Dominican Republic: 10 tips traveler

Paradise country – not just a beautiful epithet. There are no major predators and deadly snakes in Dominican, natural cataclysms are not so often, as in other coastal territories located at the equator, and there are always good weather. So enjoying here really just. The main thing is to prepare a bit.

1. Put the adapter into the suitcase

A modern man is difficult to present rest without a phone, a camera and sometimes even a laptop, but about the fact that in different countries a different level of voltage and the shape of sockets (why it happened – "My Planet" told here), many forget.

In Dominican, the voltage in the network 110 V, when as in Russia – 220 V. Therefore, in advance, check the electrical appliances that you are going to take on the journey, the ability to charge from the network in 110 V. Usually this parameter is specified in the specifications.

Socket connectors are also different from our. They are designed for flat forks. Despite the fact that many hotels are already moving to the European standard, the problem in the country is still remaining, so take a couple of adapters with you.

2. Use chocolate as a tip

If you plan to reward the serving staff, it is not necessary to stock up with small dollar bills. Take with you a few tiles of Russian chocolate. Dominicans love sweets, but despite the fact that the republic is among the world leaders in Cocoa export, for ordinary residents a good chocolate – non-disabilities.

If you decide to leave taper money, remember that they are usually included in the cost of service in hotels. In local restaurants it is customary to leave the waiter about 10% of the order value, and the maid and porters are relying $ 1-2.

3. Take On the road small bills, and change money in the bank

Leave home bills with a par value more than $ 20, since local sellers may have problems with delivery, and when you change money, ask you to give you bills in bed. If you decide to pay for Dominican Pesos, there will be no problems with the lack of delivery. Dollars for local currency is better to change in banks – in hotels and the airport course is not very profitable.

4. Do not count on public transport

He is here as Schrödinger’s cat: It seems to be, and it seems no. We are not talking about a taxi and tourist buses – everything is in order, but about the transport where local. It runs without compliance with the schedule and is divided into ordinary routes and expressions. North not at that kind of bus, you can spend a few extra watches on the way, driving into all areas falling on the way. Or, on the contrary, it is not necessary to find that there is no needed stop in the route.

5. Do not drink water from-under the tap, and take the first aid kit from the house

Water from the tap in the Dominican Republic is not suitable for drinking. Even to clean the teeth better use bottled. Vegetables and fruits first rinse thoroughly with running water, and then rinse with boiled or water from the bottle.

And even though you are probably not going to hurt (and probably won’t get sick), collect a first-aid kit. The fact is that European drugs in Dominican pharmacies are very expensive, and local drugs can help only if they really believe in their effectiveness. Do not forget also a tan cream with the highest protection and apply it to all open areas of the skin several times a day. Caribbean sun is very cruel.

6. Does not sitE on the beach

Dominican is known primarily by beach holidays: Hotels with System "All Inclusive", Snow-White Sand, Azure Water and Constantly Good weather. But outside the coastline a lot of interesting. To see all the main sights, not enough and two weeks of vacation. Natural parks with caves and waterfalls, ancient ruins, museums – all this can be investigated.

Dominican Republic 10 tips traveler

7. Not Toroptees ourselves and do not torfer Dominicans

You still came to relax, so relax. Nobody hurry in Dominican. At first, it will seem at all that all the actions of the local are slowed down twice, but it is just the usual pace of life. If you start to sweep them, people will work even slower. Strange but the fact.

eight. Beware car

Surprisingly, on the roads Dominicans love speed. Ride with the breeze on the car, which last time did the inspection of ten years ago, is a great way to spend time. There are no cameras on the roads that fix speed. There are no alkotesters. If a person came out of the car and goes smoothly, he sober. The penalty will write out if the driver was caught up with a bottle right behind the wheel or just falls from the driver’s seat. Accident – the first cause of mortality in Dominican Republic. So take a scooter here – not the best idea. Maximum you can go to the supermarket on it or get from the beach to the beach. And please be careful, turning the road or moving along the side.

nine. Go in Dominican Republic without specific expectations

Dominican is beautiful, and yet it is very different: here – the beach with a card, there is a small bay coast, so the water is not as azure, and a little away is a beautiful beach, but today it is covered with algae, which carried tidal. For example, Babes-de-Toro Beach in Punta Kane is unlikely to match the advertising photo by 100%, but it is one of the 11 beaches of the Dominican Republic, over which the "Blue Flag" is waved – award for high beach standard. If you want to be guaranteed white sand and a magnificent ocean color, both from those most pictures, then Bavaro Beach is better fit. And if you stop at the hotel, which is located on the Beach of Opportunity Alto, keep in mind that the sand is not so white here as in Bavaro.

ten. Buy Green fruits

If you want to bring delicious souvenirs to friends, relatives or yourself, look for the most green on the counter. Local merchants can buy a couple of huge mango for only $ 1, and a large avocado – and at all for 25 cents. But remember that exotic fruits should still move flight. During the way, they just divert.

"My Planet" thanks Anex Tour for the opportunity to get acquainted with the Dominican Republic, as well as Grand Bahia Principe La Romana hotels, Ocean El Faro, Barceló Bávaro Palace, Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort for Comfort and hospitality.

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