New Dolphinarium in Pattaya

Pattaya boasts two dolphinarities: Old Dolphin World and New Pattaya Dolphinarium. What of them to choose? Always advise you to visit a new. In it and the show is more interesting, and the situation is better and the standards of animal content at the world level. I will tell you more about Dolphinarium itself, performance, swimming and dolphinotherapy.


Pattaya Dolphinarium lives 7 dolphins-Afhalins, five of which participate in the show, and two South American sea cats. Presentation takes place in one pool, and bathing with animals – in another. Animal content standards are complied with international levels. The water temperature is constantly maintained in the area + 23-24 degrees, which is ideal for Afultinov. Bacteriological studies of water samples are carried out daily, and feeding fish is sent to the laboratory. The company even has its own veterinarian.

Show Dolphins and Marine Cotes in Pattaya

50-minute performance passes daily except environment. You will see a bright show with dolphins and marine cats. Trainers with their wards show acrobatic tricks, jump into the rings and ride in a circle. Charming sympathies appear on stage with real stars and pets of the public. Marine seals are covered, throw the balls and rotate hoops. Dolphins, like real acrobats, show exciting tricks, jump high and even draw pictures. Each viewer can buy masterpieces of sea artists in auction format.

Dolphinarium Large Territory. Besides two pools, there is a separate cafe, where it is pleasant to sit in front of the show. The organizers recommend coming 30 minutes before the start of the presentation. Places around the main pool are divided into VIP, Deluxe and Standard Side. Most of all impressions and splashes will receive viewers sitting on the first row. They give raincoats for free. During the Show, sea seals pass straight on the side of the pool at the distance of an extended hand. I recommend taking a beach shoes with yourself that dries quickly.

Photo with dolphins and marine cats

The show itself can be photographed without flash and shoot on video. After the presentation, anyone can make a frame next to animals. The cost of photographs with dolphin for a group of up to 4 people – 400 baht. Photo with a seabed for 1 person costs 400 baht. Workers Dolphinarium will help you make great pictures on your phone or camera.

Swimming and dolphinotherapy

Swimming with dolphins and therapy are held in a separate pool. Anyone can embody his dream into reality. To do this, do not even be able to swim. The main thing is not to be afraid of water. Dolphins for therapy passed separate training for working with children. First you will hold a small briefing in Russian. Coach will tell how to behave with dolphins and what to do during swimming. Will be given a towel and show where to change clothes. If you forgot the bathing suit, you can also buy it. Unlike the old dolphinarium, in the new one does not need to cohere the nails. The only condition is to remove earrings, rings and suspension. Dolphins are very curious and can eat decorations.

For swimming with dolphins there are limitations. Pregnant women, children under 4, people with chronic skin diseases, psyche, infectious and parasitic diseases are categorically prohibited to swim with dolphins. People weighing up to 100 kilograms are allowed to swim with dolphins. Children from 4 to 6 years old swim along with parents. If the child is afraid to go down into the water, someone from parents can swim instead of him. The whole battery process can be removed on the video and photo without flash.

Dolphinarium in Pattaya - Show, Swimming with Dolphins, schedule, discount tickets Pattaya Guide

Swimming with dolphins lasts about 10 minutes. After briefing you go down to the pool. First, the animal takes time to get used to. You will constantly have a coach explaining the safety rules. If necessary, the rescue vest will be issued. Dolphin is constantly near. You can hug him and stroke, spin and swim, holding for fins. Dolphin makes several circles, kisses and rolls you through the pool.

All dolphinotherapy with a child in the pool is a healing therapist, and the coach is watching from the side. Such treatment helps children with development features. Certified coach and therapist were trained and ready to help establish communication with dolphins to any child. All therapy takes about 25 minutes. First, the child and Dolphin get acquainted with each other, play with a hoop and a ball. The treatment combines exercise, new tactile sensations, ultrasonic and vibroacoustic effects. Step by step in the gaming atmosphere, children relax and gladly swim with dolphins under the sensitive leadership of the therapist. The result of treatment is progress in the development of communication skills, interest in occurring events, improving speech, sleep and intellectual activity.

How to get to Dolphinarium

It is a 10-minute drive from the center of Pattaya. On urban songteo not to get here. Only on your car, motorbike, taxi or on the transfers included. If you come on your own, align a trip with a fleet with a fleet of magniast stones or a Farm of Dwarf Pony Pipo Pony Club.

New Dolphinarium in Pattaya

Address: 555/5 Moo 1 Nong Prue, Banglamung
Coordinates: 12.950962, 100.936700
Ticket price: from 600 baht for adults, 400 baht for children, kids up to 80 cm for free (without place). Tickets with a good discount book online. At the checkout, it is enough to show a screenshot on the phone. Additionally, in the dolphinariums arrange birthdays and conduct a course "Young coach".
Working hours: from 9:00 to 17:00, except for the medium. Show time: 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00.

Dolphinarium in Pattaya - Show, Swimming with Dolphins, schedule, discount tickets Pattaya Guide

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