Dominican Republic – the reverse side of the resorts of the Caribbean

Those who carefully read our cycle of articles about Dominican remain in some perplexity. We can say that after reading a certain "aftertaste" remains. It is a little spicy and sharp, but it is impossible to say for sure, from which article it remains. Interesting? Then read on.

Deciphering this feeling

Let’s go through articles. For example, an article about what souvenirs bring from Dominican Republic. Basic gifts – coffee, cigars, rum and alcoholic drink "Mamakhuana". An interesting set of not the most useful products for the health of products.

Further. An article about the Dominican resorts in which we touched the resort of Boca Chik. Look at what kind of photos we described this city. Description Stand.

Further. In the article "Resort Punta Kan Dominican" we talked about casinos that Russian tourists do not enjoy great demand. Not just like that.

Further. Excursion to Sana Island. In the article we mentioned the obligatory ritual of the Roma of Roma during this event. It would be detailed to tell about how it often passes, but not worth it, since the main part of the site can read children. This page relates to my personal blog, so I will be more frank here.

And another page of the site about Dominican about the Zoo "Park Manati Where is located, prices and photos". This article tells about an interesting place in the Dominican Republic to relax with children, but notice, she only tells about children’s entertainment. Nothing other children in this country we cannot offer.

Rather, the country cannot suggest. Even a decent water park here. The largest water amusement park is called "Columbus" and is located in Puerto Plata, and here from Punta Cana The path is not close – 400 kilometers. There is still a park "Los Delfines" in Juan Dolio – 150 kilometers from Punta Cana. The path everywhere is not close, although given the time of the flight of Moscow-Dominican, sit for a couple of hours in the bus will not be a problem.

Both of these water park are very small, they do not compare them in size with Albatross Aqua Blue in Egypt or Water Park Troy in Turkey.

This is how this feeling occurs.

Who is a tourist business in Dominican

Seriously. You believe advertising avenues? I have not previously faithfully, and in general I am a marketer for profession and I do them. Only I am preparing materials not from the field of tourism, from the sphere of equipment for communication and telecommunications.

In the avenues you will show beautiful beaches and assure it Whatever the purpose of your trip, this tour will be ideal for its implementation. It is clear that it is not.

In 2013, the Dominican Republic visited 188,110 tourists from Russia, and only 5,682 people arrived here. Applause by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic for such accurate figures. No wonder all tourists are engaged in filling the migration card in Dominican, at least statistics are excellent.

Total Russians occupy 3.6% of the dominica tourist services market. This is a bit, and, given the economic crisis, and the fact that we will get out very wrong with it, this percentage in 2015 will decrease in 5 or more. Prices for tours in Dominican Republic Already many "not afford".

(Note: Recording was made in December 2014 and this is the opinion of the main editor of the site, and not the whole company "Yellow Zhuravl")

It is clear that the resorts of Dominicans are aimed at all on the interests of Russian tourists, but on the Europeans and first of all the Americans. Some US citizens here arrived in 2013 1,587,404 people!

The United States actively participated in the history of the Dominican Republic, these two countries have long, although complex relations. Even the power supply system here built American engineers, and the Russians should take a special adapter for the outlet in Dominican, so that the electric plug can be inserted into the outlet. Even the first banknotes of the Dominican Republic currency – Dominican Peso externally repeated American dollars.

Dominican Republic - the reverse side of the resorts of the Caribbean

What is Dominican Republic for tourists from the USA

I would characterize this by the phrase: "Out without excesses".

Gambling and casino are allowed in Dominican, and the trip here for an American is much cheaper than in Las Vegas. Of course, the casino in the US is not only in Las Vegas, they are much more, but in Punta Cana somehow more interesting.

In Boca, Chiki is ride for cute mulatto. There is no Pattaya in Thailand, there are no clubs with frank dancing at every step and adult entertainment on any, even most perverted, taste. Here everything is skillfully hidden, disguised as communication, but the essence does not change.

And, of course, parties and drinking. Many Americans just "roof demolition". This is especially true of the inhabitants of small towns of the United States, where everyone knows each other. There is not particularly "willing", and in Dominican there are no problems with this. And all cheaply: rum cheap and mulatto do not take a lot.

I can’t say anything about the use of psychostimulating substances, I just do not own information about it. You can contact the Yandex statistics service. Judging by it, from 30 to 40 people are looking for a phrase "Buy … N in Dominican Republic". I believe that it is not so much, at least, food in Dominican is interested in 4 times more people.

Now many will not agree with my statements and will argue that Dominican Republic is a common beach country. And you look at the statistics. For weather in Dominican, there is a clear season of rain, although it is not so strongly expressed as, for example, in Thailand or Sri Lanka. But statistics are neurasolima. Tourist flow in the Dominican Republic almost does not depend.

Dominican – Read whether the country is immoral

Of course not. Just not worth the dominican. Yes, there are gambling, there is a sell love, there are drunk parties and the tourist industry in many respects it is "sharpened", but this can be noticed, but you can not notice. The latter is simple, since all this is not set off. But for recreation with children, this country is not very suitable. Specialization Other.

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