Dolphin Reef in Eilat – prices and opening hours

In 1990, in the resort of Eilat, the company "Village Dolphini Rifa" burned down the networks of a small plot of coral reef in the Red Sea. Inside launched dolphins of the family of Afalin. There were five of them five – three females and two males. As a result, the Israelis turned out to be a good tourist attraction.

By the way, these dolphins are our compatriots from the Black Sea coast. You can even joke that they are participants in the third wave of immigration to Israel.

What is a dolphin reef

This is a piece of beach a little more than 50 meters and reef near him. Coral reef is fenced with a grid, an area inside the fence – approximately 100 meters.

Beach clean and equipped with sun beds and umbrellas. Now some readers who are not familiar with the resort Eilat will say: "Well, the beach. So what?". Russians are accustomed to the resorts of Egypt and Turkey, when most seaside hotels have their own beaches. In Eilat, such hotels have, but they can be counted on the fingers of two hands. Most tourists in Eilat are forced to go to public beaches, or even ride them. Clean and equipped beach for Eilat – this is a landmark.

Near the beach there is a bar and cafe. Speaking easier, all conditions for high-quality beach holidays and any whim for your money.

But the main thing here is still not a beach, but dolphins. From the shore in the sea, Pier with three round viewing sites (in the photo above), visitors are watching dolphins with them.

Dolphins sometimes stick their heads out of the water, sometimes jump up to a height of up to two meters. But it all depends on the mood of animals, may not appear at all. Several times a day, trainers feed them, rightly they identify.

Is it worth it all spent money? To say difficult. By the way, how much money you need?

Input price

In 2019, for an adult visitor, a ticket is worth 69 Israeli shekels. For a child from 3 to 15 years – 48 shekels. The ticket includes the use of beach equipment: umbrellas, sun beds, sun loungers. For a fee: Drinks and snacks in the bar, food in the restaurant.

Do not forget that you still need to get here, and the transport in Israel is expensive.

How to get

From Eilat can be reached by buses 15 or 16. They follow the border of Egypt towards the resort of Taba. The passage by bus costs 5.9 Shekel. There is another bus route towards Dolphins Reef at number 282, it goes from OWD airport to the Egyptian border.

If buses near your hotel do not stop, you will have to go by taxi. The cost of the trip will directly depend on the distance of the distance to the Dolphini Rifa, read about the tariffs in our article "Taxi in Israel".

Working hours

From 9-00 to 17-00 from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday from 9-00 to 16-30. Please note that the reef dolphins is open in Shabbat.

Weekends here are only two days a year – to the National Day of Memory (Yom Ha-sho) and on the Day of Atonement (Yom-Kipipur). Both of these national holidays are celebrated on the Jewish lunar calendar and the exact date changes every year.

How much time planning

Most tourists spend a whole day on the Rife Dolphin. The beach is good, prices for drinks and food acceptable. Where to hurry? After all, in Eilat come for the sake of the sea and the Sun, and here it is all.

Additional service – swim with dolphins

For a fee, you can plunge under water with scuba or tube.

Pleasure this is not cheap – for diving will have to pay 339 shekels for adult (from 15 years old) or 309 shekels for a child from 8 to 15 years. For snorkeling – 290 shekels per adult or 260 per child.

Do not forget that no one guarantees the appearance of dolphins and interacting with them under water. Animals also have a character, and if the dolphins do not want to accompany you, then you will just watch the fish on the reef.

Dolphin Reef in Eilat - prices and opening hours

On the bottom there are remnants of the sunken ship, the rheiff dolphins is a very interesting place for beginner divers. Each group is accompanied by an instructor.

This service requires pre-reservation on the official website of Fortunately, the site has a version in Russian.

Additional service – Relaxing pools

On Dolphin Reef there are two places for relaxation.

We have already mentioned about the bar, but also there is a lot of meaning about it – there are relaxing drinks here dear, as well as all alcohol in Israel.

Second place is special pools (in the photo on the right). They are located in large gazebos in the garden, around greens, plays a calm and pleasant music. What else is needed for complete relaxation? Something you need to pay for this pleasure. Price – 160 Shekels for two hours of relaxation. There are also "advanced tariffs", but we will not tell about them now.

What else can be found on site

There is a playground, although there is no good sense in it, since children pay all attention to dolphins. On the territory there is a photographer who takes photos of all tourists, the photo then you can buy. There is a souvenir shop.

Criticism of animal defenders

On the official website you can read that this place is unique. In fact, nothing unique in it. In the Mexico of such parks, there are 12 such parks, and in each declare that dolphins live in a natural habitat. Relationships to all similar attractions in the defenders of nature purely negative.

On the Dolphin Reef Dolphins have the opportunity to swim in the open sea and return back. But they do it by no means love to people. These dolphins are used to getting food only from human hands. They simply do not know how to extract food in a natural environment. It is this fact that causes the stormy protests of the naturalists.

Dolphins Here – the hostage of the food obtained from man. If they knew how to extradite food themselves, they would return back? Unlikely. On the other hand, if you think about, modern people in cities are exactly the same hostages, but already supermarkets. Here on this philosophical note and finish the story about the Dolphin Reef in Eilat. Read the other articles about Israel (Links below).

Dolphin Reef in Eilat - prices and opening hours

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