are approximately the same problems as between the Latvians and Russians in the current Latvia, there are approximately the same issues.

In 1987, mutual dislikes of the two main ethnic groups of Fiji poured into a military coup, the establishment of the republic, the abolition of the Constitution and the suspension of the country’s membership in the British Commonwealth. Frightened tourists began to pass around "Tropical Paradise" Side.

Fortunately, the situation was stabilized soon, and the guests from the ocean flew out again. Today, the overwhelming majority of holidaymakers is unlikely even guesses the difficult underwater flows of local policies.

Thanks to the influx of tourist dollars, the country is not a thing, and its own currency – the Fijian dollar – demonstrates enviable stability. Her exchange rate is not significantly changed for fifteen years. Last week US $ 1 was 1,4389 island dollar.

In circulation there are banknotes in dignity 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Fijian dollars. Despite the republican device of the country and ten years ago, an annoying episode with exile from the British Commonwealth, Paper Money Fiji is still decorated with a portrait of the English Queen Elizabeth.

The Fijian dollar is divided into 100 cents. Metal coins minted with dignity in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, as well as 1 dollar.

Import-exporting foreign currency guests from abroad are allowed free. There are no restrictions and on exchange: both SLE for Fijian dollars and in the opposite direction.

Dollar-Republic with royal portrait

Payments in foreign currency on the archipelago are not accepted, and the exchange is engaged only by official authorized institutions: banks, travel agencies, expensive hotels, some large shops. All of them work both with cash and travelers. "Black Monetary Market" There is practically no in the country.

Banks are open from Monday to Thursday, from 9.30 to 15.00, and on Friday – up to 16.00. For such a small country as Fiji, the choice of banks is surprisingly large. The archipelago employs state national bank of fiji, several local commercial banks and a few more foreign, from which the Australian-New Zealand Anz Bank has the most extensive network of offices. By the way, he owns a 24-hour exchange office at the capital’s international airport.

American, Australian and New Zealand dollars are best known for Fiji. Their exchange never gives rise to problems.

With other SCV, especially in the peripheral banking offices, the following incident may happen. Fijian bankers tend to request fresh exchange rates relatively few familiar currencies in banks of countries that these currencies are issued. When "at home" A foreign exchange day off, banks are closed there, and the exchange for Fiji will stop. For example, if on Monday somewhere on the archipelago you wish to change German stamps or Dutch guilders, in Germany and Holland (the difference between the time with them – 12 hours) will be still sunday. It is possible that the Fijian Clerk politely will suggest you tomorrow. A similar problem may arise in the middle of the week if at the homeland of your SDM for this day there is some kind of national holiday.

In order not to spend time on visiting island banks at all, it is worth capturing a credit card with you. "Plastic" The main global payment systems are taken to Fiji in almost all establishments near traditional tourist routes.

Dollar-Republic with royal portrait

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