Domestic tourism – myth or reality?

At the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council, which took place in Yalta, Russian President Vladimir Putin led the data that in 2014 the number of traveling in Russia increased by 30% and amounted to 41.6 million. human.

Experts confirmed that the number of Russians who expressed the desire to relax in Russia really increased. Only here with one reservation: citizens on domestic beaches led by the weakened ruble yes mass propaganda in the media. However, in the next 2016, a Russian tourist who loved the overseas service can not go anywhere at all.

In the Russian union of the tourist industry, they state that the number of tour operators engaged in exit tourism, declined noticeably. According to the press secretary of the North-West branch of the Russian Union of the Tourist Industry of Pavel Rumyantsev, in April of the current year in St. Petersburg there were 177 tour operators on international tourism, and 98 remained in June. Many companies decided not to risk and hurried to reformat their work, focusing on internal tourism, in which the amounts of financial guarantees are an order of magnitude lower than.

Many, however, still hoped that in the velvet season, that is, in August — September, the number of people willing to acquire a tour abroad will increase as it was before. But so far nothing is prepans. The vacationers, taking into account the zyibility of the ruble course, stubbornly refrain from travel outside Russia. Part of the tourists in general chose to stay at home, and those who still do not imagine vacation without trips and new impressions, took advantage of resting opportunities in their homeland.

Do any unambiguous conclusions, according to Rumyantsev, while premature. And it is unlikely that today St. Petersburg will visit twice as many Russians compared with 2014. Nevertheless, many local companies report that the number of tourists increased by 30%. It is clear that the improvement of the indicators is due to «Inademic» According to the financial reasons of Russians, as well as those who are unofficially guidance, but did not advise, to travel beyond the country. But somewhere to rest still need — So they were forced to be content with tours in Russia.

According to Pavel Rumyantsev, from the point of view of statistics for internal tourism, the selling season of 2015 is very successful.

But since this success is called forced, and therefore dubious factors, it needs to be consolidated, to form people to understand the fact that rest in Russia at least not worse than rest abroad. Only in this case it will be possible to talk about this success. Therefore, 2016 is very important in this sense, when it can be traced, as the emerging trend develops. If this year people will not satisfy the quality of domestic rounds, next year they will refuse travel at all or will continue to go to other countries, but less — Say, every two years, and not twice a year.

Roman Bobyl, expert of the Public Chamber of Russia on tourism, noted that the cost of traditional foreign «Beach» directions increased twice-triply, and therefore there is nothing surprising that Russians refuse such trips. The number of holiday farms in Egypt and Turkey has decreased by at least 30%, in Thailand — half, in Spain, Italy and France — 70%. In general, if we talk about European directions, then only Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece remain at the level close to last year.

CIS and Baltic States

With the deterioration of the economic situation, the decline in the number of tourists is celebrated in the CIS countries and the Baltic States, the trips to which have always been in demand among Russians. So, on 35–40% reduced the number of Russians who had previously preferred to relax in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This fact is not easy to explain: the Baltic countries today turned out to be deeper by all integrated into the European economy, so the rise in price of the euro, first of all, was here. It is important that the Balts have lost several major mass events, traditionally «sharpened» For Russians, such as Festivals KVN and the competition of young performers «New wave», From year to year held in Jurmala.


A fairly stable direction regarding the demand was considered to be Belarus. In particular, therapeutic tours were very popular. But in Belarus, the rest went up to 20% — And the current flow of tourists from Russia decreased, despite the fact that Belarus was part of budget areas, and rest there was an order of magnitude cheaper than on the sea coast.


Will not be an exaggeration to say that Ukraine has lost tourists at all from Russia. Previously, three directions were previously in demand: Transcarpathia, Odessa and Kiev. Some travel agencies in the period of May holidays sent to Kiev to thousands of people. Now only remembering such indicators. When the relationship between countries is normalized, no one is taken to even assume. In the meantime, people if they go to Ukraine, it is preferably to relatives, no one is interested in excursions.


In the post-Soviet space, the main direction remains Abkhazia — a kind of alternative to Sochi. Landing in the Adler Airport, Some are sent to the updated Olympic capital, while others prefer to go to the opposite side, closer to nature. According to preliminary data, this year Abkhazia will visit at least a million Russians — much more than Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Domestic tourism - myth or reality

Speaking of internal tourism, it should be especially highlighted «Crimean factor». When the peninsula was part of Ukraine, about 1.5 million Russians rested in Crimea, and in 2015 their number was three times, up to 4.5 million.

Increasing the share of the domestic market is due to at least two factors. First, the growth of dollar and euro courses actually reduced to zero almost all European directions. Secondly, the return of the Crimea to the Russian Federation was accompanied by the relevant information propaganda at the state level. Russians did not rest more and ride more often — Just changed priorities. If we talk about the Crimea, then, of course, it is impossible not to take into account the wave of patriotism, but it was important to expand opportunities for trips to the peninsula. For example, from large cities located in the eastern part of Russia, — Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and others — Direct air communication with Crimea.

Tourists went to the domestic resorts this year, who had a chance to visit not in the most luxurious Egyptian or Turkish hotels, but with decent on Western standards. But the Russian infrastructure leaves much to be desired, and if no qualitative changes occur, internal tourism after a situational burst over time will appear on no, because the comparison with foreign things is not yet in his favor.

According to Ilya Umansky, vice-president of the Association of Russian Tour Operators (Ator), the qualitative development of resorts is possible only under the condition of serious competition, when tour operators and hotelians literally leads the struggle for customers, guests, tourists. In Russian tourist business, nothing like this is observed. Resorts that are still far from international standards have gained significant increases, although there are several cheaper foreign. This trend may eventually reduce the evaluation criteria and in the end, instead of development, the stagnation will be at best.

In order for the situation to change, it is necessary to increase the investment attractiveness of the tourist sphere at the state level. But in Russia, money is invested in the construction of shopping centers. But in Turkey, for example, a state program was conducted on the development of coastal territories tour operators. Everyone who participated in this program received solid tax breaks — It is not surprising that today tourist business brings the country huge income.

Many experts note that if the ruble will continue to fall, then tourists will leave even from domestic resorts. Indeed, what journeys can we talk about if the family is not sure if you can provide elementary needs tomorrow. During the periods of economic instability, the costs of everything that concerns the field of leisure and entertainment is reduced primarily. It is impossible to refuse food, but from visiting a cinema or from a trip to the sea — Full.

It should be noted that the most «unlucky» Regions, developing excursion, event, cultural and historical tourism, since since the Soviet times there was a stereotype of the need for annual trips to the whole family to the sea. Therefore, the overwhelming majority of Russians and today prefer «beach» recreation.

The problem is also the fact that in most regions the conditions for tourists are not the most comfortable. Lack of budget hotels. In many Russian cities there are no youth hostels or conditions so bad that few people decide to stop there. As for the big hotels, it repels not always an adequate value for money, not to mention the fact that tourists will always conduct analogies with foreign trips. Yes, the cost of air tickets in Russia is much higher than on the flight from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Europe due to the difference of distances. If we take into account all these factors, in the end it will turn out that it is also expensive to go to another city within the country as early as abroad. Is it worth spending money to rest doubtful quality?

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