Dombay (Dombay)

Dombai – Name of the village and the same Ski Resort in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia.

It is located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level at the confluence of three rivers and three valleys (Alibek, Dombay-Ulgen and Amanauz), in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, in the territory of the Teberda Reserve.

To the top of the highest mountain Elbrus Russia from here in a straight line – 65 km to the Black Sea, too, about – 65 kilometers to the resort Arkhyz – 50 km. However, this information is purely for reference purposes, as straight roads to these areas does not exist.

The highest point of the Dombai Valley – Mount Dombai-Ulgen (4046 m above sea level).

Plenty of sunshine, mild climate, moderate humidity and picturesque mountain scenery Dombai brought well-deserved fame as one of the most beautiful parts of Russia, and made it a year-round mountain resort.

in winter – is a popular ski center and in summer – mountain resort, where many divergent excursion routes on the territory of the Teberda Reserve.

In the area of ​​Dombai glade has 12 ski lifts, ski school, several dozen hotels of different levels, there are numerous restaurants and cafes (mostly Caucasian cuisine).

The average maximum January temperature is -5 ° C°, July is + 20 ° C°.

The average minimum temperature in January is -12C°, July is + 7C°.

The average number of sunny days per year – 320.

The thickness of the snow cover in the Dombai Valley places reaches two meters. Snow falls in October, but stable snowpack becomes in November. On the lower parts of the ski slopes is snow until early April, on the upper – to mid-May.

Ski season at Dombai – from 20 December to 15 April.

Where to stay

The great advantage of the village is its compactness. Wherever you stop, landing on the cable car will be in walking distance. In the evening you can walk to your favorite coffee shop or, for example, walk up to the pool.

This is a great advantage Dombaya which lack (in most cases) to the Red Glade spas, and Arkhyz Prielbrusie.

Most accommodations Dombae refers to one of two categories, as described below. first — Massive multi-storey Soviet hotels built in the twentieth century. it «Mountain peaks», «Dombai», «Crystal». Such hotels offer special APR optionsès ski, for example, in «Mountain vertices» Located pool and bowling.

Second category – Private hotels from two to five floors. it «The Snow Queen», «Rostov.RU», «Vertical» And about hundreds of other options worthy and not very. Often in the evening program in such hotels included a bath, billiards, almost always – your cafe for breakfast and dinners.

Specific accommodation – Apartments in five-story buildings of the neighborhood «Fir», Come to local residents coming tourists. Conditions in these simple but families count on a budget holiday and independent cooking, you can save a decent.

In the peak of the ski season (New Year’s holidays), the hotel in Dombaya is clogged under the urban, so guests of the Caucasus, who did not have time to decide on accommodation in advance, settle in the nearby village of Teberda.

This is not so convenient because the infrastructure of Tourist Teberda (cafes, restaurants, clubs, entertainment) is noticeably inferior to the jaba, and to come to skating, and then return to the hotel, you will have to overcome about thirty kilometers of a loop road not better quality. But when accommodation in Teberd, you can significantly save.

Security on Dombare

Security – this is the weakest place of the resort. The tragic case that happened several years ago with Zorb (remind, as a result, one of the young people who decided to take advantage of an extreme service), in Dombai for their safety should be answered by himself. There are no protective nets, no pointers, no mining patrol, no webcams.

Snowmobiles, raising holidaymakers, go on the same tracks as the skiers, towards them and do not always reduce the speed in potentially dangerous places. As a result, constant trauma trauma.

According to the head of the tourism department when managing the culture of the Karachai city district, Umar Aidinov, even checking the resort takes place only on the statement of tourists. Scheduled checks are not conducted.

Many owners of attractions offering services on the slopes of Moussa-Achitar, do not have a license, and therefore do not bear any responsibility for our security with you.

Even such simple things like a timely cleaning of a land when disembarking from the chair road can be produced, and maybe not, depending on the mood of the wheelchairs.

Official information on the monitoring of dangerous sites, as well as the fulfillment of uniform events. The resort has an item in which the first medical assistance is provided – Just do not be surprised if you say that iodine or bandages they do not have (and it happens).

