Dolphinarium on Phuket

Attractions of Phuket every year are replenished. In the fall of 2015, the Dolphinarium Nemo Dolphins Bay was opened, which invites you to watch the show dolphins and sea seals, as well as swim with dolphins and take a photo.

How to get to Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium Nemo is located in the Chalong area, on the same street with Phuket Zoo. A large building resembles a tent with a vaulted ceiling and a round-shaped pool, around which there are places for viewers. Dolphinarium walls are not, but fans blow from all sides, creating a pleasant coolness. You can get here by taxi, on your transport, or ordering tickets together with the online transfer.

Show Dolphins on Phuket

In Dolphinariums there are two marine cats and five dolphins who came to Phuket from Ukraine. An hour show will like both children and adults. The view from the numbers of two funny marine cats, which juggle the balls, turn hoops and cloudly clap.

Dolphins appear on the water arena. They jump through rings, move the balls, bounce almost to the ceiling and even dance lambad. The most exciting number is riding on dolphins. Animals on their worshipers raise coaches from the water and carry around the pool, the feeling that people simply slide on the water, raising a big wave. See small passages of the show in my video below.

Dolphinarium doors open 15 minutes before the show, it is better to come for this time or a little early, so as not to wait once again on the street. Visitors can buy refreshments and ice cream in kiosks near cash.

Tickets in Dolphinarium

Dolphinarian cash desks work from 10:00 to 19:00, you can buy a ticket to the sector you need. All places are divided into VIP (1 and 2 rows) and standard, their cost see below. It is worth noting that from the first row you can see better, but it is the most wet: during the show splashes fly in the audience. I recommend to take the second row and above. Before the show, visitors are offered for an additional raincoat card, you can also capture a towel with you.

Photo with dolphins

The shows allow you to photograph and shoot on the camcorder without restrictions. The only condition – you should not get up from your place. In Dolphinaria, they care about the safety of the audience, they are not allowed to walk around the hall during the show and approach the side of the wet. After the show for an additional fee, you can take pictures with dolphins on your camera.

Swimming with dolphins and diving

Anyone can swim with dolphins. To do this, you need to buy a separate ticket in advance, and after the show come with him to the staff of the dolphinarium. You will be shown where you can change clothes, take a shower after bathing with dolphins, if necessary, will be given a towel. Employees in Russian will tell you how to handle the dolphins and how to keep them during swimming. In my video below you can see how bumping with dolphins.

Dolphinarium on Phuket - photos, videos, ticket price, reviews Guide to Phuket

The depth of the pool is about 3 meters, if you are badly floating, take the vest. Swimming with dolphins lasts 15-20 minutes, your loved ones and friends at this time can take pictures and shoot the entire process on the camcorder. If you just swim with marine animals, several circles are not enough for you, give preference to diving. Then you can feel like a real dolphin.

Video Dolphinarium and Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphinarium on Phuket is not just an exciting show, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with these smart animals closer, get unforgettable emotions and organize a real holiday for your children. Align a visit to the dolphinarium with a park of birds or a botanical garden.

Dolphinarium Nemo on Phuket

Address: 1/5 Moo 9, Chalong, Muang, Phuket
Coordinates: 7.842697, 98.356925
Working hours: every day except Monday
Show watch: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00.
The price of a ticket to Dolphinarium:

  • VIP Places (1 and 2 rows) 1000 baht for adults, 600 baht for children
  • Deluxe Places (3-5 row): 900 baht for adults, 500 baht for children
  • Conventional places (6-7 row): 700 baht for adults, 400 baht for children

Order tickets with shuttle (surcharge) online.
The cost of photos with dolphins (on your camera): 400 baht for a group of no more than 4 people.
Swimming with dolphins: 5000 baht for adult or child.

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