Dominican Republic

Geography. It takes two thirds of the island of Espanyola (now Haiti) in the central part of the Caribbean.

Climate wet, tropical. Average temperature 25c. The rainy season continues from May to July with frequent, but short rains. The hottest month is August. Water temperature about 25"WITH.

Nature – luxurious, lush and diverse. More than 8,000 species of plants – three times more than in Europe. Of these, 1800 are found only here. Best in the Caribbean Beaches: Endless, Small White Sand and Fine Lagoon, Warded from Ocean Waves Coral Reef.

Population of about 8 million. human. Mostly, it is Mulati, Creoles and Negros.

Capital – Santo Domingo (2 million. human).

LANGUAGE. Official language – Spanish. Regardless of whether you give a tip porter or appeal to the answer, the answer will "ITS OK".

National Feature. Keep in mind that the rhythm of the life of the Dominicans is different from the European. When you say: "Momentidio", This does not mean that someone is going to run to fulfill your request. Maybe no one is going to do this. It is better to take it as a national feature of the Dominicans and try to live in their pace.

LIFE STYLE. The whole life of Dominicans is in dancing. It seems that there are no lyric songs, only dance motives..

HISTORY. Christopher Columbus opened the island in 1492. He wrote: "These lands are so extensive, beautiful and rich that it is impossible to even imagine." Espanyol was the center of the Empire of Conquistadors. Here was the residence of the Spanish king. Here was the vice-king of the Spanish colonies (for a long time they were Diego Columbus, the son of the navigator). In 1655. The French occupied the western part of the island, which subsequently became the state of Haiti.

RELIGION. 95% of the population – Catholics.

CURRENCY. Dominican Peso (RD $). Currency can be changed in your hotel, but first make sure the course is not understated. Accept credit cards. At the moment one US dollar is equal to 15.65 peso.

Opening hours. Stores – 9: 00-19: 30 from Monday to Saturday; Supermarkets – 8: 00-22: 00 From Monday to Saturday, 8: 00-14: 00 on Sunday; Bars and discos 18: 00-4: 00 All week.

CASINO. There are many hotels.

TIME. Time difference with Moscow – minus 7 hours.

WATER. We recommend using mineral bottled water.

TAXI. The cost of some routes is predetermined in advance, for example, the path from the airport to the city center will cost $ 22, to bargain here is useless.

TIPS. Sales tax 8% and 10% of the tips are added to the account. If you are very pleased with the service and want to somehow encourage staff, you can add your own tips.

Visas. For Russian citizens, it is necessary to fill the tourist card and pay the collection of $ 10 at the entrance and $ 10 at the departure from the country. Tax can only be paid in US dollars.

Personal safes. We advise you to rent a personal safe for storing your airfare, road checks and other values.

Voltage – 110 V. Your electrical appliances can either switch to this voltage, or they will operate with less power. To connect your devices, you will need an adapter (usually sold in hotel shops), t.To. All outlets in the hotel of the American standard under the plugs with flat pins.

SUN. Dominican sun, as well as rum, is a potent, although at first you may not notice this. Use the Sun cream with a high degree of protection,

WINE. There are no local wines. Produced Rum.

Dominican Republic

SOUVENIRS. One of the most popular for Europeans – colorful picturesque canvas in style "Haitian Naive". You can buy them on the beach and in the markets. Travel, most often you will be able to consult for a third or half of the original price announced

Caoha Island is the largest of the numerous islands surrounding the Dominican Republic. It is part of the Eastern National Park, Natural Reserve Flora and Fauna. Slowing along the coast, and plunging several times in crystal waters, you reach a natural pool, where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and light snacks. Then – Stop on Catalina Island, where the Caribbean is found with the Atlantic Ocean. There you can swim and refresh yourself, and eat a second time.

Catalina Island, Altos de Shavon village and ferry walk "MISSISSIPPI". Excursion for the whole day for sea lovers, sailing, coral reefs and dating with the culture of different nations. With the first rays of the Sun, you go to Bayabe to climb the ship going to Catalina Island. Before dinner with lobster and wine on board the catamaran you can swim. After the lunch of the yacht will give an anchor in the port of La Roman, where the bus will take you to Altos de Shavon, built in the 70s and stylized under the old Spanish town of 16th century. Amphitheater for 5 thousand. Places opened Frank Sinatra. Now there are artists and artisans. You descend 300 steps on the shores of the Shavon River to sit on the ferry, similar to those who went on the Mississippi River during the Sawyer Tom, and swim down the river.

