Domestic tourism: Chelyabinsk and region

You’re laughing, think that Chelyabinsk can only go to relatives (almost 23 thousand of our users over the past year, probably, they flew to them). But Chelyabinsk and its surroundings are quite a decent direction for internal tourism. And in our article will try to convince you.

In the town

Give the chance of Chelyabinsk streets! Here, too, there is your "Arbat" – Kirov Street. Pedestrian zone with many curly benches, lanterns and sculptures. Along the entire length of the cafe and shops, but it is especially pleasant to go here in the evening when lights are lit.

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The city has its own atmosphere: angular Soviet architecture, tanks, monuments at every turn. That’s State Academic Drama Theater. Orlova Reminds the days of the youth of our grandmother. Nowadays, such buildings look unusual and fresh on the background of new glass. Yes, and the area of ​​the theater is quite pleasant, and in the spring with blooming flower beds, do not tear the eye.

Railway Museum Everywhere cool, in Chelyabinsk – too! It is located in the open sky, to your attention and feel the composition of different times. Almost everything you can go inside, see how before people traveled in trains.


One of the unusual monuments – Sphere of love . He was manufactured in Italy and found his place near the cinema in 2000. Monument symbolizes the female and male start, marriage and family. It turns out good photos, so do not pass by!

In general, dozens of historical monuments and interesting sculptures are scattered around the city. Here is the dancer, the cab driver, the saxophonist, a city, professional beggar, a boy with camels … you can "collect" all?

Outside the city

Domestic tourism Chelyabinsk and region

Still, the best in this region outside the city. First place where you need to go – Arkim . Legend says that earlier the fat Aryan people, and the age of the age catch up with the Egyptian pyramids. Many consider arcami to the place of strength, but check you!

If you want away and in the mountains, go to Lake Zyuratkul . It is located in the mountains in the National Park. By the way, it is one of the most beautiful national parks of the Chelyabinsk region. The park runs the famous ecotercope with which beautiful views of the ridge are opening.

Another National Park – Taganai. They say that those who have not been there – did not see all the beauty of the Chelyabinsk region. And after all, the truth: a stone river, mountain ranges, Lake Zlatoust and a mountain water source White key, there is even a valley of fairy tales! Late spring, summer and autumn is the best route for walking and dating area, and all this is 140 km from the city!

And heard anything about Ural Bali? And it is! This is a lake in a quarry without reaching the city to the city to the city (approximately 100 km from Chelyabinsk). It appeared quite recently and is directly called – Ural Bali. This name of the lake received due to the unusual color of water, which is very similar to the water around the real island in Indonesia. It is not recommended to swim in the lake, but admire and make a couple of knocking pictures can.

As you can see, entertainment we painted a good vacation week. And this is not counting the ski resorts and other national parks, which in the Urals are a lot. Everywhere there are tour bazes and just at home – without roofs above your head. But to see all this with your own eyes, you need to take a car. And if you have friends with driver’s license, urgently throw them this article. We have another direction of internal tourism for friends by car – Altai . It’s nice that in such a big country there are places no worse than overseas.

In our telegram channel, too, there is useful and relevant information. We tell about the places where you immediately want to fly away, publish cheap tickets, share news and lifhaca. Walkam!

Domestic tourism Chelyabinsk and region

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