Dombai winter

Catania zone is located on the slopes of Moussa-Achitar Mountain. The total length of the tracks no more than twenty kilometers, which is not too much by the standards of alpine resorts. But this lack of Dombuy with interest pays for amazing species: while lifting the mountain and descent on the tracks, all three valleys with surroundings and the village itself are perfect.

Mountains Sophfloj, Belarus, Erzog, Dombai Ulgen, a height of more than three thousand meters deservedly enjoy the status of constantly photographed brilliant superstars. From the top of the Moussa-Achitar Range in good weather, Elbrus is perfectly visible, the highest mountain of the Caucasus and Europe. Range zone heights is 1400 meters.

The ski season usually lasts from December to April, but the weather in the mountains – Pretty unpredictable phenomenon, and it happens that even the May holidays indulge in skiers and snowboarders with fresh snow. Surprises with a sign «minus», When on New Year’s Eve holidays too little for full riding.

Snow usually falls out in October, but stable snow cover is set closer to the new year. Therefore, if you are planning to ride a house for November holidays – Be sure to specify the current state of the slopes, the probability of about 50 to 50.

In the lower sections of the ski slopes, the snow lies before the beginning of April, on the upper – Until the middle of May. Officially ski season in Dombaya lasts from December 20 to April 15.

Two sets of cableways work – New and old:

A new set of lifts includes 3 queues: 8-bed lifting of a gondola type (1590-2270m), 6-seater chair lifter (2270-3035) and 4-bed chair lifts (3035-3168).

The old elevator complex includes 5 queues: two single-lifting lifts (1636-1751, 1700-1800), and three part-time (1719-2266, 2266-2500, 2500-3002)

Mansion stands a parquet road "Yugoslavka" (2550-2980), raising on the shoulder g. Mousse, and the pendulum cableway (1600-2250), which run two cars with a capacity of 20 people.

There are also several bohegels for beginners starting from the cafe area on the mountain, the people referred to «froggy».

With prices for SCIPASS in Dombaya, the same confusion, as with the lifts, and this is a serious lag on the background of neighboring resorts: Arkhyza, Elbrusy and Red Polyana.

SKIPASS for 1 day to a new complex of lifts costs 1,400 rubles per day, in the old complex of the day Skipassa there, you need to pay for each lift – 100-150 rubles for lifting. Yugoslavka – SKIPASS for 1 day costs 500 rubles., 1 lifting – 100 rubles. The cost of 1 lift on the pendulum cableway – 200 rubles. All remember?

Prices can change on holidays and depending on the season, so recognize the accurate information here: Dombaj.Ru

Domboy slopes are suitable for beginners and for advanced riders. There are special learning zones for children. And after the snowfall lovers of untouched virgin, extensive snowy fields are waiting for, ride on which can be without restrictions and without a threat to avalanche.

Most of the tracks of the Dombay – with a moderate slope, smoothed terrain and a small amount of bugrov.

All tracks are preparing randes. With a significant influx of visitors, the slopes are quickly broken, but this is the problem of any ski resorts. Information on the state of the Dombaya trace get it impossible.

Summer on Dombay

The beauty of the neighborhoods of Dombaya is not amenable to description. Here are the eternal glaciers, and alpine meadows, and transparent, like a tear, alpine lakes, and age-old fir forests – And everything literally at the distance of an elongated hand!

Two phenomena significantly complicate access to all beauties, and the name of them: «Teberdinsky Reserve» and «Border zone». In practice, this means that many routes or closed are completely or available for money (on a formal basis) or are available in the presence of border passing that you need to design in advance.

If there is an opportunity, it is worth visiting the Baduksky lakes, the valley of Alibek lakes and Mount Doguzkelbashi, Lakes Maustju, Alibek Waterfall, make a car walk through the gonachhire gorge to Lake Tumaly-Kel, walk to the Turk Lake and Mountainee Cemeteries, sunbathe on the Kara Kel ( Black Lake) in Teberda, visit the Volire Complex Teberdinsky Reserve.

Dombay (Dombay)

In addition to hiking, in the vicinity of Dombay, you can make magnificent cycling and horse rides. Most of the routes start from neighboring Teberda and, perhaps, we can say that in the warm season, this is a great option of basing in comparison with the domain, where the next hotel is necessarily built in the summer season, and instead of the sounds of nature, working concrete mixers and grinders are heard.

