Domestic acquisition in the rhythm tango

Argentina, from the middle of the last century, hosting emigrants from many European countries, and today I am glad to foreigners. Unlike the nonsense states, such as the United States or Canada, built once the same people from Europe, but simply not inviting themselves.

That Argentina is ready to give shelter and decent life to every wishes in "I" written more than once. We also reported on the formalities that need to be observed by the potential Argentinee, to get an immigration visa (see. "I" B 6 (165) dated February 19, 1997, with. 14 and b 48 (157) dated December 10, 1996, with. 15). Now – about what is worth going there.

About Scots, Swiss and Other Decent

Argentina, although it is located on the other side of the equator, does not get worse from this. This is not a dyed exotic country, lost in the wilderness of the Latin American continent, peculiar, but, of course, not provincial, which seems to be the majority of us, non-destroyers. I do not want to say that the Motherland Gaucho and Tango embodies the romantic dreams of paradise on earth. No, of course: Just Argentina is one of those few places where people are able to exist in harmony with each other and nature, work for a decent remuneration, without turning work in an end in itself, and enjoy every moment, enjoying. What, in general, is the most worthy life.

It is difficult to believe, but at the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was considered almost the richest state in the world, leaving far behind North America with Northern Europe and on the gross national product, and on giant exports – meat, grain, wool. The saying was even like this: "Rich as Argentine".

From here and thousands of Europeans who tried to find the well-being in the picturesque foothills of the Andes, – the southern Italians who have moved with the Basque Pyrenes, Galicians and Catalans, Pedantic Germans and the Austrians with Swiss, Irish with Scottles, Russians with Jews.

The density of the indigenous Indian population was then very insignificant, the Africans did not have in the country. Thus, an incredible thing appeared in South America, a completely white country, Catholic in spirit, Spanish according to the method of expressing thoughts and more or less European in the style of life. Familiar Argentine Student, Bright Brunette, assures that she is the only surviving black-haired resident of Buenos Aires. All others, Say, – Natural Blondes.

Then, the eyelids back, each alien chose himself a warm place, consistent with his own ideas about the right life. The frost-resistant Scots, for example, soon sobering with the last surviving Indians, climbed into a delightful patagonium, with the hazel glaciers and wonderful lakes, closer to the 37th parallels, the jet "Children Captain Granta". And steel with gorsky stubbornness and obvious success to breed sheep and build roads.

Comparatively few descendants of conquistadors (no more than 10-15% of the population of the country) were dissolved in settlers of modern. Galician accent is still heard everywhere. Along with Catalan, Italian and German.

Russians and Jews, in a minor number of dispersed in the country, in the mass of their assured in the capital. In which, as in any self-respecting capital, representatives of various, including rare for Latin America nationalities are noticeable. For example, Syrians. The current President Carlos Menem, by the way, from Syrians. Muslim in his birth, albeit backed in an adult, he, nevertheless, was elected head of state – an excellent illustration of a new Argentine constitution, democratic and versoity, allowing even president not to be an offacarious Catholic.

As in any decent country, in Argentina has its own Switzerland. Different from Switzerland near Moscow (Zvenigorod) or, say, oriental (in Lebanon), what they live there, everyone is surprising, indigenous Swiss. In the XIX century, in the Helvetic Confederation, it was apparently so hungry and restless that poor people reached for a distant continent in search of a better life. And they discovered it in Andes, among the mountain landscape, transparent lakes and relict pines, where the city of San Carlos di Baryiloche costs today, in two hours of summer from Buenos Aires. Accustomed to exhaustive work and uncalled with a good climate, they were injured fishing, skiing and, obeying national inconsistencies, tourism was slowly developed. Already.

Curious Brazilian Resort

District Bariloche finally mastered at the beginning of the 20th century. There and today – solid Swiss, in the third-fourth generation. Architecture – Chalet. Favorite Product – Chocolate.

