Dominican Republic – Banana Republic?

The idea of ​​this blog entry came to me today at the grocery store. I did not eat bananas for a long time and decided to buy a few pieces. The price tag is unpleasantly surprised. In the summer of 2014, I bought them for 40 rubles per kilogram, and in the winter the price tag "took off" to 70. This product is perishable and imported to Russia. It is not surprising that they reacted instantly on a sharp increase in the dollar.

I immediately remembered our article "Food in the Hotels of Dominican Republic", in which we talked about several local national dishes. One of the dishes – fried in oil Banana. It used to seem a bit not logical to me at the price of the fruit in 40 rubles, since the oil was worth 60-70. This dish requires a lot of oil and it was just a sorry for roasting such a cheap material like 40-ruble bananas. Now prices are equal.

What is "Banana Republic"?

I also remembered one of my friend, who heard the first time from me about Dominican. After listening to a brief lecture with general information and where the Dominican Republic is located, he said an interesting phrase: "Rest in the banana republic is interesting".

And what is the banana republic, what is the essence of this concept?

Typically, in this case, the state of small size is meant, with a pronounced agrarian economy and a very unstable political situation. Moreover, it is important to note that it is not necessary to grow bananas to obtain such status. Most such countries were in Central America.

Dominican in the banana republics can not be ranked. The political situation is now stable, the course of the Dominican Peso does not fall. The country is not very rich, but is on the path of economic growth. This is especially promoted by the development of tourism, the resorts of Dominican Republic are gaining popularity every year.

By the way, my friend thought about Dominican for a long time, much better go, but as a result I bought myself a ticket to the resort of Hurghada in Egypt. From the Dominican Resorts, he refused very quickly, having learned how many hours to fly to Dominican. Even the prices did not embarrass him until the last moment, reversed exactly a very long journey.

And what’s in Dominican Republic with bananas?

And with bananas everything is fine here. They love and eat quite a lot. Dominican Republic The largest exporter among all countries of the Basin of the Caribbean. Every year they sell 300,000 tons to the world market.

A lot of it or little? In fact, not a lot. Let’s consider. Every Russian eats 7.5 kilograms of bananas per year, it turns out that we all eat 1,080,000 tons. That is, Dominican can not satisfy all our needs in these fruits, even if they supply them only to Russia.

Dominicans do not disappear about this, they have much more profitable export products – this is coffee, tobacco and cigars, sugar cane and rum. All this we recommended tourists to take with you in the article "What can I buy in Dominican Republic". Prices for these products here are very low, if you compare them with buying in Russia, and on bananas you will not save a lot.

An interesting point, there is an organization called CBEA – this is the Association of Caribbean Exporters of Bananas. Summary "Banana OPEC". The organization is very strange, since Dominican Republic exports 300 thousand tons, and all other countries of the region are only 30. Dominicans can solve all the issues of export regulation on their own, why this "banana OPEC" is needed in the region, it is not entirely clear.

Interesting about the global banana market

The biggest manufacturers are in Central America, and the absolute leader is Ecuador. Importers – EEC countries, USA, China and others. Interestingly, China is one of the largest manufacturers and importer at the same time! That is, the Chinese grow a lot, but they do not have enough.

But a curious moment, the leader in importing bananas per capita is … Never guess … Kuwait. This country will bring 48 kilograms of this product per year per person. Why are they so much not clear.

We already concerned the Arabic cuisine in articles about Egyptian cuisine and food in the Arab Emirates, there are no way bananas there anywhere. Cerenne, for the eastern sweets bananas fit perfectly, the same bowum is very tasty, but not in the same quantities to purchase them for this.

Dominican Republic - Banana Republic

Apparently, Arabs from Kuwait know about bananas something that we do not know.

And they consume them most in the Burundi state – the poorest country of the world. Each Burundian eats 200 kilograms per year, it is a huge number. For example, Belarus consumes 181 kilograms of potatoes. As you can eat so many bananas, I will not have a mind. Although, the person gets used to everything.

Those who think that a record of consumption of one product belongs to China and rice, deeply mistaken. Rice most eaten not the Chinese, although rice dishes are common, and Vietnamese. 145 kilograms per person, to Burundi they are still far.

How can bananas consume

This we love sweet, mature and yellow bananas. But for mass consumption, such fruits are not suitable, so much sugar in a daily diet will not lead to anything good. For everyday consumption, unripe green fruits are used, in which sugar has not yet been formed.

They are fried on the oil, boil, make mashed potatoes. A set of dishes and methods of cooking are very reminiscent of potatoes. If you arrive in the Dominican Republic, then notice that tourists with banana dishes are reluctant, and on the sights of Dominican, all eating establishments have a European bias. Take at least Manati Park – the best place to relax with children in Dominican Republic. There is a pizza, hamburgers, and there is nothing national food.

How bananas grow

Finally not on palm trees. If it were so, then you would definitely have released chocolates Bounti with a banana, and a girl in a bikini in advertising would have been shown not with coke, but with a banana. It would be apotheosis of sexism in advertising. Imagine beauty in bikini eats banana and slogan – "Paradise delight!". By the way, the famous advertising was filmed in the Dominican Republic on the island of Saon, and if desired, you can go on a tour.

Bananas grow on a tree, which is called banana. For ripening fruits, high temperature is required and a lot of water, the temperature in Dominican is suitable and the precipitation is enough.

Dominican Republic - Banana Republic

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