In the summer, the lifts also work on Moussa-Achitar mountain, allowing more than three thousand meters as a height and admire the beauties of the main Caucasian ridge.

Where to eat

Unfortunately, Dombay holds the palm of championship among the Caucasian ski resorts in the number of cases of local strish poisoning. This applies, first of all, to a cafe on a mountain, which seek massively to serve numerous one-day tourists, not much experienced at the same time for the quality.

But you should not transfer the negative one-time experience of some holidaymakers to the entire resort: in-middle a jabea feed satisfying, tasty and not too expensive. The cult status is institution «In Zuli», Over the past fifteen years from a pair of written off trains to a fashionable restaurant with waiters in national clothes.

Whatever place for dinner you have chosen, you should not leave the Dombuy, without trying the following national dishes: Hychynes (fresh pellets with various fillings), Lagman (soup with meat), shurpa (meat soup), kebab (in an additional presentation does not need).

A pleasant place to leisurely dine and skip the cup-other, Freedom (at the entrance to the village) with a beautiful interior and colorful elderly.


Dombai – A stunningly beautiful place that has a huge tourist potential as a year-round direction. Unfortunately, not the most effective management (lack of a single ski pass, closed «border» Matter of many interesting hiking routes, frequent cases of tourist poisoning and many other serious «Polls»).

In practice, it leads to the New Year holidays with a mad-in-chapted vacationers breaking a roller, and in queues on the descent and the rise occur due to the fact that the locals are all as one, seek to go to the landing without a queue.

Only in 2015 it became possible to monitor the state of the slopes with the help of several webcams: before that the needs of potential vacationers satisfied one-only webcam installed by the efforts of several enthusiasts, but most often resided in a state «Offline».

These facts, as well as increased with the appearance «By side» The ski complex in Arkyse competition is gradually leading to the fact that the skiers choose the rapidly developing resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, or Elbrush with its super long season, or a calm arhyze for family holidays or skating training.

This absolutely does not mean that Dombay is empty: it is a superpopular direction for one-day excursions. At the top, you can ride on a snowmobile on the mountain, and below, in the village, on a quad bike or horses.

Tourists’ masses come to the highlands of Karachay-Cherkessia, to climb the top of the Moussa-Achitar ridge, admire the Panorama Elbrus (if the weather allows) and rolling extremes, drinking brandy in one of the high mountain cafes and buy something from knitted products created by local craftsmen.

Other excellent housebie souvenirs that can be purchased at the local market: herbal teas, jam, wooden crafts, traditional Caucasian horns, animal skins.

Nevertheless, the magnificence of the surrounding nature makes it hope that the bulk of the guests of the Dombaya in the future will be lingering here longer than one day.

How to get to Dombay

2 kilometers from Dombaya is Mineral Water Airport. This is the optimal destination for guests from the capital, who have chosen the air travel method, as well as for residents of cities located far from Karachay-Cherkessia. Another relatively acceptable option of the arrival point – Pashkovo Airport Krasnodar. From him to Dombay about 400 kilometers.


Nearest railway stations: Stavropol (220 km), Kislovodsk (180 km), Nevinnomyssk (170 km), mineral waters (230 km). It is hardly possible to call this way to get to the resort convenient, because you will have to first stay with all the equipment in a poorly fit for this car, and then change the vehicle and rejuvenate / boot.

Option with a bus bus can be approached by residents of the cities of the Rostov region, Stavropol and Krasnodar Territory. However, the vehicles themselves are quite worn, the speed of movement is small, and the schedule is not always convenient.

Therefore, if the dates of your trip coincide with weekends or holidays, try to negotiate with travel agencies that send their excursion buses to Dombai. Even if you won’t buy a tour package with accommodation, most likely you will meet and sell a bus ticket for the Human cost.

By car in Dombai can be reached from Moscow by federal tracks «Don» and «Caucasus» along the route «Moscow – Rostov-on-Don – Cherkessk – Dombai».

The quality of the asphalt coating throughout the path is quite acceptable, numerous pointers will also not allow you to get off the way, but be prepared for increased and inventive attention from Gibbd workers since the border of the Krasnodar Territory and ending with the entrance to Dombay.

Dombay (Dombay)

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