Chocolate, in contrast to wool or grain, do not export, and eat in the unmeasured quantities in place. In Bariloche, at least a dozen of huge chocolate stores, for which the Argentine Swiss is wanted, and before entering the master chocolate of the same origin, which immediately boils the sweet product. One of the famous varieties that the last hundred percent is called "Mamushka" (with an emphasis on the second syllable), – Live certificate of friendship of peoples.

The current Bariloche – an amazing ski resort is quite a world-class, where Europeans are happy with the Americans with pleasure (they are hot and for skis at this time) and the neighbors – Brazilians – to look at the snow (snowflakes are in packages, not guessing that those melted). The climate is very similar to our, but housing is cheaper. This circumstance took advantage of Sylvester Stallone, immediately acquired in this paradise villa.

You do not prevent you from following his example and build – no, not a villa, but a modest house, one by 100-120 square meters. Thousand for $ 40, including a piece of wonderful forest hectares at 10-15.

Hospitality that does not interfere with patriotism

In Argentina, love foreigners in general and Russians in particular. Show their benevolence, as can, from the very first days, not giving emigrants to feel that they are strangers. Despite the notorious talkativeness, the Argentines are ready to even listen to a stranger. When it is impatient.

Russian for Argentina – primarily the educated European, and therefore the carrier of culture is how high, so and ancient. And the culture is respected there. Funny, but for many Argentine residents of Russia still – Alternative to Yankees. If you keep in mind the traditional hostility of all Latin Americans to Gringo, it will become clear that we are for them – historical counterweights of North America.

Their love for Europe and dislike for states affects everything – in education, travels, thinking. Their Argentina is part of Europe, the will of the fate abandoned on another mainland. Denominations – a lot, discrimination – no, disassembly and sociability – akin to the Russian.

Argentines do not like to ride abroad, preferring to travel in their own country, enough for this diverse and interesting. If you go on vacation abroad, you choose Paris, London or Brussels, circling, more precisely, lining unloved, although close northern neighbors.

The same with children. Young heirs do not send to study in the United States, even English. If the European University lacks funds, try to send a child to England, France, Germany at least a couple of months. But even those lucky people who had the end of Oxford, most often in the old world do not settle: patriots.

Unlike Moscow, which is known, not Russia, Buenos Aires for any Argentina – Center and the country and the Universe. The place where they are returned from distant wanderings, because it is better not – no.

"How delicious Buenos Aires with evening lighting, Cavanaga and Comgei lights. " Or so: "Huana Street Bautists Alberti, read novels in lever buses. Raw annoying weather. " Charming names – Coimbra, Monte Redondo, Martingans, Pampilos, repeatedly with Cortasar and Borges.

Enveloping accordion intonations Tango Astor Piazzol, not sweat from age, which have already entered the repertoire of classical musicians. Thunder Football Stadium, Fans, convinced that Argentine Football is the most right football in the world. The historical match for the chess crown of the 1927 sample between Alexander Alekhin and José Raul Capablana, who brought Alekhina the World Champion title.

To the honor of Buenos Aires, his real adequate past. He and today remains one of the most part and cultural centers of the world. Teatro Colon (Columba Theater), in which, in addition to Latin American musicians, is happy to perform world stars: Rostropovich, Kisin and Pavaroti – not a complete list of last year. By the way, in the same theater once for the first time, the tango was fully fully fulfilled, then only appeared.

Everything concentrates in the capital. The population of Buenos Aires and suburbs – a third of the country’s population. When the city is sleeping, it is not clear. Discos, opening up by midnight, by the middle of the night reach attendance peak. Metropolitan Porteno (Buenos Aires Dandy), as well as good-natured fathers of families with households (including infants), dining in two or three hours in the restaurant, – standard picture.

Various national communities prefer to be grouped in certain areas without making it from their national or confessional accessories of the cult. One of the streets, which is a continuous chain of cute jewelry benches, almost entirely belongs to Armenians. The Jewish community, the fourth size after Israel, the United States and Russia, has no 400 400.000 people.