Sightseeing tour of Santo Domingo. Excursion begins in a cave "Three eyes", which was once used by local residents as a swimming pool. Acquaintance with the architecture of the colonial period includes a visit to the Cathedral, Damas Streets, Alcazar de Columbus (Columbus Fortress). All these buildings are located in the old quarter of the city, the oldest architectural monument of America, built in the 16th century. After lunch at the national restaurant you can visit a typical market and a large shopping center.

Bavaro Manati Park. Crocodiles, snakes, iguana, shows with sharks and dolphins, sea lions, horses and parrots. You can hold on your hands or stroke the most exotic caribbean animals, you can see how artisans make souvenirs. In the park there are bars, restaurants, shops. Manati Park is the only nature reserve in the Dominican Republic with dolphins.

INDIANA JONES. Adventure cave, adventure and adventures again! It happens only once in life! This is an adventure that carries you to the unknown of the Stone Age, embodying all your dreams. Travel will begin with a walk on a horse and jungle excursions. You then descend with all the necessary equipment in one of the largest and deep caves in the world, where under the guidance of an experienced guide you will see huge tunnels and corridors, rock painting and hear the murmur of underground rivers.

This is the first European city in America. It was laid on August 4, 1496. Christopher Columbus brother – Bartelomeo. The first university city of America, the first cathedral and the first hospital were built here, the royal residence was placed here. Old colonial area. Stunning buildings in the Gothic style with elements of Romanesque and Arabic architecture. Announced UNESCO cultural heritage of mankind. Go on foot along its streets and squares, admire the picturesque internal patio courtyards, feel the rare charm of the ancient buildings. Osama Fortress – Fuerza Ozama – the first fortress in the new light. It was built between 1502-1507., To protect the city from pirates. Alkazar de Colon – Alkazar de Colon. Alcazar Palace built in 1510-1514. Son Columbus – Diego. Santa Maria La Menor Cathedral – Santa Maria La Menor. Diego Columbus laid the first stone of this building in 1514. Here in marble mausoleum until 1992. resounded the remains of Christopher Columbus. Columbus Lighthouse Faro A Colon. Lighthouse built in 1992. In place of the first lighthouse built in 1496. Mausoleum with the ashes of Columbus suffered here. Note. Spaniards believe that the dust Columbus was taken out in the past century first in Cuba, and then in Seville. Dominicans believe that when transporting the Spaniards, the son of Columbus – Diego is buried in Seville.

Juan-Dolio. Resort is a 25-minute drive from the international airport and 45 minutes from Santo Domingo. White sand of an excellent beach, turquoise water lagoon protected by coral reefs. Great place to relax and exercise sports.

Bayahibe. New, rapidly developing resort. Adjoins the National Reserve.

Boca Chica. Nearest to Santo Domingo and airport resort. Located 30 km from Santo Domingo and 5 minutes from the International Airport. Back in 1920., Dominican Elite arranged here his summer residences here. One of the most beautiful beaches of the Eastern Shore. Protected by coral reef lagoon and white small, like flour, sand.

La Romana. Crouching through the Dulce River (Sweet), you will find yourself in Casa de Campo, the largest tourist complex in the Caribbean, which entered the best dozen Harper’s Bazaar. The complex has its own airport. Just a few minutes walk from Casa de Campo is Altos De Shavon, it is believed in the medieval city of artists and artisans. There is a school of design (branch of the Parsons Design Institute in New York), Church of St. Stanislav, Regional Archaeological Museum. The city also has an amphitheater for 5 thousand people. This is a scene for local ideas, Frank Sinatra and Julio Iglesias visited it.

Playa-Bavaro. It without exaggeration is the best to date the resort of the Dominican Republic. Picturesque unique edge, full exotic. This is a paradise that still exists. Elegant place. Forest of coconut palm trees for many kilometers stretches along the coast with beautiful beaches, of course better in the Dominican Republic. Coral reef protects the lagoon from the ocean waves. This place is fully consistent with our ideas about the tropical agent with snow-white sand, coconut palm trees, topping over azure water and magnificent service. Samana National Reserve. The same beautiful beaches as in Bavaro, but still here are more. In the future, Samana promises to become one of the most popular resorts.

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