Sesses in Buenos Aires No: not hot. Therefore, the metropolitan residents are not so relaxed as most South American. The effect of the continent affects the easiest possible time: late for the meeting for half an hour – hour is not considered to be late. One of the favorite expressions: "There is no need to worry today – tomorrow will always come".

Not too, but still business

Neglect of time does not affect business activity. For example, on construction – Argentina is experiencing a construction boom today. Stores, offices, highways are built. Reconstructed the famous metropolitan area of ​​port Kabakov La Boca – Small Motherland Tango.

The initiative person seeking to develop his own business is not giving up, focusing forces for maintenance. With the Argentines compete easily, as they do not like to process. Having $ 20.000 and linking fate with small business, you can confidently look into the future: a small gym, hairdresser, massage salon, workshop, cafe will provide it.

One of the most profitable types of business – tourist. Travel agencies in Argentina is clearly lacking, although the attractions are not less there than the neighbors. Brazil know everything, go there for a carnival and look at the waterfalls Iguazu. And these waterfalls – just on the border of Argentina with Brazil. Western Europeans will visit Patagonia Pampas and swim on cruise liners in the south – Antarctica, Fire Land, Penguins. And our compatriots – no. They seem to do not know anything about these beauties at all, but in Argentina go for fur coats.

Perspectives – Rainbow, but Real

Domestic acquisition in the rhythm tango

In the country, everything is specifically arranged in order not to interfere with the person doing business. Moderate taxes. Unlike the rest of South America, except for Chile, there is no cruel crime in Argentina, economic rack and drug addict.

With all the recent stormy political life, with changing military regimes and a lost Falkland War 82nd, Argentina today is the right stronghold of democracy. In terms of living, it does not reach states or Scandinavia, remaining at the level of southern Europe, but consistently among the first thirty countries of the world. And the Argentine Peso since 1992 retains equality with the US dollar.

Argentine salary, maybe not the largest in the world (at a qualified worker – $$ 1.000-1.500 per month, engineer – $$ 1.500-2.500), but with our, especially in the provinces, are not comparable. And salary, which is pleasant, pay, and on time.

Schools, like universities and hospitals, there are free (federal) and paid (private). Argentina has any industry. There is only atomic. And thank God. And there is excellent beer and wine, not worse than the famous Chilean.

Yes, here’s another: Familiar Argentines convinced me that steaks and cows they have the biggest and delicious. Naturally, in the world. You can believe the word, but better – check.

Material prepared with the assistance of the Immigration Bureau "Agency Visa Service".

Note of potential immigrants

The minimum period of registration of the Argentine immigration visa -1 month

Registration costs (including lawyer fee) – $$ 2.500-3.000 (depending on the family composition)

The language of the country is Spanish (to obtain an immigration visa knowledge knowledge is not required)

Acquired immigration status: a temporary residence permit – 1 year, extension – for another 1 year, a permanent residence permit – after 2 years, citizenship – after 3 years

The need for permanent residence in Argentina for citizenship is not required

After registration of an Argentine passport of a foreigner or after receiving citizenship, a visa-free entry into the United States is allowed, most of the countries of Western Europe (with the right to hire) and Latin America

Middle Argentine Salary Level: Qualified Worker – $$ 1.000-1.500, engineer $$ 1.500-2.500

Summary of the argentine family (3 people) $ 750

Minimal capital to start keeping "Family business" in Argentina – $$ 10.000-20.000

Average real estate prices in Argentina: Two-bedroom apartment in Buenos Aires (80-100 square meters area) in middle class accommodation areas – $$ 35.000-50.000; House in the suburb of Buenos Aires (with an area of ​​100 square meters) with a plot of 10 acres – $$ 30.000-40.000. Prices in the provinces are 30-50% lower.

Domestic acquisition in the rhythm tango

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